[FE8] FE:RL - Hetja's Quest v0.7.07 (Roguelike)

FE:RL (Hetja’s Quest)
A Single Player Rougelite-style Fire Emblem Romhack
Apply to a clean US FE8 ROM


  • Procedurally + randomly selected battles, events, map pathing layout, and recruitable enemy unit availability
  • 27 recruitable characters (from FE4, FE6, FE7, FE8, FE9, FE10, FEF, FE3H, FEE)
  • 1 My Unit-type customizable character with 15 new custom portraits that change depending on their current class
  • Hub Area with meta progression
  • Fishing
  • Modern FE romhack enhancements (like SkillSystem, Str/Mag Split, ModularGoalWindow, Danger Zone)


Patch Notes
Future Content

Wild Wasteland
Adds random events to the hub area including mini games and labyrinth related quests, and a bonus stage after labyrinth runs featuring mini games and useful rewards.

Tiny Mode
Adds Labyrinth (Mode 2), a new map that increases play size while reducing map size. Labyrinth navigation and Node interaction has been simplified and self contained within the Battle Window, which has been expanded from 9x9 tiles to 15x10 tiles. The available tile changes saved by making this change have gone into massively expanding the amount of playable maps, now featuring multiple maps from each FE game in the franchise. There’s even FreeMovement between battles!

Story Mode
Expands on and concludes the story. Adds a number of cutscenes that can be watched at your leisure from the hub area, a Final-Final Boss, as well as multiple endings.

Known Bugs
  • Aptitude and Blossom don’t work with Fixed Growths, warnings have been added to the Skill Shop and they have been removed from the pool of possible skills from Skill Scrolls while Fixed Growths is on
  • Zephiel’s animations can glitch
  • Witch Micaiah’s battle animation can softlock at 1 range
  • If an enemy activates Counter, and you would do the exact amount of damage to kill yourself, the game can softlock
  • Hetja’s portrait reverts to their default portrait when on the Ally team
  • Some songs do not loop
  • Dread Fighter uses sword animations for axes
  • Some magic animations kill the bgm
  • Songs in Safely Update do not loop
  • Songs sometimes overlap, can be fixed by turning off + on music in the in game settings
  • Fog looks a little janky on certain labyrinth tileset palettes

Full credits, additional resources, and the “RPG Club Games” discord server can be found at hetjasquest.com




Absolutely love the retro feel, the transition from map node to battle scene is very cool.

Wondering if this was perhaps the wrong class, t2 rather than t0.
Also not sure if I should be able to go back for that node.
Dunno if there’s a way to change this, but galeforce on assassin makes it so the map doesn’t end immediately when assassin gets a kill, have to awkwardly wait again.


I think this is a bug, trainee classes should only be super trainees on hard mode.

If the node at either side of the fourth row (Nodes 8 + 12) don’t generate a way to enter them from the front, they become accessible from the back. When this happens, consider it like a bonus optional event.

I’ll see what I can do about this. The game currently doesn’t start the transition from Battle Mode to Node Selection until the end of each faction’s phase.

Phenomenal hack! I’ve just started playing it, and recruited an armorknight, however the knights con is 44?

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I wasn’t able to get Pikmin1211’s PreventRescue to work, so I had to give all the reinforcement units an absurd Con so that they couldn’t be rescued.

Wonderful hack! I love roguelites and I’ll definitely be keeping up with this thread for updates. I chose to play as an archer for my first run, and I’ve made it to floor 12 as of writing. There are a couple balance changes that I think are worth paying attention to, but overall super fun.

My main criticism is that i think the post promotion section gets a little too inflated if you’re playing a weaker class. Both of the bosses I faced doubled and one rounded me, and I was only able to defeat the first one because they were a flier and I connected a 48% devil bow attack (the silver bow was too weak). I do want to go back and play with other classes like revenant but I would be shocked if they could make it through floor 10 in the current build. Beyond that I’d love to see more experimentation with the weapons the player has access to, it’s a little odd to see a hack with so much effort put into all these other aspects still have the short bow be a weaker iron for 3 times the price lol.

Fishing minigame pog.
Hetja's Quest-12


This is incredibly original and addictive, nice work! I went with default Bonewalker and only got to lvl4 so far but I unlocked 2 units so I’m still pretty happy. :smiley:

I was wondering though is there a reason why Charon’s movement is only 9? This is a minor nitpick but I feel it would be simpler and quicker if you could arrive at the next node in one swift move.

Anyway good luck for your future updates, I’ll definitly try to unlock everything there is so far. :+1:


I can definitely understand the feeling. All of the starting classes are capable of finishing a full run, but its very dependent on getting good luck with available events.

Revenant is equivalent to something like the Deprived class from Dark Souls. Fully capable of taking on the game, but requires lots of planning, even more luck, and possibly some hub zone development.

Without a doubt I think that some items need a rebalance, whether that be the stats or the cost. I’m more than open to suggestions on item changes. I’ll keep a note of the Short Bow going forward.

I think I may be able to give them some additional Mov, but I’m unsure if I’d be able to give them an amount of Mov that would be able to reach any given Node. From what I remember, after a certain amount of Mov the game starts to create some unintended side effects (most importantly causing soft locks). I’ll do some more research and see how far I can push it.

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Had a lot of fun clearing normal mode. 40% sol and pavise gaming.
Ephraim seems cracked, higher base speed than every single playable, higher str than everyone except Gonzalez and higher defence than everyone except Gatrie, and he starts with 45 use armor/cav effectiveness. He has no bad matchups.

I think it be nice if Charon had higher move/always event that refreshes his turn so it doesn’t go into enemy phase.


Anti-monster weapons more cost-efficient than basics despite having same stats and effective coverage.

The berry sale options in secret shop are way better than stat booster counterparts making them obsolete in the same shop.

Dragonspear feels too expensive for what coverage they have over classes.

Slim sword and slim lance seem generally useless.

Secret book/goddess icon are way too expensive for what they give.

Wish vulns healed for more than 10, or there was another common vuln tier that healed for more, since once HP gets 60+ healing is kinda annoying even with the green AI healing.

I do wish that the hack went more into custom weapons. Most weapons being vanilla doesn’t offer that much strategy in terms of weapon loadout besides loading up on reavers/killers/effectives.

Misc bugs

Typo in rescue in Grandmother’s letter.

One of Sofia 's palettes was broken.

Dorothy has enough bow range to snipe Charon.

Ephraim infantry lord has no promo gain.

Bonewalker promotion has no promo gain.

Galaberries don’t heal.


This doesn’t seem to have been reported yet, but recruiting a unit outside of the tavern does not bring them to your battle preps, is this intentional?

On top of that
FERL 0.7-46
All of the Berry Seed descriptions currently have dummied out text; maybe replace the text with the effects of the seeds?

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This is super good! Having completed a run as Myrmidon/Swordmaster, I loved it! In terms of balance, a few things:
Yeah, monster classes look fun, but oh god. That is… not great. Bonewalker is servicable but revanent is just awful.
After promoting, things do get a bit inflated. I felt like if I hadn’t loaded up on a rediculous amount of strength early on I would have just been dead.
Green units… they serve a purpose late game. They’re meatshields. They’ll die in one hit, seeing as most are level 1, unpromoted.
The final boss is a monster in terms of stats. Off the top of my head I think he had like… 27 def/31 res? That hurt my brain to see lol.
All in all really good, I cannot wait to see the “story mode” you have in mind. That seems super neat.

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He doesn’t pick fights he can’t win.

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I’m not sure how I would go about something like that, since during Node Selection you only have one controllable character. I think you’d need at least two for an infinite unit refresh event to actually work. Or at least that’s how things would work if you were trying to use something like a codebreaker code to set a character’s turn status to “has not moved yet”.

The scarcity and effectiveness of healing items within the labyrinth is meant to counteract how generally busted healing items would be in your typical roguelite. Especially with Elixirs, having an item you can hoard multiple of that completely heal you is kindof broken. I consider fishing the compromise. You’re able to get a handful of fish each trip back to the hub that heal the same as a Vulnerary, plus they increase Max HP. The hub area in general is meant for the player to fine tune the difficulty of the labyrinth to their liking.

I agree that there is an oversaturation of basic weapons that don’t offer much. I’ve added effective weapons, slim weapons, and stat boosters to the list of items to give a look over. Maybe shuffling around the shops inventories could help with viability.

All Nodes that are close to the Battle Window should automatically move Charon out of the possible enemy range before starting. I’ll take a look through Dorothy’s events. I probably gave one of them a Longbow and forgot to take it away.

I added the other bugs to the list, thank you for letting me know.

They definitely should be, I’ll add it to the list of bugs.

Added to the list of bugs!

I’ll try to get out a 0.7.01 patch with as many bug fixes as possible as soon as I can.

Patches → uncm
Always event:

UNCR ActiveUnit 0x42 // reverse state condition "cantoing" and "acted" 
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Hey Vesly! I’m having a bit of an issue getting this to work. Regardless of the type of Always Condition, I can’t get the event to actually run. I thought it had something to do with only having one controllable unit, but I tried adding the event to base FE8 and couldn’t get it working in the prologue either. Am I goofing up something here?


I’m checking for Flag 18 first so the event only runs during Node Selection.

It needed to be above the game over event -_-
I’ll shuffle some stuff around so it doesn’t interfere with everything else.

I been enjoying the game so far. 2 things tho. 1. Maybe let Charon have infinite move inside the labyrinth. Also 2. How do I use hero password (the minibosses I unlocked)

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I’m currently working on a couple ideas for ways to let Charon cover more ground without causing bugs.

The passwords that Mini Bosses provide can be used at the beginning of a save file, during character creation, to unlock that character as well as 1 Skill Scroll containing that unit’s innate skill. Passwords are input using the Name option (then use it again after password confirmation to have the effect + the name that you want). Only one password can be used per save file.

This is how I run my version for my hack

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If you have an always condition with an event pointer of 0, the game treats that as a terminator and ignores all subsequent events below.

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0.7.01 (05/29/2023)

Hub Area Specific Changes

  • Units recruited from the Tavern now correctly join the party

  • Units previously affected by the above Tavern bug /should/ properly join the party automatically upon visiting the Tavern

  • Changing your class using the Cagnas Statue now correctly updates your base stats

  • Fixed typo(s)

Labyrinth Specific Changes

  • Charon can now move an infinite amount of times before interacting with a Node

  • Super Trainee in Mini Boss Catherine’s squad has been changed to a Trainee

  • Instances of Mini Boss Dorothy having a Longbow have been replaced with a Short Bow

  • Node Events can no longer be skipped by waiting on top of them (House, Armory, Church, Chest)

  • Events related to hub area Garden construction have been fixed

Class Specific Changes

  • Instances of promoted classes missing promotion gains have been fixed
    Great Lord (Ephraim Infantry) - HP 4 / POW 2 / SKL 3 / SPD 2 / DEF 2 / RES 5 / MAG 0
    Hero (F) - HP 4 / POW 1 / SKL 2 / SPD 2 / DEF 2 / RES 2 / MAG 0
    Druid (F) - HP 4 / POW 0 / SKL 0 / SPD 3 / DEF 2 / RES 2 / MAG 1
    Summoner (F) - HP 3 / POW 0 / SKL 1 / SPD 3 / DEF 1 / RES 3 / MAG 1
    Halberdier (F) - HP 3 / POW 2 / SKL 3 / SPD 2 / DEF 3 / RES 3 / MAG 0
    Wight - HP 4 / POW 1 / SKL 2 / SPD 2 / DEF 2 / RES 2 / MAG 0
    Necromancer - HP 4 / POW 0 / SKL 1 / SPD 2 / DEF 2 / RES 3 / MAG 3

  • Instances of classes not having updated promoted max stats have been fixed
    Summoner (F)
    Mogall Rider

Character Specific Changes

  • Edited Sofiya’s Druid palette

Item Specific Changes

  • Galaberries now properly heal for 10 HP per use

  • Instances of items having DUMMY descriptions have been fixed
    Vahnberry Seed
    Noaberry Seed
    Galaberry Seed
    Jermato Pit

  • Slim Sword
    Hit increased (100 → 105)
    Price reduced (480 → 240)

  • Shadowkiller
    Uses reduced (60 → 24)
    POW increased (5 → 6)
    Price increased (600 → 960)

  • Slim Lance
    Hit increased (85 → 90)
    Price reduced (450 → 240)

  • Bright Lance
    Uses reduced (60 → 24)
    POW increased (7 → 8)
    Price increased (600 → 960)

  • Fiendcleaver
    Uses reduced (60 → 24)
    POW increased (8 → 9)
    Price increased (600 → 960)

  • Short Bow
    Uses increased (22 → 30)
    Crit increased (1o → 15)
    Price reduced (1760 → 780)

  • Beacon Bow
    Uses reduced (60 → 24)
    POW increased (6 → 7)
    Price increased (600 → 960)

Additional item changes are being considered. Suggestions are welcome. Tables on the website have been updated. Thanks for playing and reporting bugs.