[FE8] Iron Emblem: Age of Steel (December 2022 Release)


After a few months of work, I’d like to publicly unveil my hack Iron Emblem: Age of Steel. It is a successor to my hack I released last year, Iron Emblem. If you don’t know anything about Iron Emblem, I’ll explain.

Iron Emblem: Age of Steel is a game that is designed around the true ironman playstyle; that is, never resetting a chapter, and the save file being lost once a game over happens. Every single unit in the game is a generic unit, with very little to distinguish them as individuals, being mostly identical to enemy units. This game’s framework regarding stats in particular was heavily inspired by FE: Fates. However, there are no skills in this game.

This game will contain 22 chapters, with a 7 chapter route split to encourage replayability. The challenge this time is to make it through the entire game without losing, and perhaps going for another run, changing up promotions and the route you take.

Playing the original Iron Emblem is in no way required to play this game or understand its story as it’s a very barebones experience with no prior knowledge necessary, so don’t let that dissuade you. However, the game is meant to appeal to the same sensibilities, so if you didn’t like the first game, not much will change here. I’ve also put in a few extremely minor nods to the first game, but don’t worry about those.

Download Link

(coming soon)


The story in Iron Emblem: Age of Steel revolves around a commander of a small group who lives in the northern region of the Omnes Empire, and their quest to restore balance to the Empire as chaos breaks loose, with no indication of what’s causing it…

  • A full length 22 chapter campaign, complete with a 7 chapter routesplit and multiple endings, and in addition, 4 base-styled shopping chapters
  • Branched promotions that apply to most classes, though not all. You may recognize many of these classes from FE: Fates
  • 59 playable units in total across both routes
  • Units sending their items to the convoy upon death
  • Two new weapon types in guns and hidden weapons
  • The weapon triangle from Fates, with axes/bows beating lances/hidden weapons beating swords/magic which beat axes/bows
  • Standard Quality of Life (Danger Radius, MMB, etc.)
  • A nameable avatar character whose appearance can be slightly customized
  • Many unique weapons



good stuff, looking forward to the release!!

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If it’s fates inspired then wouldn’t it be the age of bronze? :sunglasses:


Super hyped to play this bad boy! Thanks for making another Ironman hack!!

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I can’t believe the generic nameless faction titles are hecking dead.


So this is iron emblem fates edition? Count me in

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Sounds cool, I really liked Iron Emblem and this sounds like an even more ambitious project.

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I wanted to make a small update since I didn’t think I’d make so much progress in such little time, but with the way things are going, looks like the game will be releasing in 2022. Don’t want to jinx it, but this is a pretty large timeframe to get things done in. More details to come in a few weeks, probably.


Another update, I’m going to set the release date at sometime in December. Might be before that, but don’t expect anything. The game is definitely pretty close to being done, though. Just some other obligations to fulfill and such.