[FE7] Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade REMASTERED (FE7 Reskin)

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword Remastered is a visual hack, no other things in the game were changed asides from making all the campaigns available from the beginning and various changes in graphics. You should be able to use an old savegame on this version! You can use this hack to give your Ironman challenge a new graphical experience.

FE7RemasteredX: Will include some gameplay changes. Coming soon…

FE7RemasteredXX: Will include some gameplay and character changes, made for fun. Coming soon…


I thank the Fire Emblem community for creating and sharing their content for hacks. I also thanks the creators of FEBuilderGBA, thanks to their tool this hack was possible.

Anims used (got in https://emblem-anims.herokuapp.com/ and GitHub - Klokinator/FE-Repo: A public graphics repository for Fire Emblem portraits, battle animations, map sprites, and other assorted graphics people might like to use.), some of them were used in development, not all of these are present in the final game and some are used in specific versions:

[T1][AXE]Brigand[M]{Leo_Link, Iscaneus}
[T1][AXE][Fighter](FE9 Repalette)[M]{Glenwing, MK404}
[T1][CAV][Cavalier](SALVAGED Edit)[F]{Flasuban, Team SALVAGED}
[T1][MAG][Mage](Light Mage Long Hair Edit)[F]{Leo_Link, L95, flasuban}
[T1][MAG][Mage](Light Mage)[M]{Leo_Link, L95, flasuban}
[T2][SWD][Hero](Armored +Short Hair)[F]{Flasuban, Nuramon}
[T3][MAG]Necromancer[M]{Eldritch Abomination, Shin19}
[T1][ARM]Knight[M]{Team SALVAGED}
[T1][CAV]Cavalier[M]{Team SALVAGED}
[T1][SWD][Mercenary](Armored +Axe)[M]{Alusq, Maiser6}
[T2][ARM][General](Shield v2 +Cape)[U]{TBA, DerTheVaporeon, Nuramon}
[T2][ARM][General](Vanilla +Weapons)[U]{IS, TBA, DerTheVaporeon, GabrielKnight, JPN}
[T2][FLY]Wyvern Lord[U]{Nuramon}
[T2][SWD][Swordmaster](Marisa Alt RB)[F]{Red Bean, Marlon0024}
[T3][CAV][Master Knight][F]{St jack}
[T3][CAV][Master Knight][M]{St jack}
[T2][LRD][Great Lord](Hector Brave)[M]{Nuramon}
[T1][FLY][Wyvern Rider](Vanilla +Weapons)[U]{IS, Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon, PrincessKilvas, Spud, Blue Druid}
[T1][LRD][Lord](Hector +Sword)[M]{IS, Vilkalizer, Zane Avernathy}
[T2][LRD][Great Lord](Hector Repalette)[M]{Temp}
[T2][MAG]Sage[F]{Greentea, DerTheVaporeon}
[T1][BOW]Archer[M]{Flasuban, DerTheVaporeon}
[T1][MAG][Clergy](Cleric Improved Repalette)[F]{Flasuban, Eldritch Abomination}
[T3][CAV][Master Knight](Gold Knight)[U]{Nuramon}
[T1][MAG][Clergy](Priest Improved Repalette)[M]{Flasuban, Eldritch Abomination}
[T2][AXE][Warrior](Warrior 2.0)[M](Leo_Link, Nuramon, Spud)
[T2][BOW][Ranger](FE7 Nomad Trooper +Fix)[M]{IS}
[T2][SWD]Hero[M]{DerTheVaporeon, Nuramon, Greentea}
[Mage-Reskin] [M] Hatless Hybrid by GabrielKnight
[Fighter-Reskin] [M] Tellius-Style Clothing by Leo_Link
[Assassin-Reskin] [M] Legault by Greentea
[Assassin-Reskin] [M] Matthew by Greentea

Map Sprites:

[T1] Mage (M) (Hatless) {Pikmin1211}
[T1][ARM] Knight (FE10-Hybrid-Style) Lance {Nuramon, flasuban}
[T2][AXE] Berserker (M) (Barbarian) Axe {Glaceo} → Used for Brigands.


{Zelix} Modern FE Weapons (271)


Final Fantasy I & II Advance backgrounds ripped by Vanarus and Ryan914; Final Fantasy IV Advance backgrounds ripped by Bean; Final Fantasy V Advance backgrounds ripped by Valoc Dakmyre; I got them from Spriters Resource. All backgrounds were ported by me (Dennis el Azul).




You can download the hack from here: FE7Remastered - Google Drive

If you stream the game, let me know! :grinning:


I have a couple of questions just out of curiosity. Are these backgrounds from the Final Fantasy? Looks like it for me.

They look good, but what they have to do with the Fire Emblem 7?
I think it makes sense, when you create your own hack with your own story or something like that. But as i can see here, it’s just a reskin for better graphics. And i suppose it must be graphics from the fire emblem 7 (just better quality or something), not from another game.

You have all in the credits section, the backgrounds are from Final Fantasy games, the new animations and icons are made by the community and I credit everyone. As you say (and as you can see in the title), it’s only a reskin of the game. I plan to make a version with a few gameplay changes, for fun, changing some things and adding some QoL changes (for example, related with Supports in the game).

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Sorry, i didn’t notice that.
But what about background mismatches with map tiles (like city, castle, etc.)? Or will you replace them too?

I’ve change the backgrounds, but didn’t put off the tiles, since a character can attack another from different tiles, so they work in the same way they do in the original game, you see the background related to the tile of the left part.

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Ohhhhh I like this! Been a while since I played FE7 and I’d love to revisit a more remastered/refined version. Looking forward to this.

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You’re welcome! I did thinking in those people that play Ironman runs with the animations on. If you stream, let me know, I want feedback!


But always glad to have more.

FE is the best game ever created.


Some real nice backgrounds here! If i ever play fe7 again, I’ll try this out!

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Didn’t knew about that one, sounds better than mine! I didn’t know about it and I should check it. Anyway, another reason to create this hack is to use as a base to another hacks. I have one in mind with a few gameplay and QoL changes (FE7RemasteredX) and another one only for fun with silly things on it like the the recruits from the Spanish translation of FE: Shadow Dragon (FE7RemasteredXX).


Is this complete?

I guess your native language it’s spanish but I’m gonna talk in english , i think the backgrounds you are using in your game are from Final Fantasy Games , if that’s true let me know it and it would be very great imo. Maybe without those floors and just the background would looks better. Congrats and good luck with your hack

It is! Enjoy!

I leaved the tiles because there’re some cases the background alone wouldn’t fit, like the sea background, sometimes you’re on a boat, sometimes you’re a pegasus or a pirate in the sea, but I know there’s a patch to take out the tiles. I took them off in my Fire Emblem 8 hack (Heroes Crossover), but I had to do a bit of extra work because of that. And yes, those are Final Fantasy backgrounds, all is in the credits, I credited the ones who ripped them from the games. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve changed some sprites (Fighters and Thieves) and a background, updated in the credits.

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Will it have a translation into Spanish or some other language?

The plot is just FE7, I don’t really see a point for a spanish traslation if you can just pull up the game’s spanish script?

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Assuming this is still in production, the plot isn’t planned to be vanilla Fe7
Additionally the OP has stated they’re not an English native speaker, likely Spanish given this comment

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Just Finish Lynn Mode. Moving on to Hector Mode. I can already say that this is exactly what I wanted in a Visual Remastered of FE7. Same old gameplay with updated and better looking sprites and model . Thank you for making this hack!