[FE7, FE8] Unit Menu Options

I bet FE7 does something similar if you look into it.
FE8 Menu Options

look at the jump instruction at 0804EDA6.
This jumps if the certain menu instruction is NOT to appear. r7 tells what thing it’s checking for, out of a possible 1C options. So far I have:
0 - Makes seize appear
1 - Makes attack appear
2 - Makes attack appear(again?)
3 - Makes Staff appear
4 - Makes Ride appear
5 - Makes Exit appear
6 - Makes Play appear
7 - Makes Dance appear
8 - Makes Steal appear
9 - Makes Summon appear
A - Makes Summon appear(again?)
B - Makes Pick appear
C - Makes Talk appear
D - Makes Support appear
E - Makes Visit appear
F - Makes Chest appear
10-Makes Door appear
11-Makes Armory appear
12-Makes Vendor appear
13-Makes Secret appear
14-Makes Arena appear
15-Makes Rescue appear
16-Makes Drop appear
17-Makes Take appear
18-Makes Give appear
19-Makes Item appear
1A-Makes Trade appear
1B-Makes Supply appear (ALSO it doesn’t crash if you choose it. Checking out the routine that governs this is the key to changing who has supply!)
1C-Makes Wait appear


The actual routines governing these are in a jump table at… uhm, gimme a moment.

… 0859CA34, I think? Which is actually [0859D1F0, #0x8]

Probably better to edit on a command-by-command basis.

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Wait, what. :0

You could place the Supply command anywhere in the map? You could give it to anybody? Things like these? Oh wooow.

And I assume that choosing any other command out of their context will break the game?

… pretty much. I only tested it with attack and supply, but I’m assuming so, yeah.

Random questions.
How hard would it be to:

  • make a custom command
  • edit what a previous command does
  • associate an event ID to a command

A lame example. We can set the coordinates for the Door command now, pretty much. What if I wanted to use the same system to make a new/edited command to appear at certain coordinates, and make so that it just triggers an event ID when selected?
That way I could do shit with AFEV.

On a scale of 1-10, 11.

On a scale of 1-10, 7.

Uhm… Making the event ID would be hard, actually… I’d say around an 8… this is all very difficult. This one I’d need more info on how the event engine works.

For the second one, I’d probably just need to find the code to see where it jumps to after you select the command… it’s probably the most doable.

That second “Attack” sure sounds like “Capture” to me.

With the proper research done into FE7, I’m assuming it’s tough, but a port of Summon for FireShell would be epic.

Let me just shut down that idea before it gains momentum. No, not now, not ever.

Aaand here comes the divine,Jesus-y part of my brain –

maaaaaybe if we jsut copy-paste(or copy-rearrange-paste) enough code from FE8, we can spawn units in FE7 through the same mechanisms that they are spawned in FE8.

Edit: Also, it’s my educated guess that the second attack is for attack within ballistas. But that’s just a guess.

Imo it’s the “attack wall” command, and the second summon command is the mass summoning of the Demon King. Just my guess.

Also what about making chests use the same command as doors (and rename the actual command “Open”) and edit the chest command into something else?
This way it would be possible to:

  • set the coordinates (previously used by chests)
  • set an event ID

This is probably just a hunch of mine, but the second summon could be related to the Demon King. Considering he summons monster on the first turn.

What about a command that runs an event sequence? I could just hax up a way to summon with that, perhaps (and likely a few other things).

…Is there an outside chance that the rescue command could be forked on class, so that it allows for the implementation of FE7x’s Cover (which moves the unit onto the traveler rather than the other way around) and perhaps Capture (so it’d basically be in lieu of rescuing) when targeting an enemy?

I doubt this because chests open when you’re ON the square, and doors when you’re NEXT TO them. I might be able to repurpose the pick command, but I’d have to add in the code to check for tools in the non-pick ability myself.

I’ll test this sometime! I mean, if the game will do something other than crash if I select it.

Cover sounds vaguely doable, albeit difficult. Capture would be… a stretch goal, to say the least.

Possibly, but I’d need to find a simple branch that’s like “run this event sequence!”. If I can find that, might be doable.

[6:30:21 AM] Crazy Colorz: WAIT
[6:30:23 AM] Crazy Colorz: WAIT
[6:30:25 AM] Crazy Colorz: WAIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiT
[6:30:32 AM] Crazy Colorz: The Visit command is basically going to be like
[6:30:40 AM] Alfred C’mon!: “do stuff” command
[6:30:41 AM] Alfred C’mon!: AHAHAHAH
[6:30:44 AM] Crazy Colorz: “Is it a village? If so, is there a “visit” event on this tile”
[6:30:49 AM] Crazy Colorz: “If so, go execute this event”
[6:30:54 AM] Crazy Colorz: So I can change this!
[6:30:56 AM] Crazy Colorz: Easily!
[6:31:01 AM] Alfred C’mon!: Yeah
[6:31:02 AM] Crazy Colorz: Like omg
[6:31:02 AM] Alfred C’mon!: :slight_smile:
[6:31:35 AM] Crazy Colorz: Just copy-paste it and change the “visit event” to a “___ Event” and then bam, general form of an event-executing command.
[6:31:42 AM] Alfred C’mon!: yes

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Hey, I just remembered that @Hextator has some documentation on getting the “Support” command to execute events (for FE7)–maybe you can look into this?

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yes something like that has been done for 7 already

whoever came up with the idea for that is a pretty clever person

whoever coded it for them probably is too

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Where specifically?

I’m pretty sure Hextatertot did it and posed it on SF, he just seems to like being sarcastic.

Not going to bother reading the whole topic, but they’re working on it around this post or so.

Oh, you meant the support thing. Yeah, I know that’s been done. I thought you meant adding a menu option to execute a predefined event, ahahah, which I had never heard of.

…Isn’t that exactly what the hacked Support command does?

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From my understanding, it just piggybacks on the original support command, it doesn’t add a new one(menu command, I mean)?