[FE7] Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade REMASTERED (FE7 Reskin)

Hey, quick question: Does this mod start with all 3 modes unlocked?

Yes it does have all 3 mode unlock


Cool, thanks

I added a version with gameplay changes, some of them Quality of Life stuff. I was working on it and testing it all this time, but still I want to do a challenge version before announcing it (anyway, the patch is available in the same link). It change the class promotion of some characters and add some cheat weapons you can get at the beginning if you only want to play the story or fool around or prepare a team to test something. I created them only for testing but I think someone will find using them funny.

FE7URemaster X QoL Final01 FE7URemaster X QoL Final03


Looks great, thank you. I’d love to see a version with little tweaks to gameplay, specially in difficulty and deployment. Unfortunately Hector hard mode reduces the amount of units per map, and I’d love to be able to use more units more often but also have a substantial increase in difficulty and maybe a few more side objectives, that would be an ideal version for me.

Love the visuals on this one, thank you so much.

You’re welcome. I uploaded a patch with slight gameplay changes (you have them in the readme) and another one that adds two more changes that actually increase the difficulty (or maybe it forces you to change how you play). I will anounce them when I prepare the images, but the patch is already online (in the same link, check the Readme anyway).

I though in doing a version were nearly all the weapons has the curse of the Devil Axe, but I think that would be very unfair.


In the QOL changes one, why did you change ninos level to 10? I really do prefer her to be level 5 as it shows just how inexperienced she is and that you have to go out of your way to train her.

I didn’t like Matthew and Legault’s promotion that their sprites change, it’s better to leave them as thieves originally

You can play the version that only changes the graphics or you can move the save file to that version, save the first turn and return to the QoL version. I know some changes will not be to the appeal of all. Also, you were fast getting to that part!

I know some changes don’t appeal to some people, and I think you’re right in this one. My mistake.


One thing I don’t like about this hack is the new soldier sprite. I like the vanilla sprite better. Why did you have to use such ugly sprite for the soldier?(just my opinion)

I’m planning on do the same treatment to The Sacred Stones, so if you wish you can suggest what soldier sprites I should use. I can’t understand you don’t like the one I used, but I don’t want to use the vanilla one, so you can check the repository and suggest the ones you like more.

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I’ll link to the soldier sprite animation I want to be use in the hack.
So the sprite animation you used was this one:

I want to use this one because the soldier look nicer to me

It’s not bad, but it doesn’t convice me. I’m thinking on making soldiers into Halberdiers. What do you think about that?


I would like to see that in game

if It is anything like this then Yes I would Really like to see it in game

Maybe I’ll update someday the patch with something like that, and take note for the Sacred Stones Remastered I want to do.


Hello, this isn’t a stream, but I’m posting a playthrough on YouTube. My channel is RAlexa21th.

Hey, just curious whats the difference between the 2 QoL patches and the Regular ups patch