[FE7, FE8] Unit Menu Options

it would be trivial to extend it to an entirely new menu option by comparison

well, should be

In FE7 the corresponding check it at 0804A354. r7 tells the command it’s checking for, out of a total of 0x1A commands.

r7 =
0x8 -> Steal
0xD -> Door
0x16 -> Item
0x17 -> Trade
0x1A -> Wait

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So I did some investigating [FE8] and documented a few of the routines governing checking whether various options can be done.
231A0 checks the dancing option and starts out with seeing whether the character has the dancing ability marker. Removing this comparison basically means anyone can use rings and dance in the right context. There’s a line that stores “0xA5” somewhere - 0xA5 is the item number of an otherwise useless item called “Dance”. The item itself doesn’t do anything and the “some adjacent player unit has moved” check is not in the item usability table - it’s instead located at 25B6C. If we dummy this section out then dancing can happen regardless of whether adjacent units have moved (if they haven’t, then the dance does nothing). (If you want to make someone unable to refresh units, hijack this and feed it bogus coordinates.)
Meanwhile 230F0 has the overall check, containing both refreshing and using rings. There’s a line comparing r0 to 0xC, which is the weapon type “Rings”. Changing this can create things like vulnerary dances.
(Note that if you try to make, say, a Paladin do a dance, the game will freeze up presumably due to animation issues.)

Look, I’m gonna dance with all my weapons!

Wait, I forgot how to actually dance…

A nightmarish dance… (Note: This actually just refreshes units normally.)

I also found some other routines that happen when you try to get to the menu:
249AD: is inside ballista?
24A29: is inside ballista?
23A55: checks if has item
248C5: checks if can use ballista
2494D: is inside ballista?
23159: checks playing
23195: checks dancing
2418D checks to display “stealing”
243D8 checks summoning
244FC: if class # = 66 (Demon King) do things
23E7D: if class #=33 (Rogue) do things //presumably related to picking locks
23C81: do unknown things
23D15: do unknown things
23041: if class #=51 (Phantom) do things (well, more like don’t do things)
23E1D: do things
23DB5: do things
23FE2: if class = phantom don’t do things
24035: more phantom stuff
24091: more phantom stuff
240ED: more phantom stuff
228A5: do stuff
22911: if status not 0x10 (rescuing?)
2298D: do stuff
229F5: do stuff
232B9: if not already moved, not a phantom, and has an item
22F35: not already moved, and… hmm supply?
23F65: do unknown things, and not a phantom
4F449: branch back to 4eda1

Most of these routines seem to return 3 if the thing shouldn’t be done and 1 if it can be.

Also note that phantoms can’t rescue, be rescued, use items, or trade. Presumably one (or a few) of the ones checking whether people are phantoms can allow us to restrict trading. A couple of the routines also seem to check the “supply depot” ability on a character, but afaik that ability doesn’t really work.
Also, I wonder if the summoning code can be used to create an Aum staff…

Feena replacement 2.0 after EL!Xane. Put this in FireShell.

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Pointer table continues after a spacer of zeroes with pointers for the “Unit”, “Status”, etc. menu options. The stuff contained within seems to be of a similar format.
(I wonder if this means we can change the Retreat command…?)

Man, this place is a gold mine of asm hack possibilities…

FE7 has an equivalent table at B95314. Note that this table also contains text IDs for the commands in question: partial nightmare modules
In particular, there seems to be a command titled “Sally” in FE7, in a category of its own, with unknown usage.

Edit: Just realized the reason FE7 has two “Status” commands might be to disable the R button for Natalie and fainted Nils in the respective Protect chapters.

cough I mean, it was right here. Look around there for the constant loaded.

Also, Hex hax’d that.

Okay, so, this was never fully answered. How do we edit who becomes the supply? I’m assuming there’s an ASMC command on Eirika/Ephraim’s routes that determine which of them becomes the supply but I dunno what to look for/how to edit it.

There isn’t actually an ASMC directly changing it. There’s an instruction at 23F80 that determines who the command “Supply” shows up for based on whether the mode number is 1 (Eirika pre-split), 2 (Eirika post-split), or 3 (Ephraim).
Haven’t tested to make sure changing it doesn’t break anything, though.

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Oh ok, I see what I missed now. If you can figure out how to change character/class ID, let me know please. Thanks :slight_smile:

23F88 and 23F94 have the relevant character IDs (0x1 = Eirika, 0xF = Ephraim).

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Oh shit! So I just change those to my desired character? I love you!

Tested this today and had Eirika summon back a dead Seth as a Phantom. Summon requires you to specify a specific character ID to bring back though.

On byte 0x8 in the struct:
00 = normal
01 = grey’d out
02 = blue
03 = yellow
04 = green flashing
05 = black
06 = green flashing with glitchy background

After this it just has gross colors that probably aren’t meant to be used.

Byte 0x9 seems to just count up the commands.