[FE8][Complete] Bells of Byelen (24 Chapters)

I’m on chapter 4, and Cleo and Loewe are all of a sudden Pegasus and Dragon riders? Loewe was previously just an archer and Cleo was a lord(hector like) class. But in this chapter that all changed for no reason? I am so confused.

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BoB uses the Dismount mechanic from Thracia where cavalry and flying units must become a different class to move and fight indoors. Cleo is an axe-wielding pegasus and Loewe is a bow-wielding wyvern outdoors.

OH. That is actually an interesting mechanic, never played anything like it. Thanks for the clarification, I legit thought it was a bug.

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I think the dialogue also points to their classes quite a bit before thos point

About halfway through Chapter 22 and found out there is a secret shop in the chapter and I did not bring the members card. Not going to reset to see what is in it, but has anyone discovered this on their first play through without any help? I’m dying to know what is in the shop since the Vendor has A rank spells and Staves.

I am doing a 2nd run and if any1 hates the Ftg system i found an easy solution using FEBuilderGBA:


Launch the romhack via FEBuilderGBA > go to new popup window debugger > Etc tab > go to 00=player dropdown > double click whoever u want to make ftg to 0 > go to the stat ???3 double click and change it to 0 then write value

(Make sure the Automatic Update is vinked on , on the right side of the debugger window)

Do with this information what u will :ok_hand:t6:


Oh, that’s a pretty neat trick, but I have another one you could try too - it’s actually even simpler, believe it or not. Doesn’t even require Builder.


While applying the .ups in NUPS, instead of clicking the “Patch” button, click the red X button instead. Then, launch the .gba file as usual. This way, when you launch the game, you can play Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, a game with no fatigue system.

Hoping this alternate method helps more people enjoy the ideal Bells of Byelen experience.


Will do as soon as i am done with this hack, thanks for the advice bro! I love No FTG !! No tediousness! :+1:t6:

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Im not a fan of it generally but im learning to enjoy it in order to better understand what the creators are trying to do with this. The enemy growth seems low enough that its not a big deal


Bug report

I’m on chapter 9 and everything seemed normal up until the very end of the chapter where although I had escaped with both Cleo And Loewe the level did not end, game is on lock because the only units on the map are enemy ones but it does not end

Edit: oh yeah and I’m also really flippin enjoying the game, it’s pretty damn well made

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On Chapter 19, either by having Tara die or by clearing the chapter below 10 turns, the Kaizerschwert is effectively voided.

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I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the game. The bug is likely due to the issues mentioned under Known Issues, which is that if you try to Escape last with a unit being rescued, it may cause problems. I’d try again with no one rescued, and you should be fine if you do.

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Yeah… I imagined it was something like that, thanks for the help