The Last Promise 4: Revenge of the Promise (Now In Lex Talionis)

One thousand and one hundred years ago, men and dragons warred over the land of Blaine. The armies of humanity were bested, and their survivors fled on the wings of ship and spell to the distant continent of Solum.

Eons passed and technology grew. The empire of Magnus sought to bend Solum to its will, but at the cost of countless lives, the heroes Shon, Siegfried, Anakin, and Kelik put its conquests to an end.

It has been two hundred years since Magnus’s landlocked war. In a bid for further power, the greatest magician of their culture has done the impossible: rediscover the path to ancient Blaine.

Vessels of conquest have sailed forth from all the great kingdoms of Solum. First Magnus’s fleet of war, then its lesser rivals in nomadic Atheya and draconic New Blaine, then snowy Alicia, feuding Valencia, and the untamed Western Archipelago.
All sought the ancient secrets of that abandoned land, and the true story of what happened to those Solum left behind.

It is one of these expeditions, and its dark fate, whose story we follow.

tlp4 titlescreen

You’ve heard of TLP1, I’m sure. TLP2 never grew far beyond its conception, and TLP3 was never anything more than an April Fools joke. Let’s see if the fourth entry in the TLP series, made by someone who hasn’t actually played the original beyond the first few chapters, can do any better than two-thirds of its predecessors.

Planned features:

  • Fun and challenging maps!
  • A cast of unique and interesting units!
  • Actual technological advancement in the world and mechanics!
  • Writing combining jokes and references to the original with an actual serious story and immersive world!
  • Bungus from bungus trailer!
  • Weather that doesn’t slow you down, just looks pretty!
  • Roughly 10 chapters planned!

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GBA Version Legacy Download

  • Akira portrait: Roze

  • Bungus portrait: Jellyunicorn

  • Caemlyn portrait: CapibaraInSpace

  • Crow’s Beak portrait: WAve

  • Dahlia portrait: Levin64

  • Dragon King portrait: Autonima

  • Drusille portrait: GabrielKnight

  • Dvatzkopf portrait: Obsidian Daddy

  • Elanor portrait: Zelkami

  • Eric portrait: Devisio, Levin, BuskHusker, Lenh

  • Galao portrait: ZessDynamite

  • Guard Drake portrait: NickT

  • Hemlock portrait: ZessDynamite

  • Hildegrund portrait: Raymond

  • Littlejon portrait: NickT

  • Lukelio portrait: Roze

  • Mercani portrait: Melia

  • Obham portrait: Toa, Roze

  • Perdra portrait: LaurentLacroix

  • Ptolemy portrait: Raymond

  • Sean portrait: LaurentLacroix

  • Seymour portrait: XVI

  • Skarr portrait: CapibaraInSpace

  • Svetluann portrait: Levin64

  • The Crow portrait: Zaim/Zmr

  • The Eldest portrait: L95

  • The Oracle portrait: ZessDynamite

  • Armour Brigand class card: Flasuban

  • Ballistician class card: Arch

  • Earth Dragon class card: L95

  • Mage Dragon class card: L95

  • Armoured Bow battle animations: Team SALVAGED

  • Armoured Brigand battle animations: TheBlindArcher

  • Axe Rider battle animations: Primefusion, Skitty

  • Bard battle animations: MeatOfJustice

  • Bishop battle animations: Eldritch Abomination, Mikey Seregon

  • Earth Dragon battle animations: L95

  • Fire Dragon battle animations: IS, Marlon0024, SHYUTERz

  • Mage Dragon battle animations: L95

  • Thief battle animations: Eldritch Abomination

  • Armoured Bow map sprites: Team SALVAGED

  • Armoured Brigand map sprites: Flasuban

  • Armoured Knight map sprites: Nuramon, Flasuban

  • Axe Rider map sprites: Siuloir

  • Bard map sprites: MeatOfJustice

  • Calculator map sprites: Aruka, Kenpuhu

  • Earth Dragon map sprites: L95

  • Fighter map sprites: L95, Pikmin1211

  • Gunner map sprites: SSHX

  • Ice Dragon map sprites: L95

  • Mage Dragon map sprites: L95

  • Mercenary map sprites: Agro

  • Pirate map sprites: DerTheVaporeon

  • Soldier map sprites: Rexacuse, Peerless, Alusq, WarPath

  • Spear Fighter map sprites: ArcherBias

  • Sword Rider map sprites: Agro

  • Wood Shooter map sprites: DrGreen3339, Aruka, Kenpuhu

  • Wyvern Rider map sprites: Flasuban

  • ALL Anima icons: XVI

  • ALL Bardsong icons: XVI

  • ALL Dark icons: GabrielKnight

  • ALL Dragonstone icons: Beansy

  • ALL Light icons: Ereshkigal

  • ALL Staff icons: XVI

  • Adamant Arc icon: XVI

  • Armourslayer icon: XVI

  • Assegai icon: XVI

  • Axereaver icon: XVI

  • Bastard Sword icon: XVI

  • Chainsaw Bow icon: XVI

  • Club icon: Lukirioh

  • Concoction icon: Beansy

  • Dane Axe icon: XVI

  • Devil Axe icon: Beansy

  • Diamond Gem icon: GabrielKnight

  • Divine Sword icon: XVI

  • Dust of Fear icon: TO:TKOL, Indogutsu Tenbuki, EldritchAbomination

  • Dust of Rust icon: TO:TKOL, Indogutsu Tenbuki, EldritchAbomination

  • Elixir icon: Beansy

  • Emerald Gem icon: GabrielKnight

  • Ether Draught icon: XVI

  • Ether Vial icon: XVI

  • Execute Relic icon: TO:TKOL, Indogutsu Tenbuki, EldritchAbomination

  • Exploit Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow icons: Ereshkigal

  • Faeblade icon: LordGlenn

  • Fireheart Relic icon: SmithyGCN, ZarG

  • Gold Lance icon: Ereshkigal

  • Great Axe icon: XVI

  • Grenade icon: ZessDynamite

  • Hand Axe icon: XVI

  • Iceberge icon: Beansy

  • Iron Blade icon: Ereshkigal

  • Javelin icon: XVI

  • Kayamkulam icon: GabrielKnight

  • Knaveknife icon: Ereshkigal

  • Knife icon: XVI

  • Kontos icon: GabrielKnight

  • Lancereaver icon: GabrielKnight

  • Lance icon: GabrielKnight

  • Levis Lancea icon: Beansy

  • Longbow icon: GabrielKnight

  • Longlance icon: GabrielKnight

  • Longspear icon: XVI

  • Longsword icon: XVI

  • Mace icon: Topazlight

  • Musket icon: Feier

  • Nomad’s Bow icon: GabrielKnight

  • Overgrow Relic icon: CardCafe

  • Poison Sword icon: XVI

  • Poleaxe icon: GabrielKnight

  • Prism Hawk icon: Beansy

  • Pythagoraxe icon: GabrielKnight

  • Ranseur icon: Beansy

  • Rapier icon: GabrielKnight

  • Rebirth Relic icon: TO:TKOL, Indogutsu Tenbuki, EldritchAbomination

  • Repair Kit icon: LordGlenn

  • Ridersbane icon: GabrielKnight

  • Rifled Bow icon: GabrielKnight

  • Rock Throw icon: Beansy

  • Shadow Sword icon: XVI

  • Shortbow icon: GabrielKnight

  • Short Spear icon: GabrielKnight

  • Shortsword icon: XVI

  • Silver Blade icon: Ereshkigal

  • Spear icon: XVI

  • Steel Blade icon: Ereshkigal

  • Swordreaver icon: GabrielKnight

  • Tabarzin icon: XVI

  • Talwar icon: XVI

  • Two Bit Axe icon: XVI

  • Voidcurse Relic icon: TO:TKOL, Indogutsu Tenbuki, EldritchAbomination

  • Volleyshot icon: Beansy

  • Vulnerary icon: Beansy

  • War Axe icon: XVI

  • Warbow icon: GabrielKnight

  • Weakening Rod icon: XVI

  • Windwalk Relic icon: ZarG

  • Z. Dynamite icon: ZessDynamite

  • Armed Blockade Stream: Valkyrie Profile Covenant of the Plume Arrange Album

  • Battle Preparation: Project Triangle Strategy

  • Calamity Bringer: FE7, Dragston Dev

  • Encounter With the Renegades: Tales of Symphonia

  • Explosion sound effect: QuickSounds

  • Full Force: Tales of Symphonia

  • Great Palace: Zelda II, Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  • Lava Ambience: The Vault (LAVA LAKE AMBIANCE | ROYALTY FREE - YouTube)

  • Legend of the Dragon God: FE12

  • Miror B’s Retro Groove: Pokemon Colosseum

  • Ocean Ambience: (CC BY 4.0)

  • Off to War: FE12

  • Revenge of the Promise: A_Reliable_Chair

  • Rise Above the World: Valkyrie Profile

  • Ruins of Moondoria: Ys I and II Chronicles

  • The Continent of Nadias: White Knight Chronicles

  • The Flame and the Arrow: Treasure of the Rudras, Chrysoprasos

  • With Mila’s Divine Protection: Fire Emblem Gaiden, Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  • Status screen: Knabepicer

  • Title screen: Pokemon Conquest

Village tileset: Flasuban, N426, Zoramine, Vennobennu
Lava Cave tileset: Hypergammaspaces

Playtesting: Leche, Roze, Rivian, Knabepicer, Devisio, Halbreadier, Jumpants
Special Thanks: Roze, Devisio, Pandan
Previous TLP Games: Blazer, Tazerface, Devisio, Assorted Contributors
Engine: Rainlash, Mag, Assorted Contributors
FE8: Intelligent Systems, Shouzou Kaga

Known Issues
  • The audio balancing is out of whack, and many songs are much louder or quieter than others.
  • The ambient lava sounds, meant to play in several scenes, are not yet implemented; the scenes that would have them instead have silence.
  • Not all skills and items have full icons.
  • The fishing minigame in Interlude 1 is not yet implemented.
  • Many battle animations and battle palettes are not yet implemented.
  • The Repair Box item does not work properly when used during the preparation screen. However, it still functions without issues if used during battle.
April Fools!

the april fools joke is that this isn’t an april fools joke
it’s an actual, somewhat playable hack that I hope to finish eventually

before you ask “what happened to Of Sand and Sabres?”, I’ll get back to working on that soon™


I play tested for this and don’t let the premise fool you, some of the most fun I’ve had unit wise and story wise.

A truly worthy sequel to the esteemed TLP3.


You might have heard of fire emblem the last promise 2, but are you ready for… fire emblem the last promise 2 x 2?


fire emblem the last promise 4 (this hack is really good, i also playtested for it)


Don’t make Promises you can’t keep, lads.
Another Last Promise on April 1st… as is tradition.


Is this a Midnight Sun reference? :open_mouth:


Good jokes my friend hahahaha

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Hello, gamers, Devisian knights, and otherwise.

I have two pieces of news for you. First, the good news: The FEE3 trailer of TLP4: Revenge of the Promise is out! Watch it if you’d like.

Second, the development process of TLP4 is going through a shift. As I was getting further into the project, I was finding it too difficult to implement everything I wanted to do in the constraints of FEBuilder, especially with regards to skills and items.

As such, I would like to announce that The Last Promise 4: Revenge of the Promise is being ported to the Lex Talionis engine.

This port isn’t quite ready for a release yet - I’ve been far too busy recently to do much work on it - but it’s pretty close. I promise that I’ll be able to put out a public build of LT TLP4 that’s feature-complete with the GBA version, maybe even with an additional chapter or two, by Christmas of 2022.

Thank you for your interest in a joke that’s frankly wearing out its welcome, and in a project that hopes to become greater than that joke had ever dreamed.


Here’s a Christmas present for all the TLP fans out there.

The Lex Talionis release of The Last Promise 4 is officially out! You can download it from the new link in the main post. (I’ll update the screenshots there eventually.)

Compared to the GBA version, this release features one new chapter - Chapter 5, in which the Atheya Fleet performs a stealth mission against an enemy warship on the high seas - and two new units!


The absentminded traveling musician Elanor is a Bard, but not the sort you might be used to. She doesn’t refresh your allies’ turns - instead, standing near her and listening to her songs grants your units powerful bonuses! She also has a variety of other ways to provide utility to your party, should you bring her along into the tough battles ahead.


Aisha the Soldier is a vagrant lancer from the rugged Western Archipelago. Her past has honed her into a well-balanced fighter, capable of double-attacking almost any foe and balancing out her own capabilities further; no matter the situation, she’ll be a competent and useful soldier to have at your side.

I hope you enjoy using these new units, as well as the many new skills and tools given to existing units, in this new release of TLP4. Merry Christmas, everyone.


is Aisha Kevin’s descendant

It’s been a bit, hasn’t it? A new release has been added to the first post of the thread, accessed from the same download link as before. Old saves should be mostly compatible, but I’d definitely recommend restarting.

This new release fixes a number of frankly embarrassing bugs, which I’m ashamed made it into a public release at all, and implements some slight balance tweaks throughout the game to player unit stats and enemy unit placement. It also has some other new features:


I’ve received feedback that Sean the Lance Rider, a squire of Yulia and good friend to Eric of Devisio, struggled a bit as a unit previously. His skills struggled to cohere into a comprehensible build, and his role on the team was minimal. As such, I’ve given his stats and skills a total overhaul.
His role on the team now specializes in defense and mobility - although his damage output will never be centralizing, he is bulkier than many of your other units, and his decent speed gives him a niche in safely baiting in faster enemies like Mercenaries.
Additionally, he has two new, powerful skills. First, he has a greatly upgraded version of the typical Rescue mechanic - by using the Send Forth skill, he can drop a carried unit while also refreshing their turn! Doing that (or Rescuing or Dropping normally) also passively gives a defensive boost to both him and the rescued unit - which lets someone refreshed by Send Forth fight much more safely, or Sean himself use Canto to better defend where he’s most needed.


Second of all, to help players better make it through some of TLP4’s challenging chapters, I’ve added the Turnwheel from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia - but with a twist. You start each chapter with only 1 usage of the Turnwheel, and have to gain more during the chapter by defeating enemies marked on the map with a blue clock icon. You can read a full description of this mechanic through the in-game Guide, which I’ve also made available! That probably should’ve been a separate heading, honestly.

Whatever the case, if you’re planning on playing TLP4, be sure to download this new release! I probably should’ve gotten it posted something like a week ago, but better late than never.

is Aisha Kevin’s descendant

Bloodlines are a strange thing. Fantasy as a genre often ascribes them incredible importance, claiming that one’s parents matter everything to their role in the course of history.

Is there truth in that? Perhaps. But just as often, it’s unimportant. People rise from nothing to become legendary heroes or fabled villains, or have their descendants fade back into the mists of history. Some heroes derive greatness from the great deeds of their ancestors, but others find nothing there but a blank page on which to write their own story. And in the end, what does it matter which is which?

Kevin, for all his fame, was only ever a single soldier. The continent of Solum is a vast place, and history is full of unanswered questions. Draw conclusions as you will.