[FE7] [RELEASED] Fire Emblem: The Blazing Silver PME (Update v1.0b Out!)

---------------------------FIRE EMBLEM 7 - THE BLAZING SILVER ‘PICK MY EDITS’---------------------------

Hello everyone! A quick introduction; I’m, what I believe can be called, an ‘Internet Drifter’. I check out a lot of different things on the internet, playing several types of games, watching videos and the like, enjoying whatever is fun but nothing really grandiose. And one of the things I’ve been following recently is indeed Fire Emblem games & hacks in here. I was a lurker that was, and still am, amazed at all the different works and customization potential that can be done, and so not only did I had fun playing several hacks from FEUniverse, but also was screwing around with FEBuilder mostly out of curiosity on how it works.
Well, up until now I’ve learned quite a lot about it, and so I want to ‘officially’ try my hand at Fire Emblem hacking! Settling in creating a PME because of the potential with making people’s character ideas come to life, with FE7 being the game of my choice.

So without further ado, let’s get the rules out of the way, as well as clarify the new classes & differences:

Differences/Rebalancing (Both PME & Vanilla Patches)

Some changes were based around several other FE7 rebalance hacks.

  • Effective Weapons multiplier restored to 3x from 2x.
  • Strength & Magic merged into a single stat; ‘Power’. Works correctly for all classes.
  • Durandal gets -2 Weight, Sol Katti gets -4 Weight, Armads gets -5 Hit Rate.
  • Luna gets -25 Hit Rate & -10 Crit Chance, Bolting gets -5 Hit Rate, Purge gets -10 Hit Rate, Eclipse gains +5 Hit Rate, Hammers gain +5 Hit Rate.
  • All bows gain -1 Might, +10 Hit Rate & +5 Crit Chance (Rienfleche instead gets -2 Might with the same +Hit & +Crit). Killer Bows only gain the -1 Might & +10 Hit Rate. Ballistae only gets -1 Might.
  • All light tome weights reduced by 1. Aureola & Luce’s reduced by 2. Purge’s unchanged. Wind Sword uses reduced to 25.
  • Snipers gain the same +15 Crit bonus as other mono-weapon promoted classes.
  • Thieves/Assassins gain free movement cost when passing through forest tiles, Assassins can steal items and Lockpicks gain +15 more uses for a total of 30.
  • Dragonstones have been implemented: Firestone is the basic one. Icestone, Galestone & Magistone are obtained during the journey and can be bought at a secret shop. Darkstone & Divinestone are special, late game only.
  • Wallace and Fiora have been turned into prepromotes.
  • Chapter 19xx can be entered without having to defeat Kishuna. Still is Hector Mode exclusive.
  • Farina’s recruitment cost reduced to 10.000 gold from 20.000 gold.
  • In both versions of Pale Flower of Darkness, both Karel and Harken now always appear together, in all four main modes. The units that can recruit them are the same as vanilla.
  • In Battle Preparations, Karla now always appears in all four main modes. Bartre’s class/level is no longer a factor, and she is also now a simple Talk event, without a forced fight. Bartre, Karel and either of the three Lords can talk with Karla to recruit her.
  • Every enemy bow/eff. weapon on Fog of War maps (excluding bosses) was replaced with regular ones, for less annoyance.
  • New names for following usable weapons: Longsword->Zanbato | Heavy Spear->Langdebeve | Halberd->Poleaxe.
  • New names for following items: Hero Crest->Veteran Belt | Ocean Seal->Oceania Sign | Earth Seal->Master Seal | Heaven Seal->Heaven Sigil | Emblem Seal->Emblem Scroll.
  • Every shop, including secret ones, has had their stock updated/reworked so there is more available weapons and items at all times.
  • The usual FE7 QoL patches: Map Danger Zone, HP Bars w/Warnings, Show Heal Amount, Growth Rates in Status Screen, Default Fast Unit/Text Speed, ‘Null Move Display’, etc.
  • All playable units gain support points at twice the rate from vanilla, and they accumulate points at up to 3 tiles away - same as the support bonuses - instead of having to stay next to each other.

(Beta Screenshots For Showcase)
fe7theblazingsilverbeta01 fe7theblazingsilverbeta02
fe7theblazingsilverbeta03 fe7theblazingsilverbeta04
fe7theblazingsilverbeta05 fe7theblazingsilverbeta06
fe7theblazingsilverbeta07 fe7theblazingsilverbeta08

!Class List! - Very Important

The new classes have their stats either based on versions in other Fire Emblem games, or balanced with the vanilla FE7 classes in mind (e.g. Siegemasters are based on FE8’s Great Knights, Deserters are Soldiers with extra power at the cost of speed, etc.) Of special note are Manaketes & their dragonstones; the Firestone will be their default attack method, while also being unsellable unlike the other variations. All dragonstones will have infinite uses & 1-2 range.
If you per chance like the idea of any of the new classes and/or names & want to feature it in your own hack, feel free to do so, F2U!

Now one last important note is the genders: the vanilla female classes have base & max stats that are all over the place, so now all female classes have the same base & max stats as their male counterparts, with the following adjustments on top (Promotion Gains are the same for both genders).

Base Stats: -2 HP, -1 POW, +1 SKL, +2 SPD, -1 DEF, +2 RES, -1 CON.

Max Stats (Promoted Only): -1 POW, +1 SPD, -1 DEF, +1 RES.

The Aid value for the female mounted classes will also be buffed to reflect their new, adjusted CON stat (‘23-CON=Aid’ instead of the vanilla ‘20-CON=Aid’).

!Rules List! - Also Important
  • A limit of 2 Playable Units & 4 Boss Units (now No Limit) per person. Lords, Nergal & the Fire Dragon will count for the 2 playable/boss limit, and only ONE of the three Lords can be chosen per person. Seems strict, but I want to see how much stuff different members can create! If you are a lurker who stumbled into this paragraph, don’t be shy, come make some units with us! Also, no real restrictions on meme/jokey characters; anything goes as long as it’s not way too exaggerated.

  • To make sure everything still goes okay tho; if after one month there’s still units left to replace, I’ll lift the limit so everyone can pick how many of the free units there is remaining (also please don’t make Alts to bypass the limit!).

  • You can pick up to 3 items per playable unit replaced, increased to 4 for boss units. No duplicates are allowed however, and remember that items like vulneraries count too! Choices are fine if the boss is on a Fog of War map too, since we will know what to expect in these cases. Finally, if you choose a Manakete, you can simply pick a Firestone as one of the items (more info in !Class List!).

  • You can make custom classes for the 3 Lords - complete with custom names - as well as Nergal & the Fire Dragon (using the vanilla bases)! Same for the personal weapons. For the Lords there will be a limit of 2 weapon types unpromoted then 3 weapon types promoted (Staves do count), while Nergal & the Fire Dragon can have up to 4 weapon types (the limit that can be shown on the status screen anyway).

  • Athos DOES NOT have their own unique class. They will need to have one of the normal promoted classes picked. You can then choose in the same post what S Rank weapon your character will have, replacing it’s enemy wielder’s on the chapter with Forblaze if it was not picked itself.

  • Only the Ninian & Nils replacers will & MUST have the Dancer & Bard classes. The Transporter and Magic Seal classes will also be unchanged. Don’t want to go crazy since it’s still my first hack lol. You can however swap around so Ninian’s replacer is a Bard while Nils’s is a Dancer if you want.

  • Who can support with who will be the same as vanilla, including paired endings. Both the Pent & Louise replacers will still have their automatic A Support as well.

  • Last but not least, you can also replace NPCs! How it works is they are tied to the units picked; a specific playable/boss unit allows the change of a specific NPC(s), and you can then replace them for free, without counting against the limit. They have their own template, and then after the choices information will be below in the Slots Taken list, clarifying which playable/boss unit allows the change of which NPC(s).

  • Growth Rates; 305% for normal units (5% extra to help everyone a bit), while the following units will get up to 355% instead: all the 3 Lords (protagonist privileges), as well as Bards, Dancers & Manaketes (can’t promote).

  • Pre-promotes will have 15% cut from all growth rates except HP, up to a minimum of 5% in a stat (in which case the excess will be subtracted from another). Athos replacer will not have their growth rates cut & also gets the above’s 355% growths, for the memes.

  • Boons/Banes:
    HP : 5/5
    POW: 2/2
    SKL: 4/4
    SPD: 3/3
    LCK: 5/5
    DEF: 2/2
    RES: 4/4
    CON: 3/3

Character Templates


  • Put the vanilla character you are gonna replace in ‘Slot’, then fill rest as per usual. Now, ‘Personality’ is unique in that it will be what I can use as information when writing the story bits! You can put any type of info in any way you want on it, what you think shall help me when writing the dialogue.


Death Quote:

Growth Rates

  • HP:
  • POW:
  • SKL:
  • SPD:
  • LCK:
  • DEF:
  • RES:


  • Nothing too special; they’ll have the same unpromoted/promoted rules as vanilla, as well as the same movement rules of their chapter.


Battle Quote:
Death Quote:



  • As stated in the !Rules List!, down below in Slots Taken will be the information of what NPC you’ll be able to replace for free, when applicable.


Death Quote:


---------------------------------------------------------SLOTS TAKEN---------------------------------------------------------


  • Eliwood: Thorne (by MaxTheUltimateSwordmaster)
  • Lyn: Aireth (by Taylor)
  • Hector: Anthea (by AthenaBaer)
  • Ninian: Miku (by amema003)
  • Nils: Zuiho (by TritraSerpifeu)
  • Marcus: Amelia (by TritraSerpifeu)
  • Merlinus: The Boulder (by Omnifox999)
  • Oswin: Marcus (by ATHATH)
  • Matthew: Xilian (by Dex)
  • Kent: Riv (by darkwingduck)
  • Sain: Barrett (by Mintywater)
  • Florina: Olivier (by Ignis)
  • Dorcas: Serket (by VelvetKitsune)
  • Serra: Silvia (by RaimonRex)
  • Erk: Finn (by RaimonRex)
  • Wil: Reagan (by Mintywater)
  • Rath: Armstrong (by SomeRandomFinn)
  • Lowen: Narcian (by Omnifox999)
  • Rebecca: Tulli (by Dex)
  • Bartre: Shelle (by AnneEgge)
  • Guy: Rozaliya (by VelvetKitsune)
  • Priscilla: Rolf (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Raven: Lavari (by Gunnar)
  • Lucius: Edna (by Donlot)
  • Canas: Rinkah (by Gunnar)
  • Dart: Nova (by PicoArgento)
  • Fiora: Eustace (by AnneEgge)
  • Legault: Jonah (by Jonah_07)
  • Isadora: Lilith (by SamsungGalaxyS24)
  • Heath: Seward (by amema003)
  • Hawkeye: Darezin (by Taylor)
  • Pent: Mina (by FuriousHaunter)
  • Louise: Tyche (by FuriousHaunter)
  • Wallace: Mikhail (by SamsungGalaxyS24)
  • Geitz: Madeline (by MaxTheUltimateSwordmaster)
  • Farina: Farina (by ditto)
  • Karel: Pelagia (by Alex_p_v)
  • Harken: Nikolaos (by Alex_p_v)
  • Jaffar: Vandis (by ColeTheOne)
  • Nino: Fionn (by ColeTheOne)
  • Vaida: Josiah (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Karla: Iver (by darkwingduck)
  • Renault: Echidna (by ATHATH)
  • Athos: Olympus (by Jonah_07)


  • Batta: Bigby (by darkwingduck)
  • Zugu: Wally (by AnneEgge)
  • Glass: Derringer (by Gunnar)
  • Migal: Ursus (by Gunnar)
  • Carjiga: Lily (by FuriousHaunter)
  • Bug: 48E (by FuriousHaunter)
  • Bool: Cacophony (by darkwingduck)
  • Heintz: Abiba (by TritraSerpifeu)
  • Beyard: Gretel (by Gunnar)
  • Yogi: Makalov (by TritraSerpifeu)
  • Eagler: Bonnie (by Mintywater)
  • Lundgren: Shin (by Dex)
  • Groznyi: Lasha (by Petey)
  • Wire: Brooke (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Zagan: Pallardó (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Boies: Jared (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Puzon: Wilbur (by Gunnar)
  • Erik: Knull (by Gunnar)
  • Sealen: Barry (by ATHATH)
  • Bauker: Dreckson (by Taylor)
  • Bernard: Algernon (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Fargus: Brigid (by RaimonRex)
  • Damian: Luchar (by RaimonRex)
  • Zoldam: Silvertooth (by Petey)
  • Uhai: Kempf (by SomeRandomFinn)
  • Aion: Sabre (by ColeTheOne)
  • Teodor: Hana (by ColeTheOne)
  • Darin: Adira (by Taylor)
  • Cameron: Harald (by RNGSOMEONE)
  • Oleg: Borris (by MaxTheUltimateSwordmaster)
  • Eubans: Dreyfus (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Paul: Molly (by amema003)
  • Jasmine: Frith (by amema003)
  • Lloyd: Bella (by Dex)
  • Linus: Marik (by Mintywater)
  • Pascal: Dutch (by Petey)
  • Jerme: Alkmini (by Alex_p_v)
  • Kenneth: Stylianos (by Alex_p_v)
  • Ursula: Caroline (by Alex_p_v)
  • Maxime: Mathias (by Alex_p_v)
  • Sonia: Amalie (by ColeTheOne)
  • Georg: Kei (by ColeTheOne)
  • Kaim: Dozla (by ColeTheOne)
  • Denning: Villager (by ditto)
  • Limstella: Daimler (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Kishuna: Narty (by ATHATH)
  • Brendan: Zoe (by TritraSerpifeu)
  • Nergal: Dezdana (by Taylor)
  • Fire Dragon: [!?@)($%^ (by FuriousHaunter)


  • Elbert [Eliwood]: Madoka (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Eleanora [Eliwood]: Jenny (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Hausen [Lyn]: Thomas (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Uther [Hector]: Ariel (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Natalie [Dorcas]: Bastet (by VelvetKitsune)
  • Araphen [Rath]: Quincy (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Augur Hannah [Nils]: Ferrah (by TritraSerpifeu)
  • Ephidel [Jaffar]: Robin (by ColeTheOne)
  • Reissmann [Lyn]: Lavania (by Taylor)
  • Leila [Matthew]: Delta (by Dex)
  • Helman [Darin]: Hosea (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Igor [Linus]: Lonnie (by Mintywater)
  • Uncle Jan [Nino]: Kaku (by ColeTheOne)
  • Cameo Sophia [Bartre]: Gendrina (by Taylor)
  • Cameo Fae [Karel]: Shyama (by medicbag7)
  • Desmond [Nergal]: Hyaine (by Taylor)
  • Hellene [Sonia]: Claret (by ColeTheOne)
  • Murdock [Limstella]: Norton (by TheEmeraldKing267)
  • Zephiel [Special]: Anna (by RaimonRex)
  • Guinevere [Pent]: Cardboard Sans (by FuriousHaunter)
  • Bramimond [Special]: Damhaint (by TritraSerpifeu)
  • Roland [Special]: Cloud (by SomeRandomFinn)
  • Durban [Special]: Dozla (by ColeTheOne)
  • Vanilla Anna [Louise]: Afa (by FuriousHaunter)
  • Vanilla Jake [Pent]: Joan (by FuriousHaunter)
  • Child Roy [Eliwood]: Evaine (by SilverRoy)
  • Child Lilina [Hector]: Adam (by AthenaBaer)

That’s that! Release links down bellow. Enjoy!

Download v1.0b:
Mirror Link 1
Mirror Link 2

Tier List Maker:


Brother, this is just about the weirdest PME I’ve ever seen. I feel like this is a really dumb PME, too, even though nobody’s submitted anything just yet :thinking: Because instead of encouraging new changes as the submissions roll in and improvising on the fly (y’know, like a normal PME), this isn’t a PME at all…it’s a PME on top of a balance patch, which makes no sense to me. I don’t want to be overly critical and beat you down, nor do I want to crush your dreams, but this is a pretty ass-backward way of going about things, and I don’t understand why you couldn’t release the balance patch on its own and then start fresh to make the PME. I also want to apologize for making this reply in the first place, but as someone who has one canceled PME and another on hiatus (albeit both in FE6, which is wayyy more restrictive), I feel like this is a recipe for disaster, especially with the classes and balance changes which are just bizarre to me. However, I wish you luck anyway, as it’s always good to see new talent come into the fray, and I hope this PME is a success. Also, I might make my units for this soon. I just needed to vent this out :two_hearts:


Its unusualness is also rather unique, so there’s that going for it.


I suppose that’s true, but when there are things like Luna losing its Lunaness and bows getting a tiny amount of crit chance like the reaver weapons and Thunder, the Athos replacement not having a unique class of their own which almost guarantees that they’ll suck ass (as seen in your PME where they have like zero stats except for their Luck), et cetera, I feel like this is too much waterproofing to make it a PME, y’know? It’s more a CMU than a PME, which isn’t what this is advertised as, and that’s disrespectful to the other PMEs that have tried and succeeded/failed. Maybe I’m just cynical and traditionalist in this regard, but I’m not sure this will be as fun as a PME ordinarily is because the whole joy of a PME is having the game adapt to the people, not the people conform to the game. Again, this all absolutely could just be me, but I’ll try to put my biases in the cupboard and see what happens :heart_decoration:


Perhaps! But it could be fun to just let this one go as it does, if anyone’s crazy enough to put this much work into it before even starting it up there’s no real harm it seeing where it goes as you poke at it with a stick. Anyone can just start a more normal PME whenever they want to.


Slot: Limstella
Name: Daimler
Gender: Male
Class: Baron
Affinity: Fire
Credit to thorn

Description: The evil power mongering Marquess of Cornwell. He holds extreme hatred for the people of Sacae.
Battle Quote: Why bother putting up a fight against me of all people!? You have no hope in winning! I will rule Lycia, no i will rule all of Elibe, no wait… even better! I going to take control over this whole world, and be king! Prepare to be grounded to dust!
Death Quote: What no… i can’t lose… not to such inseparable peasants…
Personality: Power hungry. Greedy. Racist
Inventory: Bolting. Rex Hasta. Spear. Elixir

Boon: Str
Bane: Res

Daimler was once a servant to his sister the previous marquess of Cornwell a long time ago. Cornwell was once a peaceful nation under his sister rule. But Daimler concoct a plan and murder his own sister and pin the blame on the Nomadic Tribe of Sacae. When Daimler became marquess his first order was to wipe out the tribe he accuse of. And since he became marquess of Cornwell he has corrupt his own nation and now seeks to take over all Lycia


Yeah, when i started working on this PME, literally one thing came after another in mind; the classes, then the differences/rebalance, etc. Even i agreed with myself that this might be a lot to take in at first, that’s why I’m making sure I’m as focused as possible when working on this style of PME (i had no idea PMEs were this ‘set in stone’, still new in hacking but I’m excited about what i can make with this).
I WILL have a separate file for a ‘regular’ version with the vanilla characters & story intact tho! As a sort of base, and together with the PME one, so no worries. o7


I’ve got a question, are we allowed to also request for personal animations? FE7 has that function, and I’m asking since I personally prefer some vanilla animations over the new ones (no hate to your preferences tho)


Slot: Lyn
Name: Aireth
Gender: Female
Class: Reaver
Affinity: Ice
Portrait by Levin64

Description: A recluse woman from the plains. Despite her icy exterior she has a wonderful personality

Death Quote: I cannot… go on…

Personality: Cold and distant, but soon warms up to those who familiarize themselves with her.

Iron Sword
Killing Edge
Earth Seal

Boon: Con
Bane: Skl
Growth Rates

HP: 45%
POW: 60%
SKL: 50%
SPD: 55%
LCK: 45%
DEF: 50%
RES: 45%


Ah right! Sadly I won’t be able to include them for this hack, not only because of my newbie knowledge in hacking but of what I read from other posts about FE7 having possible game breaking bugs with the ROM if it’s data is expanded a lot (and i already have all classes as well as battle animations organized on a limit that to the best of my knowledge is safe, with some gameplay testing on top).
Sorry again for it, but in a silver lining you can still pick custom battle animations if you choose either of the 3 lords, nergal or the fire dragon if that’s of your interest (they all have free space).


Some quick questions @SilverRoy

-Since I submitted a submission for Lyn, can I still make another submission or did I burn all my submissions already?

-Are dragonstones unbreakable and what stats boosts do they give?


Slot: Rebecca
Name: Tulli
Gender: F
Class: Young manakete
Affinity: Light
Credit Remurin

Description: A immortal manakete in search of the worlds biggest secrets.
Death Quote: Death always feels so hollow… I hope that I get to have my adventure in the next 200 years…
Personality: Tulli is extremely smart, mature and a bookworm. She thinks she knows everything better due to her long life, but most often misses an important detail that she forgot about in her hubores. Death for Tulli is natural, since after she dies she is reborn after 200 years, but loses most of her previous memories on rebirth. She might be one of the oldest dragons in the world if she didn’t spend most of her “Life” dead. That is why she is always so curious about mysteries and legends cause they can tell her about her previous life.
Inventory: Dragonstone (duh), vulnerary

Boon: Spd
Bane: Def
Growth Rates

  • HP: 45%
  • POW: 70%
  • SKL: 30%
  • SPD: 55%
  • LCK: 70%
  • DEF: 45%
  • RES: 40%

-The limit is 2 player units as well as 2 boss units, so you can still take one more playable character as well as 2 boss characters if you wish!

-All dragonstones will be unbreakable, and the stats I’m still working on final, definitive ones (as well as the dragonstone variants). As a base however, the default Firestone (that all manaketes will start with) will have stats boosts akin to the ones from the other gba FEs, but lower since you can have them so early;
+5 POW +10SKL +5DEF +5RES.
This is the first stat boost that I’m thinking of using, would love to know if it looks good or not.


Ok pme with balance patchneat (Also Man of culture i see becuse snipers have crit boost from start )but quick question npc. Can we make them base stats(if we can iam turning zephidel in to somethink really hard to kill)


Yea I committed way before you said that. Idk why not just make them appear in shops, but I’ll take it. If you want some ideas on unique dragonstones I can help


Cutthroat and Dreadmonger are ‘Myrmidon’ enough for Wo Dao, right? I’d assume so anyways.


Slot: Eliwood
Name: Thorne
Gender: Male
Class: Pilgrim
Affinity: Dark
Portrait: (made by me)

Description: His edge pissed off the gods so much that he was cursed into a Monk.
Death Quote: After blood, sweat and tears… ah it doesn’t matter, my life was garbage anyways…

Personality: Thorne’s life has been influenced by a traumatic childhood. His parents died shortly after his birth in a snowstorm, and so he was raised by a church orphanage. His life seemed great, until one day the church was struck by a meteor the size of several Steel Blades and killed everyone except him. At the young age of 14, he made work as a mercenary swordsman, and managed to get quite a fortune!.. only to lose it later after being mugged by a thief. But he also managed to get a girlfriend!.. who was then struck by lightning 30 times and turned to cinders and ashes. With every horrible instance in his life turning him more cold, callous, aloof, he was angry about his misfortune and climbed the worlds tallest mountain and denounced god for the several horrible things he had endured in his life, claiming god to be nothing but a pile of shit. In a twist of irony he then fell down while climbing downwards and fell for around 776 metres… into a deep lake, making him survive the fall! Then a giant branch as big as 2 Ghebs fell down from a tree and broke his sword arm. Unable to swing a sword, he now uses the tome he got from the church he was raised as a kid, and is going on a Pilgrimage, with the goal to find one answer: WHEN WILL MY SUFFERING END

oh wait this was personality uuhhhhhhh yeah he’s an angry edgelord monk/priest, totally original and fitting

(What? This and over exaggerated? Nevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Thani (Light Tome Rapier, unless you wanna keep it for the Eliwood Class)
Killing Edge

Boon: Magic
Bane: Resistance
Growth Rates

  • HP: 70%
  • POW: 50%
  • SKL: 60%
  • SPD: 70%
  • LCK: 35%
  • DEF: 40%
  • RES: 30%

Actually you can’t edit the base stats. There ARE other things however that still indirectly help; NPC templates also have Boons & Banes (which was put mostly with Zephiel in mind), you can still give his replacer whatever class & inventory you want, and also remember that Fog of War enemies will be made less annoying to handle in this hack (e.g. all bows/eff. weapons will be replaced, as stated in ‘Differences/Rebalancing’)

Correct, they’ll be able to use the Wo Dao too.


Behold many things for personality. Welp. I wrote Serket a while ago and have wanted an excuse to sprite her. Hopefully I’ll get to that tomorrow.

Slot: Dorcas
Name: Serket
Gender: Female
Class: Cutthroat
Affinity: Dark

Description: The Deathstalker. Calls for vengeance for arbitrary reasons, loves to flirt with anyone. Adores rare items.
Death Quote: “Gasp, how dare you defeat me, I will have my revenge!”

Personality: Very flirty and forward, a battle maniac, although her flirty side will take precedent in basically every situation, she’d drop her sword in the middle of a fight if she saw someone she wanted to flirt with. Playful, loves to collect rare items, fearless, sly and cunning… and she’ll get vengeful for silly reasons. If someone does something as innocuous as as step in her shadow while wearing boots? Revenge, stare at her left ear a second too long? Vengeance, standing on a rock? You’ve made a powerful enemy! Most of the time it’s harmless though, she’ll say it but never really do anything about it unless properly severe. If she calls for a duel she’ll deliberately miss fatal blows and will instead force a surrender, however if someone takes advantage of this mercy she will treat it as a proper offence and may begin going for the kill. She’s technically a ‘living mummy’, she’s alive, but was cursed into being mummified.
“The utter audacity! I can’t believe you’d enter the room in the evening with your left foot!”
“Oooh, someone bumped me and accidentally tore my bandages, this means war.”
“You’re standing on the rock! You’ve made a powerful enemy!”
“You looked at my left ear one second too long, prepare for vengeance!”
“Prepare yourself, for you have committed the gravest of offenses by spilling your drink in my presence! I challenge you to a duel to reclaim my honour!”
“You uncouth beast! How dare you step upon the sacred path I have tread upon? You have defiled my legacy, and now you shall pay!”
“Gasp! You stepped into my shadow wearing boots! I will have my revenge!.. Unless… you’d be willing to assist me with finding a rare artifact?”

Inventory: Poison Sword, Wo Dao, Vulnerary

Boon: POW
Bane: LCK
Growth Rates

HP: 70%
POW: 60%
SKL: 40%
SPD: 55%
LCK: 20%
DEF: 25%
RES: 35%

As per my thing with PMEs recently, apparently, Serket needs the ‘Exceed The Portrait Hackbox By 4 Tiles’ patch to properly work.
Tile 1 - X: 2, Y: 254
Tile 2 - X: 6, Y: 254


Speaking of base stats, will the Lords get updated to have any personal bases? All their stats come from their Lord class in the normal game, so they all have 0 bases in everything in vanilla, which would make them kinda worse than the other units unless their bases would be updated.