[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Sacred War [complete]


Prologue Seth is lv 10, not sure if intentional 19-1


You noticed that now after 3 months? :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s intentional.


TBH, it is 99% finished.
I’ve run out of available maps too.
Not only that, I’ve hit a hard limit on what other things can be added or ways to reward meta players.

The only thing that could be done is higher difficulty maps for those that cleared the Rift
but even then I have no MAPS left to use.
So, if the v1.20 ever comes out it’s also going to be the last one.

So go ahead and enjoy it. If anything else is to be added, it’s going to be something for
those very deep in the post-game.


I don’t know if it has been answered yet ; but…If this is 99% finished ; you’re not planning to add skills then? ^^ Anyway I’ve played a bit, and it’s so much better than vanilla. I’m glad I’m fluent in English though as French is my first language :smiley:


Good to know. Aside from new content, balance and qol stuff is still worthy of an update, just like some of the stuff in the 1.9 update.

I mean hell, even if the update was just something like “Added a hat to Joshua’s swordmaster sprite and rebalanced druid” I’d be disappointed I didn’t have Joshua’s hat to stare at for the last 2 hours of gameplay I’d just played. Gamers are silly like that, Joshua’s glorious hat aside.

Though you’d know better than any of us how much more the game will be updated, so if you say it’s nearly done, then that’s good to know.


I told you that at some point I would play your hack. I’m a little bored, so it seems today is the day.

Quick question: Does this game have a skill system?


No it doesn’t. No the one that’s being used everywhere at least.


The roads in chapter 1 are a little… ehhh. That long, square line could use some work.

I’ll post more thoughts as I think of them. I should say that I really like the AESTHETIC of this game. I was planning to do something similar for FE8, so if your game does what I was planning to do, it means I don’t have to bother. FE8 Manriklass no longer needs to exist!

Incidentally, this is the chapter 1 map I made some time back. If you want, feel free to use it.



The idea was to make the road look like a major path between 2 countries
that also starts between the 2 forts .
But I agree, does look weird so I never used anything like that again for the rest of the maps.
(Also this was the 2nd map ever created)


Hm. It’s a shame chapter 2 is unchanged, since it’s the worst chapter in the game on repeat playthroughs.

I made a map for it as well. If you wanted to use it to rejigger the chapter, feel free.

In fact, I made two.



(Note that these don’t include the relevant tile changes)


Okay, so Chapter 3 has a bunch of big map changes. Nice.

The left side of the map is pretty wonky. Very tilespam, could use some variation.

There are also these oddly repeated ground tiles here, too.

I think I could fix this pretty quickly. I’ll think of what to do. Shouldn’t need a total rework, just some touchups.

These enemies at the top right have “sit there and die” AI, which was a little odd. I thought maybe there would be a tile event that triggered attack AI if I went in there, but, nope. They just sit there.


They guard the door key.
Of course they will defend.

Anyway, I’ll revisit and make Ch1 and the floor in Ch3 look prettier.


Chapter 4 was great. The map was totally different, but just like chapter 3, I felt like you paced everything perfectly. All my units had something to do. Even Gilliam! He’s actually gotten a substantial amount of action compared to how I used him in vanilla FE8.

Removing the arena in chapter 5 is a good move, too.


Hey so I was planning on waiting until I finish the hack before giving you my notes, but since it seems like the final version is approaching I’ll give them now.

Sacred war notes

  • Chapter 3: Weird AI
    Many of the chapters (not just 3) predominantly seem to have “Do not move” Ai for their units. this makes the game much less threatening than it should be at many points

  • Gilliam w/ axes is OP
    I understand that Knights and Generals tend to get lost as units and there are many complaints against them, but Gilliam with an axe tears the game wide open. He now has full triangle coverage and higher power on many of his weapons. His high cons as a knight covers any weight penalties, and his low speed no longer matters as he reliably 1 and 2 rounds everything (with a skill book). Once a character hits the point that they have advantage over sword, and lance users and 1 round most enemies they’re just on an upwards spiral from there.

  • Is chapter 2 supposed to be the vanilla map?
    I found this strange as every other map has been revamped and notably improved. (the aesthetics are quite nice)

  • Chapter 5 weird fence/wall makes for screwy flyers.
    Chapter 5 (and others) have fence tiles on the ends of their walls which fliers can move over but blocks other units. this makes for some very strange gameplay where blocking or taking key locations may end up with a surprise kill to your mage or monk/cleric. (The chapter with cormag on Ephraim’s route has the same issue)

  • Chap 5 Priest never uses physic staff???
    May be an ai bug, but in a game where the player characters are buffed noticeably it makes for a lame boss fight when the boss won’t even heal.


  • Bosses don’t move
    On seize chapters this makes sense, but on many other chapters the bosses don’t move, don’t have 1-2 range, and sit on a tree. This - combined with the fact that non-boss units don’t move - makes for really lame and exploitable bosses which I just use for exp farming

  • Chapter 3 & 5x waiting an excessive amount of time to open a door != fun
    I can not stress this one enough. Of all the time I spent playing SW this was the worst thing. in Chapter 3 you have to wait an uncomfortable amount of time (with no enemies to fight off either! See Above) for Colm to get to the door to unlock it. even with a rescue chain, the first half of the level is spent waiting for the girl to get to him to recruit him, moving him to the door, opening the door, and then finally proceeding to the boss.

  • Chapter 5x is a whole different story, you took one of my favorite chapters from the original game and turned it into something horrible. Let’s start from the beginning:

Opening the first door.

Opening the first door is horrible. you kill the knight holding the key with either Ephraim or the paladin (orin?) then you move said character to the door. sounds simple, but in reality your other units are waiting doing nothing while 1 guy grabs a key that’s quite out of the way.
It took me 10(!!!) turns to get through the door on my first play through.

If you discard key the chapter is unbeatable

Let me say that again, if you drop the door key you cannot win. “Well how and why would you drop the door key silly??” I’ll tell you: as soon as the level started I traded everyone’s equipment around (cause I’m a min/max kind of guy) Orin wound up holding next to nothing (Cause I’m never going to use him again) so silly me accidentally ran out of space in Ephraim’s inventory when he killed the knight. So now I have to drop an item, what will it be? The star seal? his lance that kills knights and cavaliers? his silver lance? or one of his two vulneraries? Well obviously I chose a vulnerary, no problem right? Well now a few turns later I’m given the same decision when one of the knights gets a chest key, again, I dropped the vulnerary because it’s the cheapest item. Needless to say, inventory is a little bit of an issue, but the problem for me is that I had 0 vulneraries when the level finished because of the next few points, and this majorly screwed me over for chapter 10

The Chapter is very linear

Very, as in, you are forced down a 1 tile hallway for much of it. This also makes the map unnecessarily long

Excessive archers & mages firing across the wall != fun

Self explanatory, when you can’t counter the enemy you have to waste an extra turn to kill them, repeat this a few times. Also the knights have low res so the mages hurt. This was a problem cause I’d already tossed 2 vulneraries due to ridiculous item shenanigans (See Above)

When all was said & done, the chapter took over 30 turns

I beat the chapter on my first try, and that’s the zinger: It’s not hard enough to cause death, just so drawn out from design that I wish I hadn’t opened the game.

Moving On!

  • Ch 7 very exploitable w/ Vanessa
    Combine Vanessa w/ Gilliam and you have a 4-5 turn chapter on your hands. fly across the water and win. I used this to pincer the enemies from both sides (cause I didn’t want to miss out on xp)

  • Enemy AI is very often set to “Don’t move” this removes much of the pressure the enemy would otherwise have, and makes levels quite easy to rip apart.
    Stated earlier, but I apprearantly felt it necessary to reiterate. I believe it’s because this problem is really obvious in chapter 7

  • Ross is OP( Idk if that was in the main game or not???)
    Idk if this was in the original game or not, but Ross is stupid good. He gains xp very fast and if you reclass him as a journeyman and then hero he levels up like crazy and kills everything. also, because he is technically class level 2 he attracts enemies as though he had the “provoke” skill from later games, this means he traps the enemies into running straight to him and then dying in 1 round of combat, it’s sick. Here’s my ross roughly halfway through part one:

And there’s my early game notes! Needless too say, this is an excellent game and by far superior to the original game. I love what you’ve done to classes with the max stats, abilities, and weapon levels. equipment is streamlined and the seals add a nice touch. You did a very good job with balancing Seth and Joshua, I still use Joshua, but he is by no means the power monger he was before.
I may sound critical, but by and large this hack has truly been a pleasure and joy to play :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, and in the 1st arc of the story
I intentionally made the formations and positions easier to exploit
to “teach” newbies how approach a group of enemies.

What can I say? You are the 1st to complain about a viable Armor Knight.

I know what you are talking about and it’s about 1 tile.
Which the game says is a fence, not a wall.
It’s intentional to throw players a little off. And the enemy range tells you about it. It’s a not a surprise.

He does heal. You just killed them before he does. Which is , again, easy to do by design.

You wanted moving bosses from the “tutorial” of the game?
Well, you’ll get them later anyway.


Ch3, if anything, I gave you optional shortcuts which you can choose to use or not.
You don’t even have to rescue carry Neimi to Colm. She can comfortably reach him
provided she doesn’t waste a turn sitting.
Then Colm can just open all doors and chests fast.
The map is just not linear and allows you to tackle it in many ways.
Also it’s the 1st chapter that promotes splitting your units into groups but it’s also easy enough to allow comfortable turtling.

As for Ch5X:

Certainly possible way faster.

Yes? Hence, why I put the door early in the map
because I knew there would be a few players that wouldn’t pay attention.
Would be a problem if that door was at the end of the map, not at the start.

And Orson isn’t useless in this chapter. Has good uses.

A map for 4 player units
and various sideways that need to be taken to proceed and get all items
isn’t linear.

Mages and Archers combined are 6 in total.
Spread out too.

You did take your time then. Can be done faster.
Use Orson with his mobility and AID stat more.

You just did a sequence break then which is also intentional. Why is that bad?

You are just good at this game. Of course later on it’s not as easy to do so.

Speedrunners hate the trainee classes for obvious reasons
so this is an incentive for those that invest on them.

Thank you for your feedback and glad you had fun in the end.
Truly appreciated.


Ummmm… guys?
I know I told you it’s ready and all but…
and DON’T promote any units.

Because if you do, you will be forced to start over again >-<
(You can play safely the first 8 chapters / 1st story arc)
I’m really sorry, I just found out something. Promise won’t mess with the save data again >-<

The reason is this:


I haven’t played this hack yet, and I don’t get it. I promise to play this soon :tm: however.


I’m unsure what the images mean though. Do Swordmasters always crit or something?


I don’t get it, what is that suppose to mean?


Gonna guess that either:

  • RNG machine broke
  • One of the enemy Swordmasters has Killing Machine by accident.
  • Said Swordmaster is named “Monster” by accident.
  • Joshua anim.
  • Joshua survived a crit (?).


Not this because this hack critical damage is x2 not x3 like vanilla