[FE7,FE8] Display all weapon ranks your character has

FE7: source. Paste dump at 0x80440
FE8: source. Paste dump at 0x87852

Can display up to four weapon types.

Edit: Fix for R-bubble text displaying inappropriately.


Holy shit, that’s the best idea yet. So long as you don’t have more than 4, it would be perfect!

Buddy, baby, bro… can I get a FE8 version pretty please?

…Oh shoot, this is neat. So… page is empty for units like the Fire Dragon and Kishuna?

Was already working on it. Since when have I made FE7 hacks without doing them in FE8 too?

Oh, and more than four isn’t any particular technical restriction, but with more than that you have trouble fitting the supports on the same page nicely.

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I’m just glad I don’t have to have all 8 wlvls displayed. This is literally the best solution ever. It leaves the same amount of room as before for supports, it supports magic/physical units, and… uh, actually does this allow magical and physical classes to merge? I don’t care if MAG/STR are shared. I’m gonna rename those to POW anyway. But will there be glitching if I use this?

Edit: Also, do I just paste the dmp anywhere or is there a specific place to put everything?

Literally all this does is change the weapon levels display, so yes, magic/physical units should work fine. (Note Lyn using staff and dark magic in the first pic.)

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I’m actually curious about this too!

Added instructions to the top post.

Yeah, if the character has no weapon ranks in anything, the page would be empty.

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So just to double check, the current implementation does support more than four, but it could just make supports display funny if you go over that then? From what little ASM I know I guess that would be the case and that if possible you could even go over 8 if there were more than 8 weapon types?

This particular implementation only displays four weapon ranks. I could change that, but I’d have to make a choice between overlapping with supports or squeezing supports off the screen. I can make the screen display any number of weapon ranks, but having more than 8 types runs into a whole other issue as well.

What would be your thoughts on instead having a new screen for supports? Unless that’s what you mean by squeezing supports of the screen?

Frankly, if we were gonna do that, I’d rather put Supports and a Skill section together while giving Wlvls their own screen. That’s sloppy though, this patch is perfect.


Can anything be done about these? The r-button descriptions don’t update to match what all’s on the screen.

Or get rid of the bubbles I guess.

Quick fix:
[FE7] Paste this to CC2434, and paste 34 24 CC 08 to 8154C.
[FE8] Paste this to A00EB8, and paste B8 0E A0 08 to 889F8.
This gets rid of the bubbles for weapon ranks.


why not just say to not make the bubble appear if a rank doesn’t exist?

Still gotta deal with the mismatches. People know what the ranks mean. Nothing of value is lost by taking out their bubble descrips.

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Wow, thank you so much for this!!
…And don’t mind her level, I’m messing around a bit.

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Sword troubs?!

Huh, that has been around for 10 months in the current patch of MS.

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I’ve considered adding sword troubs to my own game, but there’s no sword-valk or good sword mageknight animation so it seems completely pointless. Unless they don’t promote. Are you just like, using a paladin sword animation?