[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Sacred War [complete]


Huh. That’s neat. Thanks for the tip. One more thing, are the Lagdou Ruins post-humous characters still have their requirements to be obtained?


And it’s worth to get them for their inventory.
Also the harder to get ones also have better and rarer stuff on them.


I just noticed as I blazed a path through the Tower, but is the description for the “name” text for “Monster” always “Turn Combat Window Off”?


I feel like being an annoyance due to the amount of questions I’m asking.


No it’s ok. Only this way you can find bugs and obscure mechanics.

It’s a know issue for years.
They are assigned proper descriptions but the game won’t display them for certain (most) character IDs.


I have to say though, that bug makes things PRETTY funny.

Uhh…How about no, Gheb? I would still like my virginity intact, you creepy shit.


True. I admit I laughed with some of these.
Some were very spot on.


That picture’s worse, considering the map it was in. “Gheb’s Funhouse”, really? Sounds like his sex dungeon.

Anyways, the maps are GODLY in comparison to what I have seen in other mods. And I do not mean only in design, I mean in the enemies and the placing and EVERYTHING. It has the DIFFICULTY in it that I have always wanted. Since you said that the ruins take 11 hours to solo run take down, I will prove you wrong and post my time of it. And, since you said it was hard as hell, I’m going to plan every little map as if I was back in that hellish landscape called Thracia. Good luck to me~


The first 5 Floors are kinda accessible because F4 and F5 hold important shops.

BTW, could it be you will be the 1st to clear the Rift?
Let’s see.


Can I post tips here about the Rift Dungeon? I’m taking notes while I go along, anyways. Or should I make a whole thread dedicated to it? (Actually, I don’t know how to do the second one.)


  • Have Knoll Druid take Gleipnir to get that sweet, sweet +10 Mag and have him use sleep staff with more or less a 100% accuracy on ANYONE on the map. Want to lessen the number advantage while softening them up at the same time? Charm will get that for you!


Case in point: (Note: Knoll has a staff range of 20(!) tiles)


…“Assassination Contract”…Big map with mountain ranges and roads connecting from the north and south…Four huts surrounding the boss Sage…Two lone units sitting by their lonesome…
SUS1 sus2

sus4 SUS3

…Seal, what the hell did you do with this map? If this has ambush spawns(enemy spawn after turn ends) just like Thracia, or maybe the instant spawns in FE7 Chapter 30: Victory or Death, I may have to redo the WHOLE damn thing depending on the stats because I am going to need to calculate the correct places to position my units so they don’t die.




It’s not that bad.
Just don’t waste time sitting on the starting point


WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!! Oh, THAT’s amazing! I saw this kind of “change” before in the Morva chapter…DAMN!!! You have my respect now as an AMAZING map builder.


Found something. Is it normal that the, uh, “rockslide” doesn’t happen if the paladin is killed on the first turn? And, before you ask how I did that, I’ll say this. I’m just that awesome. (I just used a Valkyrie and warped Ephraim right over.)


Yes, which gives extra options to clear the map.

Yes, warping in post-game is taken into consideration for all maps.
You didn’t break anything.


New patch (1.15) is out with a support fix for Dozla fans!

Read OP for details.


Just checked this and there are no issues at all.
Wind and Arcwind (MK user or not) work properly.

This mod’s coding is held together by duct tape and glue TBH.
If you want to change something, instead of AR codes, use the modding tools of the community.


Currently at the “Divide and Conquer” floor. Why is Tirado’s stats such bullshit? Gate, Empower+, Audhulma boosts gives him 103 avoid, 33 defense, and 33 resistance…I suppose Warrior!Garcia with Garm is speceed for this, but those damage reductions, not to mention the weapon triangle disadvantage… Or I can bank on Assassin!Marisa’s Lethality to instakill him, but there is most certainly gonna be reinforcements pouring out. Which will work hell on my weapons’ durabilities. Any tips, Seal?


Just rush him with Holy Regalia weapons only. Not that complicated yet.
Don’t even bother with anything non-divine for the bosses beyond Floor6.
Up to Floor5 you still beat anything with even Silver/Killer tier weapons.

If you have trouble, buy some T2 accessories.
And of course, if you use Myrrh, she has the “I win” ticket for those that can’t legit beat the bosses.