[FE8] Gaiden-style Magic Menu


She needs to have a weapon rank in the magic type she learns. (This is so Valkyrie L’arachel isn’t learning Fire or vice versa)

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Please, Try to make Eirika a Mage Class.
It should work properly.


Ah. On retrospect that’s pretty obvious. And rather embarrassingly, as this I can see earlier on this thread, this isn’t the first time I’ve made said mistake.

Also there’s still the issue that long range spells don’t appear as a display option unless the character can already use black magic by being in 2 range of an enemy. Ie, if you give a unit Purge, they can’t use it unless they’re close enough to also use fire on an enemy.


A quick question: What does the patch use to determine how much HP a spell costs?


Weapon exp I believe.


Ah, okay. Thank you for explaining!


Just wanted to point out that the bug that currently doesn’t allow mages to counter with spells from their personal spell list on EP could also be considered a feature: imagine a more complex hack where every playable mage is recruited with a tome in their inventory that can’t be traded away from them and they can’t even be traded a tome from another unit.
This basically means that mage characters counter in EP with only that spell while on PP they can choose between all the spells they’ve learned, basically making them into a different unit in PP and EP; if every mage starts with a different “counter spell” it could even be a balancing element where you can have one mage have a strong list of personal spells but an only average “counter spell” while another character has a poor list of personal spells but a better “counter spell”.
You’d have to disable attacking with the equipped tome on PP though. I dunno, just food for thought.

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Okay, I think I ran into a problem.
While working on my MAFC submission (which uses the FEBuilder version of this), viewing the description of Lightning in the spell-select menu seems to… cause some issues.

Also, healing doesn’t appear to be available with this. Was that intentional?


The FEBuilder port was made with an unfinished version of this spell system. I have a finished version with almost all the bugs worked out in my main project, but haven’t had time to backport it to vanilla FE8 and re-release it. I’ll make a post when I do.