[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Sacred War [complete]


Version 1.10 is out
and also updated the OP with everything related to it.

Now to 100% the game and to do and get everything it has, it will take you over 100 hours.
And with that I’m going to sleep.

Curious who is going to clear it 1st
as the final boss is gimmicky AF.


Noticed a couple of minor bugs while playing through Last Hope and taking a peek at the Rift.
The Wind tome is 2x effective against the Oracle class(when wielded by a Mage Knight attacking Tethys, if that matters), probably shouldn’t be.

The enemy descriptions in the first floor of Rift are messed up, they seem like they’re taken from the options menu. “Set Control Window Display”, “Turn Chapter Goal display on or off”, “Set turn to end automatically” and “Turn music on or off” for generic Raustens, generic Frelians, Hayden and Mansel respectively. But this one’s hardly a priority, as it doesn’t affect gameplay at all.


WTF. Will fix it now. Thanks for finding it.

Edit: Fixed and updated the patches above with the fix.
This bug did not exist in the 1.00 version because this is something I did in the expansion
by moving around some tables
and “Wind” was the only weapon I forgot to re-configure.

Yes, no matter what I did this is something the game refused to fix.
I did gave them the proper correct descriptions. The game refuses to display them
because of their CharID number.

Please try ignoring it.
(Or look ahead for the lulz)


Just my opinion but can you add every skills descriptions in the Guide menu? Because i somehow someway forgot which skills does what. I’ll be grateful.


That’s actually a very very nice idea!

Ok, will work on it.

Edit: It’s going smoothly and looks pretty. Should be completed by today.



You asked for it and you got it.
Read the OP about the v1.11 update.


Thank you for adding the skill descriptions and so fast! Does the 1.11 update include some of the ideas you floated a few days ago like bumping up enemy quality and tweaking shops or is that still to come?


Hello ! I’m back again !

I’m going through your hack one more time and I noticed two things maybe a bit strange :

  • The rogue, Colm, can steal without any trouble the Hoplon Guard at the chapter 9, is it normal ?

  • Maybe it’s only me, but I can’t use normally the staff “Mirage” from Tethys. To use it, I have to do Item ==> Mirage ==> Use. It doesn’t appear in the “Staff” choice.

Otherwise, I enjoy, and I feel indeed the difficulty is a bit higher !


Yes, it includes everything the v1.10 also has.
The v1.11 was just the descriptions.

You mean Ch8.
Yes, it is working as intended.



these are still working as dancing rings at core
but don’t tell anyone that.

But still, only the Oracle class can use them.

Thx. Hope you have a great time.


If I can recreate all of the skills into the FE8 skill system, would you be willing to add it in? I’m okay with doing it myself, if you’re okay with me doing it.


Do you mean to re-create the existing ones as “proper skills”
and then re-add them to the game?
Or to create a new set of skills or extra one on top of them?

Either way I’m fine with it, the hack is open to everyone to toy with in any way they want.
So yes, I have no problem with it.


Hello !

Just finished the Valni Tower, it was nice ! Thanks for this hack !

P.S : is it just me or the units you get through the tower are slightly better than the other ones ? Even if it is easy to get the maximum stats with any unit, I noticed they used to have a better constitution than their counterparts.


Thanks for enjoying it
and congratulations for clearing it.
Now you still have to conquer the Rift :smiley:

You mean the secret/bonus characters you get in post-game?
Those characters still retain their bonus CON from the original
it’s just that some classes had their CON changed.
But otherwise it’s pretty much the same.


New patch is out with various fixes and improvements.
W0t? U thought it was ded?

Read the OP for the details
under the section of V1.14 patch notes


Anyone know what main differences between this and FE8 Master Version are?


EVERYTHING :stuck_out_tongue:


I completed the main story (killing the demon lord), and it was great! Thanks again for all your work.

I did notice a bug with L’Arachel and Myrhh where they would always appear to have about 10 HP missing even when fully healed- not sure how I got into that state, though.

Have not found the divinestone!


Glad you had a great time with it.

That’s only a graphical glitch on the map
but the HP values are always correct without issues
even during regen, healing or combat
(side effect of boosting HP cap beyond normal)

The early Divinestone is not missable (Valni related)
Otherwise you can get it(them) from the Hard post game Rift.


Is it normal that FE Builder doesn’t show any weapon for this rom ?


I don’t know.

Never used FEBuilder.
Don’t know how FEBuilder works.