[FE8] Fire Emblem: Of Sand and Sabres (13/? Chapters) (On Hiatus)

Fire Emblem: Of Sand and Sabres is a FE8 hack with a fully custom cast, story, and campaign! Currently, the first act (chapters 1-1 through 1-F) and some parts of the second act (chapters 2-1 through 2-4) are complete and playable.

The Of Sand and Sabres project is on hiatus, due to a general shifting of motivation; the current release in the Downloads section contains everything I have already made for Act 2. Play as much or as little as you like.

  • Playable monsters!
  • Desert maps that are (gasp) actually fun to play!
  • A heavily custom soundtrack, aside from the FE8 songs that I haven’t replaced yet!
  • Fun, unique, and interesting units!
  • Ironman-friendly design and gameplay!

Sundown, a bounty hunter and exile from his homeland, journeys to the deserts of the Frontier to seek respite from his past. A magical Sabre in tow, he and a new ally - the retired brigand chieftain Snake Eye - find their paths intertwined. They fight to protect both the town of Scorpion Hill and frontier-dwelling victims of the Empire’s purges, and fend off threats from both their pasts.

They cannot run forever.

  • Sundown portrait: Xilirite

  • Moth portrait: Cravat

  • Ironhoof portrait: NickT

  • Jenny Lea portrait: NickT

  • Bowie portrait: MournfulRelic

  • Buckler portrait: LaurentLacroix, Hypergammaspaces

  • Gnasher portrait: LaurentLacroix

  • Cranberry portrait: Citrus

  • Deacon Hope portrait: Melliel, NickT

  • Darkdrake portrait: CirclesEverywhere, NickT

  • Inkhand portrait: Daff

  • “Aerdna” portrait: CapibaraInSpace

  • BLOODSTORM portrait: Sterling_Glovner

  • John portrait: ObsidianDaddy

  • Windfang portrait: Sterling_Glovner

  • Polar Knight portraits: Flasuban

  • Graknor portrait: L95

  • The Mayor portrait: Valak, Obsidian Daddy

  • Two-Tooth portrait: MournfulRelic

  • Honest Jon portrait: Sterling_Glovner

  • Aoibheann portrait: ZoramineFae

  • Five-Lance Fred portrait: Citrus

  • Lt. Alance portrait: LaurentLacroix

  • Kyklos portrait: Zaim, Sterling_Glovner

  • Gadfly portrait: Atey, Renoud, NickT

  • Haagenti portrait: NickT

  • Kharios portrait: Autonima

  • Pugnaccio portrait: WAve

  • Bloodhawk portrait: SomeDenseGuy

  • Haneadd portrait: MournfulRelic

  • Xiratsah portrait: JiroPaiPai

  • Watt portrait: Yasako

  • Vigilante map sprites: Agro

  • Vigilante animations: Orihara_Saki, Pikmin1211, Maiser6

  • Archer map sprites: MeatOfJustice

  • Archer animations: Leo_link, Spud, MeatOfJustice

  • Axe Guard map sprites: Pikmin1211, L95

  • Axe Guard animations: Waleed, Pushwall, Lord_Tweed

  • Axe Guard class card: L95

  • Bard animations: MeatOfJustice

  • Bow Tarvos map sprites: ArcherBias

  • Brigand map sprites: Flasuban, Skitty

  • Brigand animations: Flasuban, eCut, Skitty

  • Cavalier map sprites: SALVAGED, Flasuban

  • Cavalier animations: SALVAGED, Flasuban

  • Chief Thief map sprites: Glaceo

  • Chief Thief animations: Leo_Link, Nuramon, Spud, Sax-Marine

  • Confessor map sprites: Devisian_Nights, Knabepicer

  • Confessor animations: Devisian_Nights

  • Confessor class card: Devisian_Nights

  • Deathgoyle animations: Teraspark, L95

  • Deserter map sprites: Alusq, Knabepicer

  • Deserter animations: Alusq, Knabepicer

  • Deserter class card: Rasdel, Knabepicer

  • Desert Lord map sprites: Pikmin1211, Unknown

  • Desert Lord animations: Mercenary Lord, NYZGamer, Maiser6, Pikmin1211

  • Dread Fighter map sprites: Nuramon

  • Dread Fighter animations: Nuramon

  • Four Horsemen map sprites: Pikmin1211, Nuramon, DerTheVaporeon

  • Freeblade map sprites: Agro

  • Freeblade animations: TBA

  • Geomancer map sprites: Devisian_Nights

  • Geomancer animations: Devisian_Nights

  • Grand Guard map sprites: Dellhonne

  • Grand Guard animations: Nuramon

  • Myrmidon map sprites: Leo_link

  • Paladin map sprites: RobertFPY, Pikmin1211, L95

  • Pirate map sprites: DerTheVaporeon, StreetHero

  • Pirate animations: DerTheVaporeon, Nuramon, MarioKirby, Wan

  • Rearguard Knight map sprites: SALVAGED

  • Rearguard Knight animations: SALVAGED

  • Serpent Heir map sprites: DerTheVaporeon

  • Soldier map sprites: Rexacuse, Peerless, Alusq, WarPath

  • Soldier animations: Nuramon, Flasuban, JeorgeReds

  • Halberdier map sprites: TBA, blood, Dei, dondon151

  • Thaumaturge map sprites: Pikmin1211, DerTheVaporeon

  • Thaumaturge animations: Pikmin1211, GabrielKnight, Maiser6, Lisandra_Brave

  • Troubadour animations: Pikmin1211, Maiser6, Lisandra_Brave, TBA

  • Thief animations: Pikmin1211, Maiser6, Skitty, GabrielKnight

  • Trickster map sprites: StreetHero, blood

  • Trickster animations: Leo_link

  • Valkyria map sprites: CamusZekeSirius, flasuban

  • Vanguard Knight map sprites: SALVAGED

  • Vanguard Knight animations: SALVAGED

  • Villager class card: Ghast

  • Worldwake map sprites: Leif, MeatofJustice

  • Zouave map sprites: ArcherBias

  • Village tileset: N426, Zoramine, Vennobennu

  • Desert tileset: Hypergammaspaces, Zoramine, Vennobennu

  • Snowy Bern tileset: FEAW, Zoramine, Vennobennu

  • FF2 Town tileset: N426, WAve, Zoramine

  • Buffed Frontier Village tileset: Hypergammaspaces, Zoramine, Vennobennu, WAve, Pushwall

  • 1-3 map palette: Zoramine

  • 1-7 map palette: WAve

  • Bowie’s Bow icon: XVI

  • Firefall Sabre icon: LordGlenn

  • Lucifer Pike icon: LordGlenn

  • Regnant Sun icon: GabrielKnight

  • Sandstorm Sabre icon: GabrielKnight

  • Assassin Edge icon: GabrielKnight

  • Parrying Sword icon: GabrielKnight, Ereshkigal

  • Prinzschwert icon: SacredStones

  • Quietus icon: Lisandra_Brave

  • Thief’s Dagger icon: GabrielKnight

  • Vorpal Dagger icon: GabrielKnight

  • Glaive icon: GabrielKnight

  • Glaive-Guisarme icon: Zelix

  • Guardian Pike icon: Beansy, CardCaph

  • Heaven’s Thorn icon: GabrielKnight

  • Warden Pike icon: Beansy

  • Surety Axe icon: GabrielKnight

  • The Bulwark icon: LordGlenn

  • Ballista icons: Celice

  • Bison Rifle icon: GabrielKnight

  • Coyote Rifle icon: Ereshkigal

  • Heavy Crossbow icon: Valak

  • Light Crossbow icon: Valak

  • Phoenix Rifle icon: Beansy

  • Wolf Rifle icon: GabrielKnight

  • Demon icons: Beansy

  • Leyline icons: GabrielKnight

  • Melody icons: CardCaph

  • Orb icons: Beansy

  • Virtue icons: Zarg

  • Wand of Flame icon: Zarg, Feier

  • Beer Bottle icon: GabrielKnight

  • Beer Barrel icon: GabrielKnight

  • Bronze Jewelry icon: Celice

  • Fine Wine icon: GabrielKnight

  • Fool’s Gold icon: GabrielKnight

  • Gem Jewelry icon: Rootrick, Zarg

  • Gold Bullion icon: Zelix

  • Land Deed icon: GabrielKnight

  • Medal of Valor icon: Rootrick, Zarg

  • Pocket Watch icon: Beansy

  • Poultice icon: LordGlenn

  • Roll of Silk icon: Beansy

  • Silver Jewelry icon: Zarg

  • Song icons: XVI

  • Title screen background: Fenreir

  • Status screen background: Epicer, MournfulRelic

  • Playtesting: Leche, Godspetturtle, Rivian, Levin, ArcherBias, Epicer, SirSpensir, Roze


Sand and Sabres.emulator-30Sand and Sabres.emulator-58
Sand and Sabres.emulator-100Sand and Sabres.emulator-105
Sand and Sabres.emulator-104Sand and Sabres.emulator-101


Download here.


This looks amazng, and the music is great

Gotta love playable monsters too, love that

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when the soldier is soldier

fr though this hack’s pretty great, had a lot of fun testing it


If Epicer says its good… it must be good

Jokes aside, congrats on the release! I’ll give it go later tonight

A hack that focuses on playables of multiple races? Bloodlines release looking good.


Congrats dude. Know this has been cooking for a while. Looking forward to trying it out!

Also, big love for the Requiem references.

This hack’s def a fun time, oozing with the great personality RW puts into their works. Definitely check this out!

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I recognize seeing this on FEE3. It gives a similar vibe from one of the ROM hacks, but sandy and scorching hot. Will give it a spin one day.

As the wise man once said, “I don’t like sand. It’s coarse, rough, irritating and it gets everywhere.”

congrats on the release will definitely try this out!

Monnnster Class!! :love_you_gesture:

I’m so amazed by how qualitative your project looked like in the last FEE3, it feels very unique both visuals and gameplay, I will be sure to give it a try ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It looks very promising, I’ll try it soon


@ElPinguinot @Areynor you guys have, too. You will not be disappointed

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Finished the hack across a few days, chapters felt very engaging to play and were generally fairly short and to the point, which contributed to how good it felt to blow through part 1. Hack good.


I have very little to say here. Chapters good. You wrote the enemy placement guide after all.

Have a hard time saying which chapter I enjoyed most, but 1-5 is probably the one that left the most impact. I usually take a straight forward approach, but here I appreciated how well surprising the player worked.

The anti-turtle incentives were quite tight, and I feel like if you missed some earlier good effectives you might have a lot of trouble catching up to later objectives since turn action economy is tight.


I rather enjoyed the story all the way through. The framing of the conflict is very unique amongst hackrom stories, with the wild west set up and some unique cultural aspects for the different races. There was a good bit of silliness interwoven throughout between serious moments spicing it up.

The individual character writing was also quite nice. A lot of characters getting their own tidbits of screentime that represent them without overly bogging down the start and end events was pretty well done.


The transition from defeating an epic victory over imperialistic force to a wild west duel with edgy swords was rather unexpected, but kind of funny.


Most of the unit roster felt pretty fun to use and were quite distinct in their roles. My personal MVP was Cranberry who I dumped all by stat boosters into (its a speed cav with decent bulk, I had to do it.)
Sand and Sabres-12

Sundown, Sharpspear and Ironhoof were all solid high move good bulk walls.
Sand and Sabres-9
Sand and Sabres-11
The size of these lads.

Bowie’s chip was very valuable considering how hard enemies hit.
Sand and Sabres-10
Then he hit speed and now he’s doing a bit more than chip.

Pale Mane was a fun Gotoh-ish kinda unit with his powerful unique weapon with significant boons and tradeoffs. It was a shame to see him go, but I figured it was inevitable.

Some enemies tend to be really scary and with effectives being plenty, even the toughest units had to pretty careful wading into enemy fire, which is rather appreciated.

I really appreciate the Snake Eye rework, making him a solid crutch for the early game was much needed for a player of my (insufficient) skill level, especially having bows as well for more much needed range damage.

I think some units could use a bit of a top up.
Gnasher is a really odd unit. He’s just too much of an easy bench with his (non-existent) statline, an infantry unit without bulk, good speed or hit rates.

I think Sand and Sabres’ glass cannon myrmidons are hilarious and pretty threatening. On the player side though, Darkdrake feels like a walking liability since she’s prone to getting one shot but with 10 str she doesn’t seem to have the damage output as a trade off especially when she effectively doesn’t double that much due to being one shot.

Maybeilline has 11 def, to around 8-9 def of my other bulky units at the time, with less HP and gets doubled by enemy steels. She can actually be one rounded by the steel axe brigand that shows up next to her. I think she needs a boost to make her even worth deploying even with double weapon types, especially with mediocre strength and 4 move.

Crookshank despite coming promoted feels worse to use than the other staffbots especially since his combat is effectively non-existent, 1 magic, similar staff rank and doesn’t have a future unlike the other staffbots. The stat spread makes more sense in context though.


Sand and Sabres-3
I assume this give away is not intentional.

Necrosis has 11 crit which is pretty dang scary since so few units have 11 cringe. Couldn’t figure out where it was from until I realised it was probably the s-rank.

Sand and Sabres-13
A monk with wretched air?

Lieutenant was spelt without the first ‘e’ throughout which I don’t think is an alternate spelling?


Hello, gamers.

The FEE3 2022 video for this hack, Of Sand and Sabres, just released! You can go and watch it if you’d like. Or, perhaps you learned about the hack from the video in the first place. In either case, welcome, and thank you for checking out my project!

Also, I figure I should give a progress update on how the hack is going to go with that. Progress is going slowly, but it’s still happening. Currently, I’m working on gameplay testing for Chapter 2-4: Queen’s Gambit, and on story writing for Chapter 2-3: Grave of Secrets. Here’s a couple screenshots of what I’ve been doing recently.
Sand and Sabres.emulator-145Sand and Sabres.emulator-153
Sand and Sabres.emulator-147Sand and Sabres.emulator-154
Sand and Sabres.emulator-146Sand and Sabres.emulator-150
The next release will probably have the first half of Act 2, featuring the party’s exploration into the Northweald in search of a monster believed dead and an unknown dark warrior. I can’t give any promises when that will release - hopefully before the end of 2022, so be prepared!


OSAS oozes quality. Had fun playtesting it a while back. Looking forward to what’s next.


Will there be supports?

You’re speaking too early. The ROM hack is currently in its development phase.

what if i…


aha ha, just kidding…

unless…? :flushed: