Fire Emblem 7/6 Character Swap

My first patch for GBA FE has come to completion. This patch gives you a new way to classic FE7 without changing up the core gameplay.
Each unit you recruit has been replaced with a corresponding FE6 character. I did my best to find suitable matches for everyone (i.e. Eliwood/Roy, Dorcas/Lot, Marcus/Marcus), but some were a little more difficult (i.e. Lyn and Hector).
I wanted this patch to only change the characters, growths, and bases; but no other gameplay mechanics. Some other minor changes will be listed here and in a note in the folder with the patch.

Some chapter themes were changed to help with the repeating map themes (esp. Ch 16-27)
Some boss themes were altered to make use of some unused tracks.
Pent’s replacement’s starting position and AI were changed to help her survive in the desert chapter in HHM.
Jaffar’s and Nino’s replacements were changed to blue units since the replacements are weaker than the vanilla units.
Nino’s replacement was given a Thunder tome to help her survivability.
Some starting inventories were slightly altered to make up for different weapon levels.

The patch can be found here

Please leave any feedback on what you think. I plan on doing the same with the other gba games in the future.

Addendum: I’ve added a character sheet with each character with their bases, growths, replacement’s bases, replacement’s growths, and the difference between them. Thank you for the suggestions.

This patch is outdated. Find the new one here: FE7 w/ FE6 Cast


This is really cool! I did something similar on replaced all the characters with the bad guys from the game. Its fun messing around with stuff like that.

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is there a spreadsheet for the growths, bases, weapon levels and replacements or is it supposed to be a surprise (replacements)/mystery (growths)?

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Thank you! I’m currently working on FE8 and eventually FE6 variants. I’m happy you’re enjoying it.

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I did not think to make one, but it sounds like a good idea. I can make one and add it here just in case someone wants one.
Thank you for the idea

I’ve added a spreadsheet with the information suggested.