[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Sacred War [complete]


I see Knights can move 5 now.


Could you change the map themes on chapters with monsters on it to Confront the Past, like Chapter 4? If you want to of course, and maybe make the enemy phase theme Twisted Shadows B?


Hello there. So, I’ve been playing this game, and now I’m at the Gorgon egg stage. The backgrounds and new maps are amazing. The increased difficulty is nice too. However, I have some complaints. My foremost complaint is the “staves” Wrath and Mirage. Tethys can’t use them, because they require a staff rank of “S”. So far, the only class that I see having an S rank in staves is the Valkyries. So, I gave Wrath and Mirage to L’Arachel, who is a Valkyrie. To my surprise, the staff is greyed out for her, like she isn’t able to use that weapon type. Tethys doesn’t have hers greyed out, but she only has a staff rank of “A”. So, using the supply wagon, I checked under what weapon type are the “staves”. THEY ARE UNDER THE ANIMA SECTION. My theory is that when the “staves” are in the inventory, it checks if the character has the appropriate weapon type and rank to use it, and if the character does not, it is unusable. These “staves” have an improper classification of weapon type, as such, they are treated as Rank S Anima tomes. Which explains why Tethys doesn’t have hers greyed, but L’Arachel does. However, when in the “selecting screen” after moving in battle, the “staves” regain their proper classification, being Rank S Staves. However, the only one who could use it, the Oracle class, only has an A rank in staves. Therefore, Tethys can’t use them. The only thing that will be able to use these “staves” would someone who has S rank in BOTH Anima and Staff weapon types. This seems like a massive bug, so I would really appreciate it if you fix it.


Actually, I’ve found that you can use those staves—you just have to select Item instead of Staff or Attack. Using them as items produces the intended effect.


Thanks for that tip. Although, wouldn’t it be better to just code them as actual staves? I mean, now that you mentioned that, maybe it’s a way to lock those staves onto the oracle class?


It’s working as intended.
While Staves and showing as “staff” in the description, they require anima to function and to be used.
Also, those are technically still dancing rings; aka items.
Hence their activation is done through items, not staves and need anima to function
locking them to Oracles who are the ones only who meet the conditions.

Then Valkyries and Oracles will have their unique staves overlap and be usable by both.
Finally, even if classified as staves, their activation is done again as items.


Ah right. Thanks for the clarification! Also, Ewan has damn-near perfect stats across the board as a mage knight.



I feel like… my Ewan got skill screwed lol. and for some reason your defense is miles above mines. Did you use any stat boosters?


Nope, never used one. Planning on dumping all those stat boosters to either Seth or Saleh.


Man, this is great! My brother just finished and I’m on the way. The only thing that I believe could be better it’s the sprites. Custom sprites for the boys. There are many already done out there that portrait the characters to looks like how they meant to.

That would be a gorgeous addition for the next patch. Congrats for you project man


Glad you find it satisfactory.

Ok, I’ll consider adding these.
But first I’m finishing the promoted monsters.


Oh, sure thing, man.
I bring you some examples of what I was talking about:
Neimi sniper by @Frostlax

@Kenpuhu and @Aruku ’s Dozla Berserker

This Chimera by @Klokinator -i guess but not sure-

Sage Lute by @Nuramon

and Joshua by @SD9000

As long as I know they are free to use, just give credit to them. I mean, they created this pretty boys for a project with this awesomeness in mind I guess. I´m pretty sure people would be willing to help finish the whole roster -including me- I’ll keep an eye on your project as many people around here will too. Best of lucks man :call_me_hand:


You can use Yggdra Hack with animation


To clarify for him, Isaac is one of the creators / animators for Yggdra hack, and all the animations (including a lot of character specific animations for FE8 characters) are free to use.


Wind is effective against centaur? fe8%20sacred%20war-1


Wind hit horse. Horse have long stick-legs. Horse fall over and die.

Wind kills horses.


This is some new revolutionary hidden lore right there.

Scrap that.
Why is L’Arachel a Mage Knight using Anima? O_o


Ar code ( I’m sorry.)


Yo, just a question, where do you get any additional stat boosters post-game/Creature Campaign?
Like the Swiftsoles(where IS that thing?), Energy Ring, Talisman, and the like.


Only in the Rift (Ruins).

Otherwise, use Rebirth Seals to increase your stats
(from post-game shop and some chests deep in Valni Tower)