[FE8] [Complete] Blessed Heart v1.1 (1/22/2023 -- Reverse Recruitment Patch Released!)

Blessed Heart is a complete original campaign FE8 romhack I created in 4 years of on-and-off work.
I hope you enjoy the game nearly as much as I enjoyed making it.


Contact Shark3143 on discord for inquiries.

  • 24 Chapters
  • 32 Playable Characters
  • Branching promotion paths with both new and rebalanced classes
  • Map design focused on engaging pacing and side-objectives
  • Quality of life features such as viewable growths, promotion information, and more
  • Expanded equipment options, including weapons, tomes, and hold items
  • Accessible gameplay with difficulty options as well as an optional casual mode
  • A few dozen music tracks not from vanilla FE8
  • Optional reverse recruitment patch to spice up successive playthroughs


Patch Download

You’ll need to use a patching tool such as NUPS to install.
Blessed Heart v1.1

Discord Link

Blessed Heart


Base Stats
Growth Rates
Recruitment Guide
Supports Guide
Promotional Item Locations
Tips & Tricks
Secrets Guide(Spoilers!)
Tier List Maker
Reverse Recruitment Info(New!)


Major Contributors

  • Wasspix – Contributed some maps, support, and feedback
  • Musicalcakes – Character designs, story concepts
  • Sikkaty – Script editor

Beta Testers

  • KrashBoomBang
  • Wasspix
  • Nymph
  • Fray
  • Leche
  • JoshuaFH

Battle Animations

T1 Infantry
Fighter 2.0 - Leo_link, Pushwall
Archer Improved Repalette - Flausban, DerTheVaporeon
Soldier Improved 2.0 - Alusq
Eirika Repalette +Weapons - Teraspark, Sme, Lisandra_Brave, Flasuban
Female Mercenary - TBA
Thief (Matthew Repalette) +Knife - Pikmin1211, Maiser6, Skitty, GabrielKnight
Armored Mercenary +Axe - Alusq, Maiser6

T2 Infantry
Warrior Repalette - IS, Helmfried
Sniper (Wil) - Greentea
Halberdier Alt A - Yosh, Aruka, Kenpuhu
Assassin (Ponytail + Bow)(F) - Keks_Krebs, Beccarte, SD9k
Hero(Armored) - Nuramon
Hero(Armored +Short Hair)(F) - Flasuban - Nuramon
Rogue Repalette Upgrade +Staff - Pikmin1211, Maiser6, Ukelele, SD9k, Temp, Black Mage, Wan
Trickster - Leo_link

Priest Improved Repalette - Flasuban, Eldritch Abomination
Female Mage (Long Hair) - Solum
Monk Repalette - Eldritch Abomination
Erk Sage - Greentea, DerTheVaporeon
War Monk - DerTheVaporeon, Pikmin1211
Generic Necromancer - Eldritch Abomination, Shin19

Armor Knight (Smoothed Vanilla) - Vilkalizer
Armor Knight (Sword) - TBA
Baron Cape +Weapons - Leo_link, Nuramon, Iscaneus, The_Big_Dededester

SALVAGED Cavalier 2.0 - Team SALVAGED
SALVAGED Cavalier Female Edit - Flasuban, Team SALVAGED
SALVAGED Paladin Male - Team SALVAGED, ZoramineFae, ObsidianDaddy
SALVAGED Paladin Female Alt - Team SALVAGED, Leo_link, Flausban, The_Big_Dededester
Great Knight Repalette - Skitty
Great Lord (Eirika Repalette) - Teraspark

Pegasus Knight Outfit Repalette - Jeorge_Reds
Vanilla Wyvern Rider +Weapons - IS, Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon, PrincessKilvas, Spud, Blue Druid
Falcoknight Outfit Repalette - Jeorge_Reds, ShadowOfChaos
Wyvern Knight Repalette + Axe - Feaw, St jack
Wyvern Lord(Armored) - Nuramon
Griffon Knight(Arbalest) - Ayr, Raspberry

Phantom - TBA, Arch, Skitty, Temp

Map Sprites
Bow Armor - Team SALVAGED
Sword Armor - Agro
Female Mercenary - Agro
Halberdier - Aruka, Kenpuhu
Griffon Rider - N426
Matriarch (F) - Unknown
Rogue (F) - Unknown

Custom Tilesets
Zoramine Fort - Zoramine
Updated Stronghold - Zoramine
Desert Bastion - Zora, N426, Gamma
Expanded Field - RandomWizard

Spell Animations
Hail - Mikey_Seregon
Aircalibur FE7rip - Arch, Blazer
Hellfire - Seal

Class Cards
Bow Armor - Team SALVAGED
Griffon Rider - EldritchAbomination
Summoner - Unknown

Item Icons

F2U Portrait Credits(Only used one)

-ActRaiser Bloodpool
-ActRaiser Fillmore
-ActRaiser Sacrifices
-Azur Lane 6-4 Yudachi Battle
-Bokusuka Wars BGM 01
-Castlevania Wicked Child
-Elona Battle 2
-FE2 Celica Penultimate Map
-FE5 Defeat
-FF7 Boss
-Final Fantasy Tactics Antipyretic
-Golden Sun Venus Lighthouse
-Howling Sword Dance Style
-Lufia yogensyu esutoporisu denki yogensya
-Raiden Gallantry
-Raiden Go To Blazes
-Reincarnation (Missing Attribution)
-Riviera Practice Song
-Shizuku Battle
-Still in the dark
-Striker’s 1945II street surface
-Super Hydlide Dragon
-Super Robot Wars Chaos
-Super Robot Wars Dark Knight
-Super Robot Wars Duet
-Super Robot Wars Over The World Wall
-Super Robot Wars Ouka
-Super Robot Wars owari naki tatakai
-Sword of Mana Courage and Pride From the Heart
-Sword of Mana Endless Battlefield
-Tales Irony of Fate
-Tales of Symphonia Fatalize
-Tales of Symphonia Glint of Light
-Touhou Faith is For Ephemeral Humans
-Yggdra Union Milanor’s Bandits Advance


This is a certified Wasspix Banger folks, looking forward to the release Shark!


this looks promising, can’t wait to play it

Pretty promising…

Having beaten this hack (in its incomplete state), it’s pretty good.

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Yo, an actual useful use for the fourth stat screen page! I dig it.

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I’m liking the variety in the promotion option. Bows on a flier is awesome, but a staff. Man that will be a hard decision to make.

This looks really good, I’ll definitely play when it gets released.

It’s been a couple months since I announced my project. Here’s a small update on what’s been going on in Blessed Heart’s development.

Firstly, I’ve just submitted the project for a showcase at FEE3 2021, so please look forward to the event when it takes place.

I’ve made some great strides in writing and eventing, but I still have a while to go. However, I can now confidently say that I would like to have the hack completed by the end of the year. This may not mean a public release at that time, as I believe it’s very important to bring everything up to a level of polish that both I and the community can be proud of.

I’ve been finalizing some of the art assets such as character portraits. As an example, here’s a before-and-after of an old splice I remade for my demo submission to FEE3. I’ve been iterating on my portraits for a long time, and I’m always trying to improve them.


Overall, things are progressing smoothly, and I can’t wait to present my project to everyone once it’s been completed. Thanks for checking in on Blessed Heart.


Your project looks really good, I wish you good luck finishing it, i’ll be looking forward to play it when it’s ready.

I’m here to provide another update, since the game was recently featured at FEE3!


I provided a demo back on July 30th for the event organizers to play and produce a video showcase from. While the footage is from a patch that’s slightly out of date, it’s a fun sneak-peek of what’s to come, and I’d be happy to gather any feedback from or answer questions about anything in the demo footage.

So – what’s changed in the project since then?

-Everyone has art assets! Character portraits, battle sprites, you name it.
-My script is getting pretty long, but I don’t have a complete draft quite yet. But it’s come a long way.
-I’ve created placeholder cutscenes for a majority of the game, just awaiting text insertion after editing.

I’m also adding a new optional chapter and recruitable character! I was unsatisfied with a loose plot thread… so there’s a partially hidden optional chapter for people who manage a couple extra side objectives. Not everyone will get it, but that’s okay. Unfortunately… I haven’t made the new chapter yet, but I think it’s important for me to be happy with the game.

Overall, I’m still aiming to have all of the content ‘complete’ by the end of the year, upon which I’ll pick a few new beta testers to get me some quality feedback to help me push through the polishing phase and get everything sparkling for a full release. If anyone thinks they’d be particularly good at that (Perhaps a lot of FE/hacking experience…?), feel free to send me a message on discord and explain why.

Once again, thanks for checking in on Blessed Heart. I can’t wait to share the full game with everyone.


Super excited to play this one! The FEE3 video was really cool!

It’s a little bit later than I anticipated, but I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be releasing Blessed Heart in June 2022. The game has gone through yet another round of polish and testing, and it’s just about ready. I’ve gone ahead and edited the main post with new screenshots, and I’ll be adding more information as I inch closer and closer to the release.


For one last time before this grand journey is finally over, I want to thank you for checking in on Blessed Heart. I’ll have the full game ready shortly – and I’m very excited to share it with everyone.


Hey, this is great news! Excited to see what you’ve been cooking up since I last checked the game out for FEE3, and congrats on getting this far ^.^

Wow congrats for all your works on the project ! I can’t wait to see it when it will be released ! :smile: :tada:

This is definitely on the “Gold’s infinitely growing list of stuff to play”
Looks great!

Oh this gonna be an epic hack I can already tell.

Soon!!! 6 more days?? :ok_hand:t6:

I am overly excited. Good job and good luck!


So, that June release date… It coming soon, or what?


I’m sure they’ll get it done when it’s ready.