[FE8] Gaiden-style Magic Menu


Hi, I’m really interested on this kind of magic but I’m unable to try vanila version. I tried but I get this errors. First one I can solve or I think it can ve solved creating an empty file with that name but the error related IsPointer… I do not know how to fix it. Thanks in advance


Oops, I forgot to include a file with some of the table helpers. Here’s a replacement - place it in your “Tables” folder: https://github.com/SpaceToastCoastToCoast/FE8SpellMenu/blob/master/Tables/Table%20Definitions.txt

Or, in CustomDefinitions.event, you can just add

#define IsPointer 0x8000000

to do the same thing.


Perfect, now it works. But I followed a different way. Instead use Event assembler from github link at the readme. I downloaded from here ( Event Assembler) and I fixed folders.

I don’t remember the which hack was but when you choose to who are you going to heal, it shows a box in a corner with something like [12 >> 35] and somehow fix the HP bar issue…


You mean this?

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Yeah, this one


Downloaded this, think it’s really cool. Have the patch working, only I can’t seem to figure out a way to edit the spell list on the characters. There doesn’t seem to be an option on FEBuilder GBA. Do I need to edit something inside the files in the folder or something? I’m guessing so since playing the ROM somewhere else removes the feature entirely.
EDIT: Actually I see it doesn’t matter where the rom is played from, I just forgot to give Erikia an anime rank when I played it somewhere else. So the rom itself has just been modified. Cool, so how do I edit character’s spell lists?


Most people don’t make their stuff with FEBuilder in mind, support is added aferwards, usually by FEBuilder’s author, 7743. If you want to change stuff in this you’ll have to edit BlackMagicSpellLearnTable.csv, and define new spell lists somewhere in the buildfile. Or ask 7743 to add support for it I guess.

You have to keep in mind that the people making these features don’t use FEBuilder, they use Event Assembler, if you want to play around with them you’ll have to work with that.

If you want to learn about the basics you can check here: https://tutorial.feuniverse.us/


Ah. Thought it’d be something like that. I’m guessing I’ll have to then apply the patch again for it to update.

By the way, I’ve spotted a problem with the Purge Spell. Even though it’s range is 3-10, it won’t give the player the option to use it unless they’re close enough to an enemy to attack with a different spell. I’m guessing it just checks if the unit is within two spaces of an enemy before bringing up the Black Magic command.

EDIT: BlackMagicSpellLearnTavle.csv just has a list of the characters with pointers to their spell lists. Where are the pointers’ actual data? Say I want to give Eirika the thunder spell as she only has fire right now, where is the file I need to edit to do that?


These people are gods and 7743 is the missionary


You can make your lists on any file you want, if you want to edit the already existing ones that seems to be this file:

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I don’t suppose it’d be possible to get rings that auto heal or shields that increase stats simply by being in the inventory to make it a real Gaiden engine.


It would be very simple.
Not really sure why you would mix that with the gaiden magic itself really, nor does it need to be a patch, if you have the skill system you can just add your rings to that.


I thought the passive boosts didn’t work with the skills system. Unless there have been a fix to that.


I have no clue what you mean, passive boosts have been an option IN the skill system since I can remember. People just don’t use them.


Ok. The option isn’t available in febuilder. I know that the one venno made conflicts with the skills system.


This is compatible with the Passive Boosts patch (tested and confirmed). Theoretically it’s also compatible with autoheal weapons (not tested yet but there’s nothing indicating it would conflict).


Does the auto heal weapons patch allow for healing from unequipped weapons. That is to say can I have a non weapon in a unit’s inventory that provides auto healing?


It’s a passive statbooster, but it doesn’t seem to work well.
I asked in the thread of SkillSystems, so please have a look.


I supported gaiden-style spell Menu in FEBuilderGBA.
However, since I have not yet ported to FE8J, it is only FE8U.


I see it’s done. Great news. Thanks so much. That should be really helpful.

EDIT: I’m trying it out on FEBuilder and it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve installed the patch and there’s a useful spell list editor, but Eirika doesn’t seem to be able to use any spells no matter what level she is.