[FE8] Essential Fixes patch

This is a collection of simple fixes I consider “essential” for FE8. Use Event Assembler to install. You can comment out any fixes that you don’t want. Not all the fixes have credit, so let me know if you want your name in the file, or if you have a fix that I should add.

Included fixes:

  • Set default options to Animation Type 2, Game/Text Speed Fast, Autocursor Off
  • Set HP cap to 127 for players/NPCs
  • Allow 16 tracks/12 sounds at a time
  • Fix promoted enemies autoleveling glitch
  • Hold A to speed up movement
  • Skip Health & Safety
  • Skip Intro cutscene
  • Skip New Game text
  • Silence New Game music
  • Autocursor fix
  • Pierce Glitch fix
  • Unlock all songs in Sound Room
  • Allow CG fading with >6 palettes
  • Enemy Control Glitch fix
  • EXP coefficient fix
  • more to come

Added Venno’s exp coefficient fix, and credits

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Maybe adding the FE8 Item icon bug fix?

Hmm unlike all the other fixes here that one requires some free space and a dmp.
I guess there’s no reason that should be a requirement, though. That opens up a lot of other ‘essential’ hacks too.

I noticed that this fix was missing:

There are some other posts in this thread of note that show it isn’t a perfect solution and needs work, but this should be an essential fix for anyone working on FE8, even if it may not be run into that often potentially.

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Yo, I think this should probably include Stan’s updated range display fix.

If this is to be done, I think the following variant of the fix would be better to use here

It’s essentially the same as the wholly packaged version except it doesn’t require using any free space and is all compressed into one single event file.

Even if this doesn’t get included in the essential fixes patch I’m putting this here for whoever is interested.

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For some time I was thinking to petition the removal of “127HP cap” from the fixes as it can create a lot of visual and technical bugs.

I recommend changing the text speed to this if that’s okay:
// Text Speed Options
ORG $D7F58
BYTE $07 $03 $02 $00
7 is Slow, 3 is Normal, 2 is fast, and 0 is of course Instant (or Max.)

You can leave that commented out or not.

Ever wanted to use the WARPOUT and WARPIN codes in FE8 the way they worked in FE7 where you just give it a coordinate pair? Turns out, the vanilla code was bugged all along and IS just used the version that loads coordinates from slot B instead of changing the literally three instructions it takes to fix it.

//Fix coordinate loading in WARP codes when not loading from slot B
ORG $10C18
SHORT $7891 $78D2 $0608

smh, fix your romhack, Intsys. :stuck_out_tongue: