FE7 Rebalanced To My Weird Taste

Hi, I’m Falkyrie, FE noob and enemy of people who don’t like purple. FE7 was my first FE game and it is still my favorite character wise, but since I’m a casual player and my favorite characters tend to be weak as hell (I always deploy every single archer I’ve available), I decided to do some rebalancing. This hack wasn’t made with the intent of making an objectively better FE7, but simply a better FE7 for my particular taste - and as practice, since this is my first hack.

First and foremost, I used Mkol’s Enhancement Patch as the base for this balance patch, since it has a ton of QoL features, like being able to select the game mode from the get go, health bars, 3x weapon effectiveness, etc…
If you want an enhanced experience, instead of an alternate one, here is a link to his patch: FE6 + FE7 + FE8 Plus [Enhancement Patch]

Character Buffs

  • Eliwood Str +2 Skill +1 Def +1
  • Lyn HP +1 Str +3 Skill +1 Def +2
  • Guy Str +3
  • Karel HP +4 Str +3
  • Dorcas Str +2 Spd +2 Luck +3 Def +1
  • Bartre Skill +1 Spd +4 Def +1
  • Wil Str +2 Skill +5 Spd +2 (Skill Growth +10%)
  • Rebecca Str +2 Skill +5 Spd +2 (Skill Growth +20%)
  • Louise Str +2 Skill +5 (Skill Growth +10%)
  • Serra HP +1 Mag +6 Res +3
  • Ranault Mag +6
  • Erk Skill +1 Spd +2 Luck +2
  • Nino HP +3 Mag +2 Skill +2 Spd +2 Luck +2 Def +2 Res +2
  • Canas HP +3 Mag +2 Skill +1
  • Rath Str +2 Skill +3 (Skill Growth +20%)
  • Florina Skill +2 Spd +2
  • Fiora Str +1 Skill +4
  • Farina Str +2 Skill +1
  • Matthew Str +1 Skill +5
  • Jaffar Str +4
  • Wallace HP +3 Str +2 Skill +2 Spd +2 Luck +2 Def +2 Res +2
  • Dart Skill +2 Spd +2
  • Isadora HP +3 Def +1 Res +1 Con +3
  • Karla HP +6 Str +4 Skill +4 Spd +4 Luck +4 Def +4 Res +4

Stupid Buff
All characters from Lyndis Mode (Lyn, Sain, Kent, Florina, Wil, Dorcas, Serra, Erk, Rath, Matthew, Nils, Lucius, Wallace) get a +5% to all their Growth Rates.

Item Changes

  • Bows: Hit Rate +15 Crit Rate +5
  • Slim Weapons: Crit Rate +10
  • Longbow Might 9 Weight 12 Hit 85 Crit 5 Range 2-3
  • Armads Might 20 Weight 17 Hit 75 Crit 0
  • Durandal Might 17 Weight 12 Hit 90 Crit 0
  • Sol Katti Might 15 Weight 9 Hit 100 Crit 15
  • Hammer Hit Rate +5
  • Fell Contract Worth 25,000


  • All supports grow 2 times faster.
  • Hit Rate and Crit Avoid bonuses from Affinities are doubled (previously 5%, now 10%).


  • Archer: Doesn’t get slowed down by forests
  • Sniper: Crit Bonus and doesn’t get slowed down by forests
  • General: Doesn’t get slowed down by snow
  • Myrmidon: Doesn’t get slowed by rain.
  • Swordmaster: Doesn’t get slowed by rain.
  • Lord (Lyn): Doesn’t get slowed by rain.
  • Blade Lord: Crit Bonus, C Rank Bows and doesn’t get slowed by rain.
  • Knight Lord: Mov 8, Con 11 and C Rank Lances
  • Great Lord: Mov 5 and C Rank Swords
  • Assassin: Steal and +3 Str Promotion Bonus (instead of +1)
  • Warrior: D Rank Bows
  • Berserker: Doesn’t get slowed down by desert


  • Chapter 19: Legault has a Fell Contract in his inventory.
  • Chapter 25: One of the Mymidons had a Horseslayer on his inventory, now he has a Longsword.

That’s it. I plan on adding a playable tactician in the future, but holy sh%# that’ll be hard to pull off.

FE7 - Hawk’s Hack


A strange Rebalanced of FE7 seems random but okay. Also, why is Eliwood’s hair purple instead of red?

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Because I’m done with red haired anime protagonists, purple haired anime protagonists are much better, but also because in the beginning I needed something visual for me to quickly know if I managed to patch the ROM properly - I would start the game, see his hair and know that I was playing the hack.
Eventually it became a thing, so I changed the palette of all the animations and even the text of his B Support with Hector where his hair color is mentioned.


Rebecca, Karla, Bartre, Serra and Renault all appreciate the buffs. Even the +5% Erk’s growths because he needs all the help he can get.


To be honest, I wanted to give Erk an even bigger buff because he always ends up weaker than Canas and Lucius in my playthroughs, but since I used Mekkah’s Character Guide and Mangs’ Unit Review as the basis for this Balance Patch and in both Erk is considered equal to the other two (or even slightly superior to Canas) I couldn’t give him the stat boost my instincts told me he deserved.

Same. And yeah he can be considered slightly above Canas because of his availability and better accuracy/speed.

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Why a +2 spd buff on isadora instead of a con buff?

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Probably because rescue.

Because I looked at the Con and Mov stats and went “Yeah, I don’t feel confident enough to mess with those”. Besides, a Spd bonus is always better than a Con bonus, unless the Con bonus is significantly higher, since Spd also affects Avoid and etc…

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Purple Eliwood, I support that.


Made changes to the stat buffs and added some other stuff.

Do you plan to replace the obtained promotion items with Master Seals/Earth Seals? Although it might make the experience a bit far from vanilla

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I know a lot of people think it’s more convenient to have universal promotion items, but I really like the flavor they add to the game - like Thieves needing to sign a freaking contract to become an Assassin, that shit is metal. That said, maybe I’ll expand the domain of Earth Seals, but I need to think about it first.



  • Bows got +5 Crit Rate (not the Killer Bow)
  • Changes to character’s stat buff
  • Changes to skill growth of playable bow users
  • Changes to Short Bows and Longbows
  • Fixed Short Bow’s description
  • Changes to Erk’s stat boosts to avoid bug at Chapter 5
  • Changes to Canas’ stat boosts
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Is hard mode unlocked from the start?

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Will eagerly wait for playable tactician.
Please make male Mark supports all female :slight_smile:

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I was dumb and didn’t read the whole post

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Stop it. Get some help. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s fine :grin:
Just to be clear, since even the enhancement patch I used as a base has different versions, I’m using the one that mirrors the Japanese version (x3 weapon effectiveness, etc) and where growths are not fixed.

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