[FE7] [COMPLETE] Carcino's Civil War

I finally found the glitch @FlamingZelda was talking about. I’ve removed the cutscene entirely since I CBA to figure it out at this point. If you really want to know what happens in that cutscene, DM me or something. I have also fixed a few other bugs, drastically reduced the difficulty of Chapter 6, and somewhat reduced the difficulty of Chapter 7.

The download link in the original post is updated. Please let me know if any more bugs are found.

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My review of this hack: Carcino’s Civil War (Warning: Contains Minor Gameplay Spoilers)!


Oh, this is a pleasant surprise. Thanks for the review!

I think pretty much everything you said was in-line with my own opinions. Honestly I was bracing for a lot harsher since my own opinion of this hack isn’t super high.

Regardless I really appreciate you taking the time to play through the entire thing. The weirder gimmicks (aka those I spent the most time perfecting) appear in the latter half of the game and this is legitimately the first time I’m hearing ANY feedback about them whatsoever since I believe a lot of people tend to give up at chapter 4.

You’re welcome!

As for said things, I didn’t want to talk much about them in the review itself because that would be major gameplay spoilers, but…

My thoughts on Chapters 4-7

Honestly, I thought one of the chapters would be something like the actual rescue attempt to save Zabba; and it kinda feels like a cop-out that we don’t actually get to see it, only the aftermath. (Though I’m going to take a guess here and say that it was too complicated to implement what you wanted, or something, which I understand.).

As for Chapters 5 and 6… Emblem Warriors with it’s concept is good in small doses. Maps like that are why.

I am glad that you did tone down the difficulty, as Chapter 6 in particular had several spots where I feel like it came down to some RNG. (My strategy that won in the end was to basically send everyone through the northern route, and pick off pretty much everything that was in the way. The only exception to what I took down that wasn’t that way I think was the ballista that started the closest.).

Though Chapter 5 ain’t any more innocent either. To seize an enemy fort, I have to kill the Fort Guard, and stand on the fort, but the enemy just has to kill the unit on mine to seize it? (And the bosses on the map are no easy feat to take down either; I think maybe only the mages of the bunch have a prayer of doing it, and that’s a risk.).

That one was honestly frustrating enough to make me seriously give up, but I managed to I think get lucky at one point and capitalize on it. (The achievements for that chapter were, as I recall, not that hard to do, but you did kinda have to be mindful of them the entire time.).

The rain there on that chapter was a mixed blessing- on one hand, that slowed my own invasion progress to a crawl. On the other hand, that also may have been all that kept me from being overwhelmed when the enemy reinforcements showed up.

I wish we had gotten to see like, Cavalier Seth (since I think he would’ve been in training still at the time), but seeing Orson before he went completely off his rocker was nice too.

As for the Bonus… honestly, it and chapter seven are breather-levels compared to what Chapters 5 and 6 were like, which is a huge relief.

(Although I have a feeling that the bonus was comparatively a cakewalk because I still had uses of Flash left to kill the boss. I thought that the chapter would end once that happened, but nope, nothing like that… although it does make a certain event later on in the chapter weird if he’s killed before then.).

If you’re curious, although I don’t think I stated this in the review, I took quite literally what I think was the hardest route possible- not only did I go for all the achievements I could, but I went with the route where you don’t hire anybody in Chapter 3.

… which may explain my difficulties in Chapter 4, but I digress. Maybe that was for the best (as I have a feeling there may have been other difficulties as well at that point…).

Hope this all helps!


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This has truly been an amazing game so far and I will definitely be doing my review on this


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@Pwntagonist Ty for this hack.

I was really confused as to why the UPS file wasn’t working. Bold of you to use FE7 to make a fangame of FE8 XD

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I didn’t let Hayes enter combat at all, yet I didn’t get the Mistrust Achievement in Chapter 2. Not sure why, as I did an auto clear of the chapter afterwards and the Achievement was unlocked with no problem. I did use him to run around opening doors and chests, but I definitely never attacked with him (removed all his weapons) and I was very careful to ensure no enemies ever targeted him either.

EDIT: It seems there’s an event missing at the end of Chapter 4 or something. The chapter ends with no cutscene at all, and then at the start of the next chapter Marisa is back and they’re saying Zabba is dead even though none of that happened.