[FE8] Fire Emblem: Shrouded Wyvern [V1.1] ANNIVERSARY UPDATE


I tried to play this hack but the story is so barebones and the gameplay is very tedious, this was a very weird hack but thank you anyways !


Dear author, thank you for your reply. I really use VBA simulator, but there may be bugs in the boss blood volume in Chapter 17, and mystery shop still seems inaccessible.
I don’t know if this is still a simulator problem, but I decided to ask you.

I fixed the secret shops in ch17 and ch23, but I can’t reproduce the problem with the boss. What happened there?

Dear author, when my Pegasus knight was promoted to Wyvern Lord, her attributes decreased. I think this is a bit strange, so I still want to ask you.

About the blood volume of boss in Chapter 17, I will return to normal after I restart the game. Thank you for your repair.

Chapter 20, this suspension bridge cannot be unlocked with a key. I hope you can repair it.

This is normal. The promotion lowers skill and speed but significantly boosts hp, strength, defense, and movement.


Dear author, thank you for your answer, but I have one more question to ask. Where is my Falcian? If I can’t get Falcian by defeating him, how can I defeat the final boss? I look forward to your reply.

Fixed. It still will not display in the enemy inventory, however. Don’t worry if you don’t see him holding it.

Wooh! Having finished this, I think it deserves a review. The TL;DR of this is that it’s got it’s heart on its sleeve, both for the good and the bad. Hard mode’s absolutely the best way to play through it, both narratively and gameplay wise, and it’s nice to see something so standout! Truly an original hackrom, all in all.


Mapping wise, it was pretty good for the most part, though for one map I was pretty confused as to why the river was all neon-clown-piss colored. Felt like that was an opportunity that should’ve been explained a little why that one spot’s got mello yello water. Though, the size did mean more than ever that mounted units reigned supreme with how long they were, at time it felt like there wasn’t much to do besides walking. It kinda felt like FE4 in that respect!

Not that this was always a problem, though! By in large the maps felt solidly paced, it’s just when they lulled they seriously lulled. The low-caps focus of the game, along with fixed damage tomes really helped make it feel like you could use who you like, instead of whoever is just the objectively best. It all really came together to feel like I needed to use stuff like barrier staves and fortify for the first time instead of just vending them off.

Though stuff like the shooters feel really underpowered, which is a shame 'cause they’re at the forefront interesting but not much is done to really encourage using them that an archer can’t do better. All in all, on the gameplay forefront, low-caps both made for fun balanced fights but also sometimes had moments where the difficulty really weirdly gets skewed even if narratively it doesn’t seem to make much sense in the moment for that situation.

Speaking of narrative, it’s definitely lacking, but I found myself really loving what was there, it’s simple but it seriously shows how effective a simple story can be. I found myself still caring for these characters even if we didn’t get to see them all that in depth. Especially Sebathin, The Highwind. One of my personal favorites during the game. Dude was a champ from the start to the end.

Most of all I appreciated some of the little flavor dialogue in other houses, felt fun while still sticking to a sort of classic/early FE air with it. It’s far from perfect, and it’s still a bit iffy, but what’s here is solid. Lastly though, I really wish it’d been made a bit clearer that AS had been changed to only need one over to double. Really left me confused for a good bit figuring out why I’d been getting doubled!

Units/Final Team

This is just me going over some of the highlights, all my beloveds. Namely seven of the most epic characters

Excellent character through and through. Has good combat, useful prfs, and really just suffers from having no promotion in any sense to help put 'em at her peak usefulness.

This guy’s a menace, both in the sense of the crimes he’s done and his combat utility. Having a prf tome seriously helps him catch up to the rest of your team.

This is one rad Quartz, I gotta say. Absolutely a growth unit that I don’t regret training, basically quickly became combat capable and never stopped being so. Alexander GTFO we have a true hero in the house.

Schebi is actually crazy good, it’s not even funny she’s just so epic. Her only big con is she had really bad strength most of the game until I had some statboosters, otherwise all her defensive and other offensive stats were all natural. She’s a flying brick wall after a couple of levels, and it really helps considering she’s gotta recruit some people.

This unit is SO Tomascore. Mid unit who gets so much utility from an early promotion, mine got crazy blessed rng wise and ended up capping basically all this stuff naturally, believe it or not! Seriously came in clutch so many times on later maps where you need a powerful bow user.

This guy is actually OP, genuinely didn’t give 'em a single statbooster and by the end Barres had basically been able to crush any foes with whatever weapon he’d been using. As your only Pirate, this guy can tank in places basically nobody else in the army can.

Now everything I’ve said about him? Here’s Barres but with a horse.

Sebathin, The Fury. One of the best units in the entire game, you get them early and unlike Barres there’s so little training time because of the effective weapons Cavaliers get that axe units don’t. If it wasn’t for certain lategame circumstances. I think he genuinely could solo the whole last couple of chapters.


Dear author, thank you for your update. I want to ask, should my Forifir come out with an alm staff?

In addition, I want to ask whether there is a triangle attack, and if so, what is the trigger condition?

My friend has also cleared your game. He wants to ask if the upper limit of movement is 12 instead of 15.

All in all, I really like your game and thank you for making it,I look forward to your reply.

Forifir comes with the staff now, as he’s supposed to.
Triangle attack is added. It looks a bit buggy though.
Movement upper limit has been changed to 12.

This looks really awesome, gonna give it a try in a sec

Tested out difficult mode. It was generally very fun, but you really need to decrease boss defence early on. It was worse than FE11’s H5 early bosses.
It leads to the same situation as in FE11, except you have worse hit, can’t double at all (since the bosses no longer get weighed down by their weapons, thus being faster than your entire team), and you’ll be lucky if you do even just 5 damage with anyone who isn’t Oyfen. Only way i was able to beat the CH2 and 3 bosses was by sitting there for 50-60 turns and hoping for 16 - 50% hits and 20% crits with Not!Castor’s bowgun and Oyven with the killing edge.
All of this would not be nearly as bad if they didn’t also heal 20% or so of their HP every turn. Unless you get subsequent low% hits and crits, you can’t beat them.


I stopped playing after CH3 because i simply didn’t think i had the means to kill Benton with my killing edge, silver lance and bowguns already being as low as they were.

All that aside though, i think this was a pretty fun and refreshing way to play FE1. Good job!

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Having lots of fun with this one. I’m replaying Thracia and am loving the caps. Just a quick question. I almost feel like I’m playing a revamped version of FE1 from how stats and weapons work and the maps. Was that intentional?

the first chapter got me confused is this a meme or a serious romhack

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Okay, I’m new to the game and I gotta say, I never thought I’d enjoy a game that had the mechanics of FE1 in it as much as I like this one so far. I had just gotten past Chapter 12. I wanted to know who I should use my stat boosters on.

FE Shrouded Wyvern (4)
FE Shrouded Wyvern (5)
FE Shrouded Wyvern (6)

I was honesty thinking it should be one of these three. I feel like they would be amazing with the stat boosters if I give them those, but I only have the ones I collected up to this point and I feel each of these three would want all of them.

FE Shrouded Wyvern (3)

Anyway, Eve here has been my best unit so far. She has been amazing. Had to deal with her being level 20 for a while until I promoted her using the Paladin Crest in Chapter 12.

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Okay, I’m at Chapter 14 now and still haven’t used any stat boosters, but now I have more options besides the ones I posted about to give them to.

FE Shrouded Wyvern (12)
FE Shrouded Wyvern (11)
FE Shrouded Wyvern (7)

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Tons of bugs have been fixed, and the game is much more stable now so I’m confident in calling this V1.1.
Big new stuff includes:

  • 4 side chapters added to merciless mode
    These are accessed when certain units are missing from your army while playing on the hard difficulty. Each one has a new unit, and part of the reason for the way you access these maps is the memory limit on the player army, which was already an issue before these new characters were added.

  • New healer mechanics
    Staff use now grants no EXP. Now healers gain EXP by surviving enemy attacks. The EXP they gain is the amount they would have gained for killing the enemy, in other words the EXP value displayed in the enemy stats. Note that this does not apply to bishops, as they are able to fight as normal.
    Staffspam is lame gameplay and now it’s dead.

  • Adjusted promotion gains
    Using nothing but the difference in class bases is stupid strong, so they’ve been switched away from the class base system and set manually, which means they’re lowered…mostly. The most ridiculous promotions of Sniper and Bishop are nearly unchanged. This also means Wyvern Lord doesn’t lose speed anymore.

  • Mercliess mode enemy bulk rebalance
    After looking into the hard mode stats in FE11, I noticed that enemies don’t gain any DEF. I thought this was only done in FE12 because everyone attributes that hard mode balancing to FE12, not 11. So now the enemies in merciless mode don’t have any more DEF than they do on normal mode.
    Uh, not that this hack has anything to do with FE11. It’s a completely original work, after all.

I know multiple people quit playing because of ridiculous enemy bulk. It’s better now.

In other news, the IRL work I’ve been so busy with for years is finally dying down. Maybe I can crank out some progress on the Yarudr project now. This little hack wasn’t that much work to make, sometimes I’d even adjust stuff one-handed for it. It functioned as just a relaxing pastime for me, but Yarudr takes much more focus and effort. It’ll be a much bigger payoff too, of course. Look forward to then!


forgot to set a new promotion properly, just uploaded a fix