[FE8] Iron Emblem: Age of Steel v0.9 (22 Chapters, only A route completed)

Waiting doesn’t help. Nevertheless, I beat the chapter by giving commander and generals wallwalkin, and while doing it, I noticed a few things:

  1. Male major uses mounted movement paradigm, despite being armored infantry.
  2. There are 2 general classes (male and female?), the second one doesn’t have the ability to triangle attack and only have 5 move (second armour knight also doesn’t have triangle attack).

Good catch on the first one.

No need to worry about the class list.

Eve(dark mage from Ch.17 A route), has a D rank in guns, which feels too OP to be intentional. But on the other hand sorcerers feel kinda weak in comparison to great masters, who not only have staves, but also better speed, even nosferatu doesn’t help them that much, considering its weight. I think adding small crit/hit/avo bonus to sorcerers(they have that in fates) would make them more equal to GMs.
Also, what’s the reason behind mixing promos between fighter and brigand, not being able to promote brigands into berserkers feels wrong.

I’ll consider a buff to dark mages, thanks for the feedback. That gun rank is definitely not supposed to be there, must be a byproduct of me switching dark magic to guns.
Regarding brigands and fighters, it’s based off of fates where fighters promote to berserker, and brigand is an adaptation of oni savage, though I couldn’t find all the assets I’d need for oni chieftain, so I replaced them with vanilla warrior as I wanted to include it in some capacity.

Enjoying the hack so far but uh, i got stuck in a infinite tsukuyomi when i had one unit left that died in this escape map
Fe Iron Emblem Age of Steel-0
Fe Iron Emblem Age of Steel-1

This is a known bug, you just have to restart the chapter since it’s a softlock. Will be fixed in the eventual real release.

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Heya. I just got finished with the first game a few days ago, and started this one, currently on Ch. 10 as of writing this, with no deaths on this current run. A few things I’ve noticed; all of your units feel… a lot more fragile than they did in the first game, despite stats being similar. It’s mostly due to the mercenaries and later on, the soldiers being capable of doubling most of your units. This, and a lot of the maps have “timers” where enemies far outside your weight class spawn and start moving toward you at rapid speeds, that feel a little unfair towards those who are trying the mod for the first time-- especially given that almost every map seems to be geared toward enemy phasing.

That said, I’m still enjoying it, though I actually wanted to report a couple of bugs that I’ve come across. If you pick the feminine protagonist and promote, her portrait will change to the masculine one. I figure that’s just because only the masculine major was added, or something. Then, on chapter 10 a game breaking bug occurs if you happen to break the upper most wall, by the exit. The cracked wall sprite will not actually go away, and every unit you have that can still move, will have infinite move range, as well as the map tile data will become corrupted, disallowing you from being able to move on certain tiles you would have been able to normally, and on other tiles, your arrow reticle will loop about out of bounds and lock the game up. --Thankfully, you can still restart the chapter without penalty, but it does cause you to restart the whole chapter over again.

Also, a question, because she didn’t come with one. Are there trainee seals in the game? Or do I have to use a master seal on my trainee?

Hey, thanks for playing.

I’ll fix that wall glitch asap, thanks.
The female major thing was just because of there not being an anim, but one exists now, so it’s been added to my working rom.

About the difficulty, yeah that’s about intended, I was told the first game was too easy a lot so I wanted to make this one harder, in the full release there are planned to be multiple difficulty modes (with what exists right now being hard mode). There have been some changes since this patch but regarding difficulty it’s been about the same.

About the trainee, yes she promotes via master seal, just like mozu does. Sorry if this was unclear.

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I didn’t realize until this thread got bumped just now that a whole route was complete in this. I should give it a go.

How does the villager promote?

Your question was already answered a few posts up.


On Chapter 14 and felt like posting my best units so far before they die.


Always nice to have relatively accurate axe damage.

He is John, destroyer of archers. Levin sword might as well be S-rank on him.

The MVP. Absurd offenses by this hack’s standards and is clearly a descendant of 24st Sqd 2. Gave him the Metis’s Tome from Chapter 10.

It’s always good to have an archer to evaporate any annoying fliers, and 20 strength makes that pretty easy.

Not as powerful as the rest in raw stats, but makes up for it with her iron grip on all of the powerful tomes.

Dishonorable Mention

Pure disappointment.