[FE8] Fire Emblem: Shrouded Wyvern [V1.1] ANNIVERSARY UPDATE

Attention, all Fire Emblem Universe gamers.
Fire Emblem Shrouded Wyvern.emulator-5

This is Fire Emblem: Shrouded Wyvern, a [COMPLETE] 25 chapter project featuring 100% new and original maps and story!


Shrouded Wyvern.ups - Google Drive


Scuba's Boot Emporium


Remove Enemy Control Glitch
Use HandAxs motion as generic motion for throwing axes
Sound Room 100% Unlocked
Max Weapon Level for Unpromoted Classes
Always Ranged Animate: Rune Sword
Accelerate recovery motion
Prevent Freeze For Camera Event 0x26.
Prevent Freeze For Get Unit State Event 0x33.
Prevent Freeze For Unit State Event 0x34.
Prevent Freeze For Event 0x38.
Prevent Freeze For Event 0x3B.
Make Warp Range Entire Map
Prohibit forcibly overwriting the archer’s combat animation palette
Change Effectiveness damage coefficient of the weapon
Change Lv bonus value to be given to the enemy’s promoted at hard-mode difficulty
Change Battle BGM if Specified Item Weapon1
Change Battle BGM if Specified Item Weapon2
Simple setting of Sacred Weapons 2
Bonus EXP Value if Enemy has Theif
Bonus EXP Value if Enemy has BossFlag
Disable the Prep store for a particular map
Prevent exchange of valuables
Add Event Condition: Item Check(Unit)
Add Event: Lose Item(All units and transporters)
AddEvent: Get Unit Status
AddEvent: Set Unit Status
AddEvent: Set All Unit Status
Add Event: Send unit’s all items to transporter
Add Event: Change unit / class affiliation at once 20210413
Add Event: Add Trap
Add Event: Remove Trap
Null Move Display By 7743
Show Eirika Epilogue , when no branch edtions

Toggle New Game Music On/Off
Toggle Health & Safety Warning
Toggle New Game Intro Cutscene
Toggle New Game Text
Map Danger Zone (Select: Toggle)

circleseverywhere, 7743, gamma--------------------------
Convert Chapter Titles to Text ver2.1 Support Lat1

FE8-Battle Stats with Anims Off
Modify S-Rank Limits
Show Heal Amount
Add Event: Set Unit State Conditions (UNCM)

circleseverywhere, Tequila------------------------------
HPBars_with_warnings Cache

circleseverywhere, Tequila, jjl2357---------------------
Enable Locked Weapons Prf constraints on staffs and items as well.

RandomWizard, Tequila-----------------------------------
RW Cloud Fix

Remove Creature Campaign
Remove Support Viewer
Hide Victory Conditions From Status Screen
Limitless Trading
Final Chapter Turn Count

Tequila, UNKNOWN, Aera, circleseverywhere---------------
Battle Transforming

Tequila, Lord Reyson------------------------------------
Staff Range Fix

SOUND_NIMAP2(Native Instrument Map)


Change formula of automatic growth auto level of enemy.
Fix CAM1/CAMERA2 going out of bounds


Infinite range warp

Fix Weak Promoted Enemies
Enable Faster Movement By Holding A

Celerity910, Gryz---------------------------------------
Hard Mode Bonuses for Playable Units that appear as enemies

Monster Weapon display fix

Agro, Brendor-------------------------------------------

Adjust Mode Coefficient Experience Gain
Passive Boosts Patches

Changing the Universal Doubling Threshold(attack speend)

Magrika is Now Canon------------------------------------
AI: Prevent Healer Mistarget

Devil Axs: The probability of self-destruction
Upper limit of moving power

Exclude Con from Attack Speed calculus

Remove the menu that displays the support list from the preparation screen

Great Shield First Class
Great Shield Last Class
Sure Strike First Class
Sure Strike Last Class

Remove Easy Mode

Weapon Type Array


Dodge Adjust


Magic Sword fix

Vesly, Contro, ScubaLuigi-------------------------------

Pegasus Knight(Sword) - MK404
Archer - DerTheVaporeon
(M)Archer(Bowgun) - DerTheVaporeon, Epicer
Knight(Sword) - TheBlindArcher
Hunter - MeatOfJustice
(F)Fighter - Black Mage
(F)Warrior - Temp
Manakete/Fire Dragon - Eldritch Abomination
Shooter[Still] - Spud
Mage Dragon - L95
Freelancer - Nuramon
Earth Dragon - L95
Dancer(Sword) - Circleseverywhere
Lord(Backflip) - Plant_Academy

Lord - ThyAnarchists
Hunter - MeatOfJustice
(F)Horseman - flasuban
(F)Fighter - Alusq
(F)Warrior - FEGirls
Freelancer - HyperGammaSpaces
Shooter - Amyd
Earth Dragon - L95

FE5 ~ Base - Pikmin1211
FE5 ~ Searching the Enemy - SurfingKyogre
FE5 ~ Adversity - Scraiza
FE4 ~ Birth of a Holy Knight - Pikmin1211
FE4 ~ Disturbance in Augustria - Sme
FE14 ~ A Dark Fall - Mycahel
FE2 ~ Land of Sorrow - HyperGammaSpaces
FE2 ~ Celica Map 1 - Sme
FE4 ~ Across the Desert - SurfingKyogre
FE5 ~ In Search of Victory - SurfingKyogre
FE2 ~ Alm Map 1 - HyperGammaSpaces
FE4 ~ Eldigan the Lionheart - Scraiza
FE4 ~ Dragon Knights of Thracia - SurfingKyogre
FE4 ~ For Whose Sake - SurfingKyogre
FE6 ~ Beneath a New Light - Sme
FE11 ~ The Time to Act - Saxor_the_Nobody
FE14 ~ Dark Wastes - nyawenyye
FE5 ~ Thracia - SurfingKyogre
FE4 ~ Army of Thracia - SurfingKyogre
FE6 ~ The Kingdom of Bern - Tristan_Hollow
FE4 ~ Army of Augustria - SurfingKyogre
FE6 ~ Attack! - Tristan_Hollow
FE6 ~ Join Us! - Tristan_Hollow
FE6 ~ To the Heights - Tristan_Hollow
FE9 ~ The Black Knight - Dethraxx

Thunder3 - BwdYeti
Fire3 - Scraiza
Athena - 7743


Trevor - CapibaraInSpace
Gryn - Mexicancactus2911
Ruthanit - XVI
Prag - Its_Just_Jay
Planck - XPGamesNL
Strappe - LaurentLacroix, Levin64
Thyimp - LaurentLacroix
Barres - AmBrosiac
Gilligan - Roxannity
Ren - CapibaraInSpace
Navajo - LaurentLacroix
Meriam - Ghostblade
Sebathin - GenericPretsel
Easout - Sphealnuke
Cougar - Nickt, Stitch, CapibaraInSpace
Garson - Lenh
Roland - Roxannity
Vyshea - WAve
Watasus - RandomWizard
Leonardo - Auto
Bonetrom - Smokeyguy77
Alexander - Peerless
Quartz - Nickt
Firma - flasuban
Bush - LaurentLacroix
Mi - Remurin
Milam - MeatOfJustice
Rinage - KrashBoomBang
Jack - Der
Lowia - Raymond
Dulan - Zmr
Goodyear - Zmr
Perc - LaurentLacroix
Bon - Zarg
Asterix - Toa
Patty - Levin64
Cathy - HyperGammaSpaces
Sara - Xenith
Samda - CapibaraInSpace
Ryddel - AmBrosiac
Dyne - CapibaraInSpace
Maori - L95
BK - JiroPaiPai
Forifir - Sterling Glovner
Mina - Ghostblade
Amirm - Zaim
Hollace - Alusq
Monas - GoldBlitz
Amyr - LaurentLacroix
Eliwood - BorsDeep
Nanna - Zelkami
Nagi - Autonima, Bluey, Lenh, Nickt, Blaze
Roy - BorsDeep
Kris - Atey, Arcth
Katarina - BatimaTheBat
Norne - MK404, Nickt
Phina - BatimaTheBat
Lilina - Levin64
Marth - Lenh, Blaze, Nickt
Boah - Mega, Bluey
Ares - Melia
Travant - Atey
Micaiah - Quotedotlass, Ghostblade913

Chapter 20x - N426


  • 2 significantly different difficulty settings
  • 52 playable characters
  • Unique weapons like the Bowgun
  • 20 stat caps
  • Fixed EXP gain
  • Non-branching promotions
  • Unmitigated weapon weight
  • Infinite range warp
  • Fixed damage tomes
  • Music from across the series
  • And more!

Fire Emblem Shrouded Wyvern.emulator-7
Fire Emblem Shrouded Wyvern.emulator-8
Fire Emblem Shrouded Wyvern.emulator-9
Fire Emblem Shrouded Wyvern.emulator-10


This seems so unique! Can’t wait to try it out and have an all original experience!


Finally! I was so tired of the official FE games, especially Archanea (FOUR games??? Really???) so I’m so excited for this Brand New Hackrom, full of original content.
Personally, I’m so glad that because this game is so unique, that it definitely won’t copy the bland and overdone archetypes that the official games use, such as the Tomas archetype (a character that no one likes at all).


This supposed to mean 40? Those bars look pretty long.

Seems there’s no skills in this, or at least early on. Looks worth a try.


Now everyone’s favorite question, are there supports?


Dear author, I really like your work. It’s really fun, but when I meet manakete in the arena, the game will crash. I hope you can fix this problem in time.


They are 20. The bar length has been set lower in this game. And yes, no skillsystem in this one! It actually enabled some unique tech that normally conflicts with skillsystem and can’t be used.

No supports in this game. Deep characterization wasn’t a priority here.

@Valena-NO.23 I never used the arena so I forgot to test or edit it. This has now been fixed.


Dear author, I really like your game. I don’t know if this is a problem: in Chapter 11, when I visited Anna’s village, even though Jack had not joined my team, there was a conversation between Jack and Anna. I think this is a bit strange. If I made a mistake, I apologize.

In addition, I like Jack’s battle model very much. The “tank” is very handsome. Thank you for making it.

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Fixed. Thanks for pointing out these little things.

The shooter battle sprite was made by Spud. I just animated it.

Dear author, I’m sorry to bother you again not long after, but after Jack entered the arena, he used light magic to fight, and the weapon level shows the“ light magic mastery level ”here instead of bllsta,I don’t know if this is a problem. If it is, I hope you can correct it in time.

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Sweet Iron Armor Knight!
That’s a tank that looks like the one from Tearring Saga!
Color me surprised.


This has already been fixed, please update

Dear author, thank you very much for your update, but I still have some questions to feedback:

  1. In Chapter 8, the enemy reinforcements in the upper left corner fortress may not appear (or I may have made a mistake).
  2. In Chapter 9, there is a weapons store in the upper left corner that cannot be visited.
  3. In Chapter 12, there is a lockpick in the treasure chest in the lower left corner, but thieves can open the door and treasure chest without a key, and others can’t use lockpick.
  4. In Chapter 14, in 5 turn,the two Pegasus sisters didn’t come out, can’t join my team,which made the game unable to continue (this is what my friend told me, and I haven’t played that chapter yet, please forgive me if I made a mistake).

I’m not certain of what you mean here. If it’s that enemies don’t appear from the north forts as soon as the south forts, that’s intentional.

Fixed. Some things of note it contains are bowguns and hammers.

There is not supposed to be any lockpicks in the game. I have changed this loot to a normal key.

I don’t quite understand this one either. There is a condition for them appearing; Milam has to be recruited and alive, but she doesn’t need to be deployed. There shouldn’t be any reason the game “can’t continue” even if the pegasus knights don’t appear, though. I couldn’t replicate the issue, but I did clean up the event a bit in case it helps.

Dear author, thank you very much for your answer. In Chapter 17, this door can’t be opened. Does this mean that we can only send our role in through warp? I haven’t played with FE1. If FE1 is set like this, please forgive my stupid question.

In addition, with all due respect, it is also Chapter 17. The door above the throne cannot be opened. If I guess correctly, this should be the location of mystery shop, which makes it impossible for me to visit mystery shop. If it is a bug, I hope you can fix it as soon as possible.

Dear author, about these strange doors in Chapter 19, since we can go directly into the room of the treasure chest, this door seems meaningless.

I put solar into supply, and solar disappeared. I hope you can fix this problem.

In chapter 23, there seems to be nothing in the chest on the right in the lower left corner room. I hope you can check if there is anything wrong.

Yeah, those are some pretty severe bugs. All are fixed now.

Dear author, thank you for your update. When I check the descriptions of Futillu and Solar, the game will crash. I hope you can check if there is something wrong with this.

That’s a weird one. I definitely would have caught that before updating the patch.

I just checked and their descriptions display just fine. However, in VBA which seems to be the emulator you’re using, the Solar description still works but checking Futillu does crash. I suspect it’s because the system has no idea what text to display for the weapon type, as they’re blank in mGBA and simply crash VBA. The Sabre’s description crashes VBA too.

Despite it being a VBA-only crash, I still found a fix for it. Make sure to update.