[FE8] FE:RL - Hetja's Quest v0.7.07 (Roguelike)

Out of curiosity, what’s the percentage of characters appearing in the tavern? I only ever got 1 person

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With regard to weapons, I suggest completely removing/replacing the dragon effective weapons, as there’s little call for a very expensive weapon that has limited effective damage.



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Once a recruitable unit shows up at the Tavern, it takes an amount of progress through a run of the labyrinth for another unit to show up.

I’ll put dragon effective weapons on the list of items to rebalance. I hesitate to remove them entirely since they can be a decent tool against some of the Bosses/Final Bosses.

Good catch, I’ll make sure that’s fixed for 0.7.02.

Blitzed through a couple normal and hard runs, unlocked all the characters, and constructed all the facilities, so I thought I 'd put my thoughts

First, extremely creative and clever; I like the implementation of the hub and the labyrinth and especially how the maps in the labyrinth are utilized. I also like that, despite the fact very few items crry between runs, and the only thing that does for characters is weapon rank, its still got that beautiful snowball effect that a good rogue-lite/like should have. I’ll try to bullet point some thoughts:

-having houses/churchs be an offensive buy is such a great cost vs reward mechanic, very good, adds a fun layer to their node
-I see the UI had enough space for a couple potential unlocks, I was curious to see if you were considering expanding the roster in the future, and I couldn’t help but notice a curious lack of pre FE 6 or the DS games the slots. The choices that are there are all pleasant surprises and solid picks otherwise
-I little part of me was heartbroken that catherine didn’t promote into the swordmaster animation someone made for her on the repo
-The armory feels like it needs a little extra to make it a worthwhile investment; within roughly 2 to 3 runs, I had every adamant weapon in the supply. I would almost suggest holy weapons at 25 or 30k, but then I suspect that would require two separate versions of them to exist in order to function and thats a lot of extra hoops. A second set of weapons at the least might help at least
-Hetja is a very brilliantly done little dark souls avatar, the mug is gorgeous and the little flourish of class specific accessories in stellar
-multiple gardens or an expandable garden might be worth considering; having access to multiple berries would nerf the intended scarcity of healing items, so take that with a grain of salt
-Devil weapons feel like they really need a niche. Its great every class has access to one, but they didn’t feel like they were worth the risk compared to just investing in steel and taking the attack speed hit. Maybe a baked in paragon effect for extra risk vs reward? or a 10 to 15 innate crit to sell them as high power but risky? I’ll admit, I’m not great for weapon balancing, but they really feel like an odd duck compared to most everything else

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I do have plans to expand the roster, but I don’t necessarily have any specific characters in mind right now. I’d like to hear from players what other characters they would want to see added.

I didn’t know someone had made a Swordmaster animation for Catherine. I’ll peruse the repo again when I’ve got some time. If there are any other cool custom character specific animations for characters in the hack that I did not feature, feel free to let me know!

I’ll give the hub Armory a little more consideration. All weapons sold in the hub Armory are infinite use, do not require any weapon rank to use, and are carried over between runs. The weapons may be a bit weak (basically just Iron weapons), but their accessibility and availability upon purchase in my opinion can trivialize the early game.

If you beat Hard Mode once, you unlock an additional page of facilities, one of them being a second Garden plot. They can grow two different things and are handled separately.

I’m glad you brought up the Devil weapons. I was curious how people would use them, but it seems right now like they’re not worth the risk. Devil weapons do give 8 WEXP per hit, while Iron/Steel only give 1 WEXP per hit, but I suppose in a game where a single misfire can end a run, there should be more incentive for that type of risk. I like the idea of innate Paragon, I’ll do some testing and see what feels right. I’ll add Devil weapons to the list of items to rebalance.

Thanks for the kind words.

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It wasn’t on the repo, surprisingly, but @Garytop did a stylish custom reskin of the swordmaster to better fit Catherines look from 3H; check the Resource Repository thread

I missed the second page on the facilities, thanks!

Best of luck with future updates and the story mode!

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Alright, so for fun and pain, I opted for Dorothy quest on a run. Stuck with normal, just to be sure it wasn’t extreme pain
Hetja's Quest-0
fairly early in the run; Not pictured - the absolute beans I pumped into her with fruit I carried into the labrynth and a couple that showed up as random items. I think, just from food, she was rocking a +2 hp/def, + skl/spd and a +1 lck/res. Note, I got a skill scroll from a chest as well, and dorothy decided we were going for power not speed
Hetja's Quest-1
Coming up on the second to last node before the master seal midpoint. I was about to square off with Gonzales as a little bonus; this is after I managed to take him down and most of his help. I had fed dorothy a couple attack ups at houses to lean into the meme
Hetja's Quest-2
Skill scroll drops, oh I know exactly what kind of run this is. We’re about to square up with Orson for the Seal
Hetja's Quest-3
Shortly after; next node started with another miniboss to clean up (pretty sure it was Ray or Lugh). Capped level, got another scroll. Dorothy is on a dps tearrun
Hetja's Quest-4
Had to Go sniper, one shot, one kill- note the awful speed and res, this will be a problem
Hetja's Quest-6
Hetja's Quest-7
I just about rammed my head into the wall dealing with Sonja and her cronies trying to not get boxed in by revenants. Ate the scroll; skill wasn’t great, but she’s puttering along and trying to hard cap strength. I want to say i fed her a speedwing at this point, I purchased 2 to help avoid doubling throughout the run
Hetja's Quest-8
Coming up on the end of the floor; stats still wacky
Hetja's Quest-9
Had a couple of scrolls so I was popping one for a better kit on a node, and hey, look at that. much better then hiding in bushes. dorothy gets a confidence boost to go with her gun for an arm
Hetja's Quest-10
A better look at her kits and stats right after nuking the Warrior
Hetja's Quest-11
Her she is capping with only a two floors left. She didn’t ram into that strength cap, but she hit it. She is beefy and a monster with a 30% chance to one shot most of the time
Hetja's Quest-13
Final boss, I roll the Black Knight. 91 HP, huge defense, this is going to be rough. I grabbed a short bow as a Joke, square up expecting this to wipe since he has enough speed to double and… thats a crit too

Edit: I tried to use the Devil Bow, give it a chance, basically was her devil trigger. I think she got two weapon ranks out of it and popped a couple enemies in a single shot with it

10/10. This is too much fun


Hmm, yeah you’re right I did submit a Catherine battle sprite to go along with the portrait, for some reason it wasn’t uploaded to the Repository. I’ll submit it again when I submit another thing, but in the meantime if you want to use it @d_h d_h here is a dropbox link;



In local news, sister with anti armour tome destroys man in black armour.

Also getting to him was super satisfying. Will you add more “final bosses”?

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I’ll try to put out update 0.7.02 at some point today, featuring bug fixes + some weapon rebalancing.

This is great! I’ll definitely add that in the next update, thanks for sharing.

I do plan on adding more. I’ve got a couple characters on my list but suggestions are welcome.


I would suggest Ashnard if you’ve got any animation slots left to play with


Honestly Narcian would make a pretty good “Mid Boss”, and Zephiel would make a fantastic final boss.

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0.7.02 (05/31/2023)

Labyrinth Specific Changes

  • Fixed instances of generic enemy Sages not having the proper weapon ranks to use their weapons

  • Added 2 shops to the list of possible Armory inventories

  • Edited the contents of multiple possible Armory inventories

Character Specific Changes

  • Replaced Catherine’s generic Swordmaster animation with Garytop’s Catherine Swordmaster Reskin

Item Specific Changes
Several weapons have gotten buffs/nerfs. This should increase overall viability. Effective axes got more Hit. Revenant got a new weapon. Devil weapons got innate Paragon. Still looking into outliers.

  • Devil Sword
    Hit increased (55 → 65)
    Gained innate Paragon

  • Rapier
    Uses reduced (40 → 35)
    Cost reduced (3000 → 2520)

  • Mani Katti
    Uses reduced (40 → 35)
    Cost reduced (4000 → 2800)

  • Brave Sword
    Uses reduced (30 → 25)
    Cost reduced (7500 → 5000)

  • Killing Edge
    Cost reduced (1300 → 1200)

  • Armorslayer
    Uses increased (18 → 20)
    Cost reduced (1260 → 1000)

  • Wyrmslayer
    Uses reduced (30 → 15)
    Cost reduced (4500 → 1500)

  • Light Brand
    Cost increased (1250 → 3500)

  • Wind Sword
    Uses reduced (40 → 20)
    Cost reduced (8000 → 4500)

  • Runesword
    Uses reduced (15 → 10)
    Cost increased (3300 → 5000)

  • Lancereaver
    Hit reduced (75 → 70)
    Cost reduced (1800 → 1200)

  • Devil Scythe
    Hit increased (50 → 60)
    Gained innate Paragon

  • Brave Lance
    Uses reduced (30 → 25)
    Cost reduced (7500 → 5000)

  • Spear
    Cost reduced (9000 → 2700)

  • Axereaver
    Cost reduced (1950 → 1260)

  • Reginleif
    Uses reduced (45 → 35)
    Cost reduced (3600 → 2800)
    Fixed bug where it couldn’t be sold

  • Dragonspear
    Uses reduced (30 → 15)
    Cost reduced (4500 → 1500)

  • Heavy Spear
    Uses increased (16 → 20)
    Cost reduced (1200 → 1000)

  • Brave Axe
    Uses reduced (30 → 25)
    Cost reduced (7500 → 5000)

  • Halberd
    Hit increased (60 → 70)
    Cost increased (810 → 900)

  • Hammer
    Hit increased (55 → 65)
    Wt increased (15 → 20)
    Cost increased (800 → 1000)

  • Devil Axe
    Hit increased (55 → 65)
    Gained innate Paragon

  • Swordreaver
    Hit increased (65 → 70)
    Cost reduced (2100 → 1200)

  • Swordslayer
    Cost increased (2000 → 2800)

  • Dragon Axe
    Uses reduced (30 → 15)
    Hit increased (60 → 65)
    Cost reduced (4500 → 1500)

  • Battle Axe
    Hit increased (60 → 70)
    Cost increased (1000 → 2600)

  • Devil Bow
    Hit increased (50 → 60)
    Gained innate Paragon

  • Killer Bow
    Cost reduced (1400 → 1240)

  • Brave Bow
    Uses reduced (30 → 25)
    Cost reduced (7500 → 5000)

  • Bolting
    Uses increased (10 → 14)
    WExp increased (1 → 3)
    Cost reduced (2500 → 2450)

  • Devil Howl
    Hit increased (55 → 65)
    Gained innate Paragon

  • Divine
    Cost reduced (2500 → 1600)

  • Purge
    Uses increased (10 → 14)
    Cost reduced (3500 → 2660)

  • Thani
    Uses reduced (45 → 35)
    Cost increased (810 → 2660)

  • Apparition
    Hit increased (60 → 70)
    Gained innate Paragon

  • Luna
    Hit increased (50 → 60)
    Cost reduced (2850 → 1650)

  • Nosferatu
    Hit reduced (70 → 65)

  • Eclipse
    Uses increased (10 → 14)
    Hit increased (30 → 50)
    WExp reduced (8 → 3)
    Cost reduced (8000 → 3500)

  • Fenrir
    Cost reduced (9000 → 4500)

  • Blood Pact
    Hit increased (45 → 60)
    Gained innate Paragon

  • Fetid Claw
    Cost reduced (1500 → 1000)

  • Poison Claw
    Hit increased (65 → 70)
    Cost reduced (1000 → 450)

  • Lethal Talon
    Hit increased (60 → 65)
    Cost reduced (1500 → 850)

  • Fiery Fang
    Uses increased (40 → 45)
    Cost increased (400 → 405)
    Fixed bug where it was still unbreakable

  • Hellfang
    Uses increased (40 → 45)
    Hit increased (80 → 85)
    Cost reduced (1720 → 1260)
    Fixed bug where it was still unbreakable

  • Stone Shard
    Hit increased (65 → 75)
    Gained innate Paragon

  • Gilded Claw
    New item
    Uses 20 / Pow 8 / Hit 80 / Weight 10 / Crit 0 / Range 1 / WExp 0 / Cost 1000
    Effective against knights

Tables + Credits on the website have been updated. Unless some bug fixes are needed, next update should be adding more Bosses/Final Bosses.


A couple ideas on what characters can be added:

Final bosses:

Rhea (to avoid to many dark mages. Can use the bishop animation or this Celica animation for RedBean to give her swords and magic)

Possible new character:

Dorcas (can also be obtained if you loss via poison)(idk I just think it’s funny) (skill, the poison touch one)



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Pretty fun hack you have there. its pretty hard at first but as you unlock shops at the base it eases up, also noticed you made berries and seeds drop in the Labyrinth. that is very good change. My biggest complaint was how long it took to get them.


Lets gooooooooooooo.
Killed the Black Knight with Mercedes after several playthroughs.


This may seem silly, but I already included Dorcas in my last project (FE:BR), and I don’t want to double dip on characters unless absolutely necessary. With so many available characters from throughout the franchise, I’d like to give as many as I can the spotlight. Dorcas in FE:BR plays a bit like how you suggested, using a poisonous mutton leg as a weapon.

I do really like the idea of dying in certain ways affecting something in a future run. I’ll give it some thought.

See guys, Mage is totally balanced, you just need to start with Blossom and Paragon

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Went through a couple more runs, had this particularly fun hard run with Micaiah
Hetja's Quest-0

Devil weapons feel like they have a solid slot now, though I will admit if you take on minibosses or thieves and use them liberally, its possible to ram into 20 level unpromoted going into the master seal boss

I was brainstorming ideas for possible characters, and so far I’ve landed on:

Echidna- a female axe user would be fun, she’s pretty well known and iconic; I’d give her silent pride as a skill, make her a fighter with Warrior and Hero promotions, and growths leaning toward HP, Lck, and Skl, to make her a good candidate for using Axefaith

Edward, Joshua, Guy or Rutger - there’s a lack of male sword classes, and no male myrmidon, so these feel like the easiest picks. Edward could have Kestral Stance, Joshua would probably have Gamble, and Guy/Rutger could have Focus

LLewyn or Soren - there isn’t a lack of magic users, and Ray and Lugh already fill the niche, but I love my wind mage boys, and they both make good candidates for starting with adept

For villains, Lloyd and Linus seem like great midpoint inclusions; there’s great animations for them in the repo if you want to make them spicy, but otherwise iconic GBA bosses

Oliver could be a funny option as well, so there are more magic using bosses on the list, and he’s up there in (in)famous characters

If there was a mug for them, Nemesis, Edelgard, or Rhea would all make Great final bosses; Rhea could use any one of the phenominal dragon animations, Nemesis could be a beefed up berserker or warrior, and sadly there isn’t a custom animation for Edelgard public yet (that I know of), so maybe a suped up Hero or General?

edit: Sothe! this game could use a thief character and Sothe with Blossom would be an absolute must

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Bro same, mercedes was really effective against BK

General question. How do I use the codes? And how do I change my OC’s class?

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