[FE8] Magic and Melee weapon ranks?

Looking for a patch for FE8 that can display both types of weapon rank.
Something like this one would be perfect, aside from the fact that the download is 404’ing.
I tried using the fix at the bottom of the comments, but it didn’t seem to do anything.
Any help would be appreciated.

Here is the link to it in the unified dropbox:

Thanks but that also 404s…

Try using FEBuilderGBA because that contains the melee and magic patch and the weapon icons patch that you linked

Using Melee And Magic Patch at the same time seems to work well.

In addition, FEBuilderGBA provides a method to easily apply these.
For FE8U, please use “Display all weapon ranks your character has” Patch.
For FE8J,please use “武器魔法混在 (Mixed weapon magic)” Or “武器魔法混在_魔防計算 (Mixed weapon magic AND RES to MagicPower)” Patch.

I applied the “Display all weapon ranks” patch, but it had no effect.

I fixed it with ver 20180104.02 of FEBuilderGBA.
With FE8U, I made a mistake in putting the melee and magic patch.(w

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c9ffvyekyb9ubcb/AADYt4rj1O5FaFuK6o2TQKIFa?dl=0 for the weapon ranks patch

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