EXP Formula "Mode Coefficient" Fix

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[9:21:43 AM] Arch: This is…strange

[9:22:07 AM] Arch: I’ll try making the enemy something not of the same class

[9:22:32 AM] Yetiman: try wizard too

[9:23:05 AM] Arch: 30

[9:23:21 AM] Arch: 10 for damaging, 30 for a kill

[9:23:26 AM] Arch: This could be >Lyn Mode

[9:23:39 AM] Yetiman: I"m in ELiwood normal I think

[9:24:02 AM] Arch: EN is in Eli Norm too

[9:24:08 AM] Arch: As is Do5

[9:26:16 AM] Arch: Level 7 Hero Eliwood kills a Level 7 Druid

[9:26:18 AM] Arch: 71 EXP

[9:26:31 AM] Arch: Would the mode coefficient be what’s fucking everything up?

[9:27:08 AM] Arch: 71 EXP for killing a Hero of the same level too

[9:27:50 AM] Arch: For Eliwood Normal mode, Hector Normal mode and the Link Arena, if Experience from defeating (base) is calculated as 0 or negative, this value becomes 2 instead. For all other cases it remains 1.

[9:27:51 AM] Yetiman: 65 for pent killing lvl 3 general, 10 for attacking, 72 for a lvl 8 sage, 10 for attack

[9:28:34 AM] Yetiman: it’s dividing the number that should be subtracted by 2 instead of 1

[9:28:42 AM] Yetiman: I see why it’s causing a problem now

[9:29:24 AM] Yetiman: for a t2 unit that’s dividing the (60 + level) of the promoted unit by 2, so you get ~30 more exp

[9:29:26 AM] Yetiman: wait

[9:29:52 AM] Yetiman: ARE YOU

[9:29:52 AM] Yetiman: THAT

[9:29:56 AM] Yetiman: sagfafsafg

[9:30:04 AM] Yetiman: lvl 8 pent kills lvl 8 sage, 72 exp

[9:30:16 AM] Yetiman: lvl 9 pent kills lvl 8 sage, 71 exp

[9:30:26 AM] Yetiman: lvl 7 pent kills lvl 8 sage, /33 exp/

[9:31:00 AM] Yetiman: FE7 normal mode /explicitly makes it easier to play using units that are higher level than the enemy/

[9:31:12 AM] Tiamo: |D

[9:31:14 AM] Arch: XDDDDDD

Thankfully, @CT075 provided a fix to this mode coefficient nonsense. In a hex editor, at offset 29e98, you should see 0c d0. Change that to 00 00.


For FE8:

At 0x2C474, you’ll see 01 28 0D D0.

Change them to 00 00 00 00. This will fix the mode coefficient problem in FE8, which applies in Chapters 1-8 on any difficulty mode.


Am I reading that topic right, or is it saying that if you’re underleveled compared to another unit, you get /less/ exp than if you were higher level than them? (And this edit fixes that)

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Yeah, that’s correct.

IS confirmed idiots.

Thank god for modders.

They do the same thing in FE7’s normal modes, iirc.