[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Sacred War [complete]


I’ve found a small bug: When promoting Lute (not sure if it happens with other characters), the promotion stat gains screen starts flickering all over the place.


I don’t see any problem?
Bug1 Bug2


Maybe it’s just the emulator I’m using, then–in No$GBA it turns into a mess of blue bars.


No$GBA also refuses to play sound for Snek even though it works flawlessly on actual hardware, all emulators have issues.


In FE8U, there is a pointer to the item table at 0x16410, but this ROM seems to be changed.
The item table is referenced in several places, but FEBuilderGBA uses the address that is referenced first.
Some patch may rewrite 0x16410 ?

I might change the location to get the address to where GetROMItemStructPtr refers.


@the febuilder question
Did you repoint the item table Seal? And if so, how?


No I did not repoint it.
I did modify it heavily all over the place with some extra stuff on it
but it’s in the same spot.

You can even check it out in Nightmare and see the values


So I managed to play through this and it has been fun, both story campaign and the Tower. However, I noticed something went missing when I went to plan a second playthrough. Apparently L’arachel and Dozla no longer support at all despite being able to in the vanilla game, not sure if that was planned or not.


Ah… you noticed it. Yes it was planned because it was replaced.
Had to replace a vanilla one and this one was the least common among FE8 runners.


Ah alright, good to know it’s normal then. I’ll have to work around that then.


I’ve been playing this for a few days, and I have to say that this is really fun. My question is that are you going to plan on adding Quality of Life features in the future? Will you also be adding more dungeons and content or are the updates coming up are just performance and balance changes?


The updates are not over for certain.
The next one especially will benefit the community as a whole, the problem is that it will take tons of time to finalize. Also RL obligations and flu aren’t helping either. But it will get done.
(It has to do with animations, not balance or gameplay so don’t worry about missing out gameplay elements)

Also yes, there’s a QoL thing I want to implement
but I’m waiting for Tequila to return for it (someone call him lol)

Balance wise it seems to be pretty ok for now according to everyone’s feedback and most issues have been addressed.
At least for campaign and Valni sections.
I don’t have feedback on the Rift section so either people are fine with it or just didn’t beat it yet.

As for extra maps:
All available game maps are fully modded already
and to 100% the hack it takes over 100hours. So the content is beefy.
But there’s 1 MAP that’s kinda meaningless ATM and that’s Malkean Coast Skirmish: Unlocks post-game and Valni2~8 is a way better alternative for EXP-Gold-Challenge-Content.
While the Skirmish if fine by its own as a map (MAP design and post-game initial difficulty),
its purpose is lacking and outdated.
So I’m thinking about “upgrading” it eventually.


Out of curiosity, what did you replace the Dozla/L’arachel support with? Also, any plans to add supports for the post-game units?


it’s now joshua x L’arachel


Wasn’t Joshua x L’arachel in the base game though?


Think so, Ewan x Myrrh is the new support in this.


Sorry, no. No plans for that.


Is there anyway you could make varying max stats for the base classes? That, currently is my only main issue with it. (To get nit picky could you add descriptions for every weapon? Like Iron Sword: A standard sword.)


Look like your game conflicted with something in febuilder but i can’t quite fix it.


I disagree with it and the reasons are

  1. with varying caps over 18 on pre-promotes you get too close to the max promoted caps
  2. I would have to nerf the promotional gains to the original pitiful amounts
  3. with varying caps below 18, some of them would be 15 and cap too fast
  4. with lower caps and less promo gains there’s small trade-off between promoting at Lv10,15 or 20
  5. incentive to level all the way to 20 is reduced
  6. this hack already “doesn’t punish” early promotions, instead it promotes the idea
    while also “not punishing” and promoting leveling all the way too 20. It works both ways.
  7. The power gap between a LV20 pre-promote and a LV1~5 promoted would be increased
  8. Growth rates and Dragon Tear would have to be re-adjusted for the new lower caps
  9. Enemy balance would have to be re-adjusted again

Maybe a generic “No special attributes” description
as this quote would have to fit the monster weapons too.

It will take time to implement though as the current plan is to improve monster animations
and progress is slow. The description update will come after that.