FE7 Negative Growths

OK, so now that this thing is pretty well tested and so far I think all the bugs are fixed I thought I’d officially release it! This just a dumb challenge hack of FE7 I made called Degeneration/Atrophy Emblem and well, there’s only one real gameplay change. Whenever you would have gained a stat in an after combat level-up, you will now lose it. This only applies to level-ups after battle, done specifically to make sure that enemies auto-leveling outside of battle will still level normally, so that you won’t end up fighting enemies that are ALSO weaker than they should be (It also only looks at player deployment data so trying to use the anti-level on non-player units would not necessarily work correctly). This had the side effect of make Merlinus unaffected by anti-levels and as such he will level normally, but I didn’t consider that worth fixing, so I didn’t. Everything else is unchanged. Stat boosters and promotion items still work as they did in vanilla. There is also a lower bound for your stats ensuring that they will not go below 0 for all stats except HP, which is instead bounded at 1.

This is an FE7 hack and the UPS patch can be downloaded here: Dropbox - DE.ups - Simplify your life

If you want to see the ASM for the level-up hacks you can get it here: Dropbox - stat hacks - Simplify your life

Somewhat unimportant, but this also uses my RNG randomizer :slight_smile:
Good luck!


Could you make one for sacred stones?