[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Sacred War [complete]


Unique Animations for certain characters.

But it will take around 2 weeks to finish >_>
If you don’t care about unique animations, don’t care about restarting just for glam and hate waiting go ahead and play it.


May i ask what character?


Not sure yet.
But it’s more than Joshua.


Actually, I would love that. Still gonna play the hack, and no one’s hating you, my dude.


If it’s visual update only then i think I’ll pass the next update (no offense).


Is there an existing patch for just x2 Critical Damage? ive clicked around for a few days and i cant find one.


Here we go grinding exp again, nothing can amaz… Wait, what?



Holy shit that was a masterpiece.


Is there a way to update to 1.19 while keeping my 1.15 save data?


With No$GBA you can just open the ROM with the newer emulator version
and just load a savestate from the previous-old emulator version.
Then do a manual in-game save and the data is carried over.

But unless you don’t care about graphics
the next patch will need you all to start a new savefile (yeah really blew this one).

If you don’t care about improved sprites
the next patch will update everything else except the graphics.
Your characters won’t get new sprites but you will receive the rest of the changes.

Also the next patch might be delayed because of its volume…


Patch 1.23 is out and I expect some rage over it.

Anyway, I won’t be updating for some time and will certainly not mess your save data again.
So if you were waiting for the prime time to start, now’s the time.