FE7 w/ FE6 Cast

Hey everyone! I finally remembered I need to upload this. With my fe76 playthrough coming to a close, I need to finally upload the patch so others can play. This will be an updated version of the patch I made over a year ago with a few improvements. If there’s any issues or problems, please let me know.

Each unit you recruit has been replaced with an FE6 unit of similar class and/or character. Some of the changes make sense (i.e. Eliwood/Roy, Rebecca/Dorothy, Oswin/Bors), but some were a little more difficult (i.e. Lyn and Hector).

Mechanics haven’t been altered. This is still fe7, but some of the music is different because fe7’s midgame reuses the map theme for too long. A few weird changes are listed below and in a doc in the download.

Pent’s replacement’s starting position and AI were changed to help her survive in the desert chapter in HHM.
Jaffar’s and Nino’s replacements were changed to blue units since the replacements are weaker than the vanilla units.
Nino’s replacement was given a Thunder tome or else she gets doubled by the monk.
Some starting inventories were slightly altered to make up for different weapon levels (units like the Isadora replacement still have a silver sword even though they can’t use it).


I don’t know why but the patch can’t be patched for me. I patched with Fe7 USA rom

Would you happen to have a list of who replaces who? I’m curious who you ended up using for lyn and hector, but i’m currently at work and can’t boot up the game

@Noobbot I did a whoopsies and used an fe6 rom as the patch creator. I updated it to work with an clean Eng FE7 rom. Sorry about that!

@Donlot There is an excel sheet in the zip file that shows who is replaced with who and compares their bases and growths. I don’t want to send the list here for spoilers (for people who want to be surprised).