[FE8][Complete] Bells of Byelen (24 Chapters)


This is a message from one of my friend.

Hello author. Last year, I planned to translate this hack into Chinese, and asked another person to come to you for permission. But later on, due to various reasons, I didn’t finish it. Now I can continue to do the translation work, and I want to use the instrument patche to remix some of the BGM in this game. Is this okay?

I think using the “instrument patch” will make it sound worse given some of the music has been specifically edited for NIMAP2 use, and I also just don’t care for it when I’ve heard it in other hacks.

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Hack good.


I think I found a bug that isn’t anywhere on this thread. I had to rescue the woman in chapter 1 to get her out of Boro’s range and then I escaped with the unit that was rescuing her. However, it seems the game didn’t register I rescued her and now I can’t recruit Jenny. Given the already known bug with rescue and escape I guess it makes sense?

Yeah, the game checks for them escaping on their own, not for someone rescuing them and escaping. Thanks for the report, will be fixed in the next patch.

For some reason I can’t use the thief staff on Endgame, I thought it might be intentional but like, I literally got a thief staff at the end of the previous chapter

Also, I also got the Berserk bug.

Who were you trying to steal from? You need more Mag than they have Res for it to work, and they also can’t have the skill Watchful.

oh it seems I assumed it worked like Thracia and I could have a full inventory, my bad

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