FE7 - the Community Edition


Salve, fratres et sorores!

What’s that? I proudly call it: “FE7: The Community Edition”. What I did is compile ALL the custom character animations from the community and added many of my own. This way nearly all of the playable cast has custom animations (minus a select few when I felt like the default one fits them alright). What is more, some of the most important bosses got custom anims as well.
The hack changes nothing in terms of gameplay or story, it’s simply a graphical update.
This is the definitive version of FE7 for me.

I made it some time ago, as a consolation for the FE community after “Da Youtube Drama”. I originaly posted it on FE ft’ for All, but I thought I’ll repost it here so that it can reach wider audience.

Anyway, enough rambling from me, here’s the link, enjoy! (all credits included)


This is awesome.

Now all we need is the FE8 Class split in FE7 and my dreams of the ultimate FE7 version will be realized!


The goal of the project was to not change the game at all, but rather improve the visuals.

The thing I would like to do is to re-translate the game (as we all know the translation is very imperfect). The only problem is I don’t know Japanese at all and it would take years for me to learn it. I’m just throwing an idea.

So when I get to chapter 2 I have Will as a Sniper and no Sain lol

As far as I recall, the biggest translation mistakes from the original are all pretty well documented, so unless your intent was to completely rewrite the entire game it might not be too crazy for someone to do.

Hey, I’m new here and I stumbled across this. I thought I’d give it a try, but I’m having trouble getting to work. Is there something I need to do?


Wait a moment. TheTruthSerum indentified an error, I’ll fix it soon.
You just need to patch a FE7 rom BTW

It’s the same for me.

It’s a fault on my side. I didn’t change it back from when I was testing the animations.

Thanks for the quick response, hopefully you fix it soon. Looking forward to playing the hack.

Report any other errors you’ll find.

Just curious, when do you start seeing the custom animations? Is it when they get promoted?

They should be in all the time.

Hmmmm, I have the normal animations for lyn, sain, Kent, will and florina. I patched the rom the same way I do with every other hack I’ve played. Wonder what the problem is

Show me.

These probably don’t help lol. I’m on my phone so its hard to get the screenshot at the right time

Nope, it’s OK. Florina is different, see?

Ahhhh its just character animations? My dumbass thought it was battle animations lmao. My bad dude, forget everything I’ve said