[FE8] Gaiden-style Magic Menu


Hi, I’m really interested on this kind of magic but I’m unable to try vanila version. I tried but I get this errors. First one I can solve or I think it can ve solved creating an empty file with that name but the error related IsPointer… I do not know how to fix it. Thanks in advance


Oops, I forgot to include a file with some of the table helpers. Here’s a replacement - place it in your “Tables” folder: https://github.com/SpaceToastCoastToCoast/FE8SpellMenu/blob/master/Tables/Table%20Definitions.txt

Or, in CustomDefinitions.event, you can just add

#define IsPointer 0x8000000

to do the same thing.


Perfect, now it works. But I followed a different way. Instead use Event assembler from github link at the readme. I downloaded from here ( Event Assembler) and I fixed folders.

I don’t remember the which hack was but when you choose to who are you going to heal, it shows a box in a corner with something like [12 >> 35] and somehow fix the HP bar issue…


You mean this?


Yeah, this one