[FE8][Complete] Bells of Byelen (24 Chapters)

Nope, all you can get is the Azurium.

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Finished this hack a month or two ago; I meant to write something here but never got around to doing so till I kicked myself into it today. I feel it took a little while to get going—I wasn’t as much of a fan of most of the earlier maps, but after Interlude 2 things started to pick up, and the last four or so chapters were all stellar. Well done!

Story tier list off initial impressions

This is from a writing-centric perspective, without taking gameplay in mind. I’m keeping things brief for effort’s sake but can go into more detail in specific cases if need be. I’ve read some of the supports, but not all of them.

I didn’t rate the characters I didn’t pick on this list, but Tao could be in the bottom of enjoyable tier from what he does in Interlude 2 alone. Awa would be pretty high off her Zhara support alone. Cadenza, Ojasvi, and Pelecaye would probably be in one of the two orange tiers from what I’ve seen of them.

In particular, I want to tip my hat towards almost everything surrounding Korovai. While Korovai himself suffered a bit from the telephone format, I absolutely loved Interlude 2 and its aftermath, especially the bits with Iberis and the other remaining Freysians. Buldak too is an especially notable mention, as I always love a character who’s affected grievously by the events in the main plot, and I think learning more about him helps explain why his mug looks so sorrowful.

Bugs/Issues (spoilery)
  • Apparently I was supposed to get a ring from Cromar’s sister which disables his fog after getting their talk? I didn’t end up getting it on my run after obtaining the talk, though I got all the rewards from the other bosses after completing the chapter.
  • I got Catrin’s and Loewe’s A support during Endgame-1, which spoiled to me that there was an Endgame-2 (along with a certain detail about the nature of its plot). It’s been a little bit since I finished the game so my memory is hazy, but I almost want to say that I even unlocked it a couple chapters before hitting the endgame, but just didn’t read it until endgame cause I wasn’t sure which Loewe A support I wanted. Either way, while I do appreciate the context-sensitive supports, the timing for this one felt a bit off and might need to be re-tuned to avoid inadvertently spoiling someone.
  • Not exactly a bug per se, but the general lack of battle convos in the endgames feels odd to me. The fact that a few of the Gotohs (especially the mage one) doesn’t get anything with Byelen stands out in particular.

I defintely used an outdated patch (though it was the most recent patch at the time I started, I just took forever to finish the game), so maybe these have been remedied already, but I felt they were worth mentioning anyways just in case.

Finally, here’s my final team if anyone wants to see it for some reason. I tried to pick out my roster based on who I thought either had promising writing, or might be likely to get more story relevance later on.


Hello how can i recuit jenny?
When i try to talk with her on ch9 no talk button appear…

Did you rescue the woman in CH 1? If you didn’t then you have no choice but to kill her.

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hack good, glad I don’t have to play thracia now


You should! Thracia is peak/best FE.

Hey, I’m curious about trying this hack as an LTC challenge and I’m wondering how Rigging Movement level ups and Vigor works and how I can edit the move growth and vigor.

The buildfile is open source. If you download it, make edits at the appropriate locations, and run MakeHack.cmd, these should all be pretty easy changes.

A note for edits: All the hacks that are newish to BoB are in Engine Hacks/TeleshackII/TeleshackII, so that’s where you’ll find the files you’re looking for.

No rewards?

Fire emblem bells of byelin_1687756741103
I defeated zeus but no rewards?

Zeus is meant to be unbeatable lol

So your reward is you’re too good


My dissappintment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

real question though;how is he meant to be unbeatable when you can beat him?


It’s ment to be very difficult to do so due to how the arena there is set up, with cromar being the only one who can likely even hurt him.

Ultimately this is one of those “remember this was inspired by Snes FE” so if someone tells you “don’t bother fighting him” take it at face value there.

I mean they could have just given him a character locked dire thunder that ignores res and people would have likely gathered he isn’t ment to be killable.

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For any of the Team Adversity folks that aren’t on the BoB discord, thank you for this incredible game! I’ve been loving it and hope the postgame does eventually come out.

I never played thracia but I’m a huge fan of the capture mechanic, I love all the innovative weapons and cool units and fun (if sometimes difficult) maps. This hack is 100% worth your time if you haven’t tried it yet.


In chapter 12 the game get in softlocked state after Zwieback got attacked by a warrior with a bow. If you reset and resume the chapter without animations everything is fine. Also if you destroy the wall south-east of the left chest the chest disappears.
Jerry’s passive doesn’t give him 2 move, it other bonuses work fine.
After casting berserk on the sniper-boss in chapter 24, all the enemies that moved after that sniper-boss attacked each other like they all were under berserk, only worked like that on 1st turn, on the next she moved last like usually all berserked units do.

Thanks for posting these, I’ll look into them. Status may have some issues in general, and the Warrior Bow softlock I’ve had reported before, but it seems like it may be the anim rather than just a specific bow like I assumed.

Just started playing. I was rewatching last years FEE3 and notice the priest looks different. What inspired the change?

As with many of the portraits in that first chapter, the character had a F2U placeholder portrait that got replaced with a more unique one for the actual release. In particular for Svetomir he’s supposed to be more heavily built.

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Ah that makes sense! Thanks!