[FE8][Complete] Fire Emblem: The Four Kings (4/11/24 Update: Now With Weapon Reversal!)

using goddess Icon cause a visual glitch with the number

A Bug where I only need to seize 1 of the 2 caves to clear the map(The Right Cave)

I have not gone to the left side of the map at all but this dialogue still play as though I capture 2 caves

Yeah I still don’t know why that happens sometimes in chapter 6.

Can I suggest lowering the level of Sarah down to 4 and buff her resistance and defense to 12 base stat. In the begining Sarah was level 8 with a Defense and Resistance of 10 which I think is too low for a character you get so late in the game compare her with her husband who has high base defense and resistance from the begining:

Same suggestion with Jack Buff his Defense and Resistance please

Graphical bug when switching between character panel

Did you set Sarah and Jeremy’s growth rates to 100% each?

yes i did

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Game froze midway through chapter 18. Had to restart

I’ve never seen chapter 18 freeze before. No idea what happened there.

That bug with Vin is known though. Just a visual error when there’s too many flashing green numbers like that.

Finally finish your hack. Thank you for one of the most difficult and enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had.


My favortie couple in this Hack:

My 2nd favortie couple:

Thank you for the wonderful writing through out this Entire Hack. These Support dialogue and conversation really let your writting tallent shine through man.

Vin, Zoe, Walter, Ava, Sally, Max, Locritus and Lydia. These are the characters I’ve grown to love the most in your hack. Thank you for creating them and breathing such life into them with your writing.

Hello, enjoying the hack so far but sometimes on enemy phase the animations will randomly turn off even if I’m not holding any buttons, and it only happens on this hack. Happens on mgba 0.8.4 and VBA-M, and most recent version of mgba as well.

Are you sure you’re not holding any buttons? This hack has a feature where holding the A button during enemy phase will toggle animations off.

Or you could be like me and put a cav with the hoplon guard at 7 squares of the fighter, Shaun because swords. This square is just where the first row of snipers are, but we have a dancer. I thought it was a dance tutorial.

Also I know this hack is ended and I am not suggesting changes, but it is funny seeing how stat buffs from weapons apply in the arena even when you aren’t using them

Arena enemies actually have negative personal bases in order to make it safer anyway, so I have no problems with this!

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Well I just ended the game including the trials games and I want to leave my opinion.

Story: There isn’t something really awful or something really wonderful, decent with some highlights like chapter 8 and 10.

Gameplay: very punishing if you go super offensive or you decide to play slow. Status being 100% isn’t a problem because in vanilla FE you should play thinking that they will hit, outside Jeremy berserking my only restore user in chapter 10. The personal gives a lot of spice to every unit making that even u its with bad stats useful in some occasions (mainly the fliers) and the fact that you can use everyone until the last third of the game helps you noticing how everyone can be useful.

Well now my final team:

Oh boy he was good . Cordatus pass is very situational but having a better FE6 Rutger is the good part of this weapon.

Nice Jeigan the first third of the game, a bit of a liability the rest of the game due to being OHKO by every mage and good Gotoh during endgame.

The promotion really helped with his speed and bows have their uses because short bows helps with annoying fliers.

Archers are trash, right? Well this is a player phase game so bows are really good and if it is the only unit that can attack at 2 range with magical and physical damage, even better.

His stats are a bit low for the point where he joins, a bit tanky but no a tank, drcent but not good attack, decent speed but it isn’t faster. Virtus is a really god personal because it helps with the shaky hits because being near Virtus is equal to 2 and half secret books.

You look at his stats and it is bad, but his personals and the S rank sword carried him. This isn’t bad for an unit because what makes an unit good is having an use and he definitely had one.

Talking about having an use. She kills mages and that is all but she doesn’t need more. Mages do a lot of damage to eveey unit except her and she can bait mages and one shot them. Unfortunately for her she couldn’t use her wardlance in the evil sorcerer of the game.

Good magic, good staff rank and sleep. She can also chip some enemies with light magic after promotion if you want and the magic Quartet supports are the icing on the cake.

Dancer/10. He also helped early on with short bows nomads.

Tanky flier. Her main problem is her awful base speed but speedwings exist for a reason. Also due to how Lionel route lacks mages at the beginning killing armours is nice.

I always use Ests in romhack because there is always a surprise. Master knight was a nice one. The only bad thing about her is that once she obtains enough speed Aged spear is worse that a normal weapon.

Dodge tanking without risking death. He baits enemies and you kill them in player phase. This is specially useful with thr brave weapons dring lategame.

Mounted healers are good. Only user of hammerne for more main gauches and other personals is better. A staffer with good combat thanks to Holy sword is wonderful. She killed Dante in one round and did the higher damage to the final boss.

Speedy warrior. His lacks of strength is compensated by the might of axes and how good is vouge.

His personal is very meh at the beginning but with all the supports he obtains his crit is insane and once he level up and promotes his stats stop being mediocre. Also mointed mage.

The true definition of a glass cannon, he kills almost every enemy but every physical enemy kills him. Darklight at the beginning is awful because the weight interferes with his doubling thresholds and it is useful when he promotes, until you obtain Aura that is way better.

Tanky mage with summons makes him also good provoking enemies in Walter route and basically it is a second Vin that can heal.

And we can’t forget the true bait. We should never forget their sacrifices.

And now for the true hero of the game.

Bow users are good. Mounted ones are even betters. 4 range bows makes him a monster. He can attack enemies outside the range of others, kill Walter route wyverns, snipe longbow snipers and bolting sages through walls. He was also unhappy with the final boss being called the best sniper so.

Now he is the best bow user of the continent.

And with capped strength


Overall I enjoyed although were a few less-fun moments I’ll mention below. Thanks for the hack!
Normal mode, mostly blind, ironman-ish. Did pause for a week or so during playthrough though.

Some general thoughts and comments
  • 100 slot supply felt low, although I’m guessing it was due to rom limitations with everything else.
  • Vulnerably being 15 instead of 10 hp is nice.
  • What seemed to be MS paint worldmap has a nice charm
  • Savepoints nice
  • Prep screen shop was good. Not only was there no 50% markup but also some stat boosts!
  • Everyone getting prf, 50 durability at that was a lot of fun flavor. I finished the game with most still partially intact. Hoarder mentality.
  • Yay for actually viable armor due to 5 move t1 and 6 as General. Bow armor is a fun class too, as was General getting all 4 phsyical weapons.
  • I disliked being unable to sell or at least drop Prf as they just clogged convoy once a unit died if not happening to be holding it at the time.
    *At 5 mov dancer felt like they struggled to keep up, although him being tanky was a first for me and very fun.
  • 30 instead of 15 crit classes felt a lot more impactful than vanilla, I enjoyed even if scary as foe.
  • Halbredier and Sniper felt underpowered as classes compared to how pretty much all other promotes have extra options. There’s several things that could’ve made them more viable such as a (movement?) skill, extra mov, crit or new weapon.
  • Route split was a pleasant surprise.
  • Infinite void curse spawns were not fun.
  • Shaun wasn’t able to deal much damage without magical swords past the early game I found, even the prf was weaker vs most foes. I wonder if they would have been more suited as magic swords.
  • There seemed to be no mention that Rewarp grants Powerstaff. It makes the prf a lot more viable than otherwise seems but I only found out on the very last map.
  • Probably just a me issue, but as it wasn’t clear to me when final shop, or final map was I ended up finishing with many spare stat boosters and a few promo items.
  • Eias’s prf felt very underwhelming given only 6 mov. Maybe it could’ve also granted +2 mov (for that turn) after attacking?
  • It took me 811 total turns. Even with some anti-turtle stuff not all maps are forced rushed!
Chapter-specific feedback

Ch8 lacked prep screen, softlocking seems possible due to that.
Ch9 didn’t make it clear that red recruit wouldn’t attack or so it seemed to me. Didn’t enjoy treasure being % unless steal class.
Ch10 Yay for competent green units, and enemy reinforcements that aren’t voidcursed.
Ch12 objective isn’t accurate. Wait instead of seize and any unit instead of only lord can do it.
Ch 13 No timer for villages was chill.
Ch 14 Didn’t enjoy boss fakeout.
Ch 17 Why does boss have slim lance? No timer for side objectives again is chill.
Ch 18 Wyverns near boss don’t act predictably. Its not a matter of “Never move” or “move once foe is in range.” Even if a unit is in their range they only seem to act if the boss acts same turn. I’ve never encountered such behavior before and sadly resulted in unit death.
Ch 23 Pricing feels off for several items. Both too high and low.
Ch 24 Not fun. Felt very trial-and-error (several restarts were needed) between fog and villagers being too heavy and not even a rescue staff.
Ch 25 Way too many reinforcements imo and with no warning either. Surprisingly, not endless though nor void cursed.
Ch 26 Berserk staff foe seems able to soft-lock players who start the map without restore or long range.
Ch 27 Tiles curing status would’ve been nice to have a warning for.
Endgame Wish it was more clear boss wouldn’t aggro initially and that the gate can be closed. Might be my fault for not.realizing though.
II finished Trial 1 and tried 2 but found them to be far more of puzzles than just extra plot. Not to mention seemed to require rng in some cases. Probably just a matter of taste.

Bugs and oddities

Holpon Guard sells for 1 gold. Seems like it should be either not for sale, or worth more.
Shelfin X Yufin B support has a graphical error.
in Ch8, if the 3 starter units (or presumably any number so long as at least someone is left in closed cell) escape the game softlocks via spamming enemy phase.
Wind sword seems too expensive compared to Light brand. Less mt, uses and needs higher weapon rank. It is more accurate and presumably has anti air though.
Got a freeze from Ch12 northern save point
Ch 22, only Lional and Walter can talk to Terril but neither list it in the “talk” section of stat screen
Unsure if its intended Zachary loses access to his original Prf in the end.
Sniper description mentions sure shot but it doesn’t seem to exist.

Final team and surviving cast going into Endgame (Some died during)

Almost-entire cast, more detailed and in order of postgame cards
  1. Zachary was fun as a Jaigen… for a few chapters only. Quickly fell off and become a liability. Fun prf, but would die when trying to use it before long. I think the caps and growths could’ve been raised some. Promotion came way too late for my taste.
  2. Bradely died in Ch 18. Early on was a nice tank, and range 2-3 weapon with high str was useful throughout. Ended up being rather slow though.
  3. Chase died in Ch9 and don’t really remember the unit or prf well.
  4. Shaun. Started off nice with early brave weapons but fell off offensively hard until light brands. Ended up becoming a decent all-around tank but died in Ch27 due to boss waking up form sleep unexpectedly. Wish the Prf was magic.
  5. Lydia survived! Great prf (ended game with 7 uses left) and insane stats other than spd and def by the end (level 15). Healspam go brr.
  6. Yufin also survived! The prf didn’t feel strong enough to justify damage to me, nor was it hinted that it cna’t kill so that was a big worry for a while. Superb mag/spd and solid res (lvl 10). For that matter dark/light was a pleasant promotion surprise.
  7. Max died at Ch17, don’t rmember well.
  8. Ava was fun as a bow thief to start, overall just a solid unit. Finished at level 6 but with great stats other than def. Promoted, a 7 mov unmounted healer was neat. Kind of wish she gained Supply though.
  9. Walter has fantastic str/def throughout and was no slouch in skl or spd either. Fun unit to play. Prfs were both solid.
  10. Shelby was my MVP. Died on Ch22 due to very silly mistake. Extremely tanky summoner? Yes please. Even got boots (only since dancer already died), and hit 20 as a promoted class. From what I recall everything was at or near cap. Prf was just the cherry on top past earlygame, but to start it was very helpful.
  11. Locritus died on ch14. Don’t recall well.
  12. Marcie died on ch9, also don’t recall specifics.
  13. Nicole got minimal use although Rescue as a prf was nice. Sadly died in ch22.
  14. Zoe started off a little rough but grew into a fantastic all around unit. Sadly died on ch22. Didn’t realize at first she’s meant to use magic swords though, struggled with metal. Never ended up using hammerne even.
  15. Cielo survived (level 12)! prf was both very useful and interesting to play as it had same min/max range. Overall got a lot of utility but never really shined for me. Stats were fine but not great.
  16. Victor survived! (Level 9) Prf was great while lasting. Fine unit all-around. High spd/skl/hp for me, although about average everything else. Mostly saw use with Longbow.
  17. Emily was a surprise late join but survived (level 8)! Glad I trained her up though, was one of the best units in the final chapters. Great prf too although kind of wish it only didn’t allow the enemy to double. Expected General promotion too, so was surprised to see something else.
  18. Dorian also died in Ch22, this was my first time ever having a tanky bard and I loved it. Kind of wish he got a prf though (dancer ring?) and +1 mov.
  19. Luciel was a late join but my other fliers were dead by that point so extremely welcome. Survived. Great prf and really solid bases although sadly wasn’t able to get the arrow protection so had to play them carefully.
  20. Ron also survived! Finished with solid str/spd/def/hp but was noticeably acking in accuracy. Kind of wish his prf had extra hit even at the cost of less mt, more weight and no crit. All too often the accuracy just wasn’t high enough to use over normal things.
  21. Sarah died in Ch20. Don’t really remember.
  22. Gideon survived! Well, his card says otherwise. Late join glass cannon. Being able to only really manage on player phase, the prf being range 1-2 felt unimportant.
  23. Vin died in chapter 20. Awesome dodge tank, user error finished him off :frowning: at 264 battles saw the most combat! I first thought the prf was just +avoid, didn’t realize it gained those via stats.
  24. Patty died in ch13 ,don’t recall speifics
  25. Harriet survived! About average stats all around. By the end felt lacking in offense though as couldn’t double many foes. Great prf though.
  26. Jeremy was decent all around other than speed with exceptional def. Didn’t use him a lot though as unable to secure kills. Awesome prf but only found out in the final map it let him act right away.
  27. Colt, died ch10
  28. Hoff, died Ch20. Very solid unit and prf, was a painful loss. Not even overly weak to magic!
  29. Terry died in ch17, don’t recall too well.
  30. Regis died in ch20. It really was nasty to go through it blind. Range 15 was a lot of fun but lacked stats to do much with it, or even just range 1-2 tomes.
  31. Wilson died to ch14
  32. Jack lived! And saw very little combat ever. Prf felt kind of useless gimmick wise. Stats were eh for join time.
  33. Terril lived. OP unit. Fun to use but a little silly. Prf was unremarkable but the bases/growths insane.
  34. Marvin was never deployed. Given his bases, lack of accuracy on prf meant even with WTA would never have overly high hit vs the foes that then spawned. On the upside, did mean easier to face as a foe for that one map as couldn’t hit ava with WTD
  35. Candace lived!. Didn’t see a ton of combat herself but insane support unit.
  36. Sally lived! Underwhelming for a pupil. Ended up with really good mag/skl/luk but lacked spd (heavy prf really doesn’t help double), and the ability to take a blow, even magic. Aisde from weight an awesome prf, and getting all 4 magic types was nice.
  37. Cindy died to Ch25, was a really solid physical tank though. Prf felt a tad underwhelming but still got plenty of use.
  38. Elias died in endgame, but didn’t like them at all for gameplay use from first appearance. near-useless prf.
  39. Alicia survived! Decent late game join all-around, solid prf and gets all 4 magics. Good but not great.
  40. Lionel. Felt pretty weak until promotion. Then I cursed the failed crits. Very fast and not lacking anything else.
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Just recently began exploring the world of fan-made Fire Emblem projects and had the good fortune to select The Four Kings to start off with. Played through blind on Hard mode and had a great time - great enough in fact that I’ve created an account here specifically to give the creator kudos! Looking forward to tackling the prequel next. Thanks again for all the hard work developing this - it’s been a blast to experience!


first post ever, ive been reading and reading down this thread and i keep crashing during hamil canyon ive been trying to play this for the past couple of months and i cant get it to do it i play everything on vba i get no music loading in and after messing with it i got to the end of it and the game just resets on me so i downloaded mgba thinking it may help and i get crash error codes i would love to play this! but im stomped

Hamil Canyon? You’re not supposed to be going there, that’s for sure. Sounds like a problem with VBA, I’ve never seen that error before. Are you sure you downloaded the most recent patch? When exactly are you getting sent to Hamil Canyon?

I’ve updated the main post with a new patch for Four Kings: Weapon Reversal Edition! This patch was created by @ArcherBias over the last week or so.

If you’ve never seen a weapon reversal patch before, the gist is that all units have their weapon types changed to whatever they are normally weak to in the weapon triangle. So axe units become sword units, sword units become lance units, and lance units become axe units. The magic triangle units are swapped in the same way, while staff users and bow users swap places. Some weapon reversal patches also apply this to all enemies, but for Four Kings, @ArcherBias did it like he also did in his hack Doubled or Nothing, where only player units, bosses, and major NPCs get swapped. Because it’s Four Kings, this also means that all the personal weapons get shuffled around to different units too. It’s a pretty unique way to experience the game. I hope you give it a try!

Four Kings WR-0Four Kings WR-1
Four Kings WR-2Four Kings WR-3


ArcherBias, for making the patch and writing the credits below

KrashBoomBang for making 4K, allowing me to do this, and also providing input/ideas!

Light Flier map sprite - Blademaster
Thiefmedic map sprite - Tdim
Malig Knight map sprite - MeatOfJustice
F!Berserker map sprite - Unknown
F!Pirate map sprite - StreetHero
King map sprite - Nuramon
Master of Arms map sprite - ArcherBias
T1 Ephraim Lord Repal - Nuramon
F!Berserker anim - eCut
F!Pirate anim - Nuramon
King sword anim - tatutachang
Malig Knight anim - LeoLink
Master of Arms anim - Maiser6
Warpick item icon - Seal/Sacred War

Set Unit Status - 7743
Continue Battle BGM - 7743
Battle BGM by Chapter - 7743
Character Custom Animation by EA ver 2 - 7743


Thanks again to Krash for letting me do this, I’m super happy with how it turned out!

also, granz gaming forever

EDIT: Before I forget, a few details about WR:

  • There are no attack/defend themes in this version of the game, the map music simply plays through.
  • Reavers (including Wyrmslayer and Swordslayer) now double the weapon triangle, just like they do in vanilla.
  • Quickbrand is in the same location as usual, but it’s a generic B rank Sword.
  • You can’t fly into Zoe’s cell in C6 for logistics reasons (Vin would kill her lol.)
  • I accidentally made this on an older build of the game. Generally, it’s still the 4K you know and love, being built off an early post-Deposition update. However, this game has the old, quite jank version of Rewarp.
  • Justice Pike, Granz, and Palisade were given increased WExp gain (1 → 2)
  • Shadowshot (Maelstorm) was given significantly increased WExp gain (2 → 8)
  • Trial Maps are technically playable, but the only one I’ve actually tested was Ex. 5 Isle of Terror. You can still like, play the others, but I figure that they were an extremely low priority.