FE7 Boss Recruitment (v1.8 as of 11/10/21)

mgba and vba-m are generally considered to be the “best” emulators

idk about phone stuff tho ive never tried that

Lyn’s mode bosses don’t get carried over to Eliwood/Hector mode?

they do, check the growths doc. they should rejoin in noble lady of caelin.



Lyn Group 2

  • Bool
  • Heintz
  • Beyard
  • Yogi
  • Eagler

This grouping is definitely most pitted against one other. Though choice if I should get early shaman or armored Knight.

Back again with another weird glitch that happened.

Migal just replaced Dorcas.

After chapter 11, Migal appeared instead of Dorcas and i cant fix it

I like Eagler personally. For story reasons


Dorcas will probably show up when preps roll around

Yeah he re appeared, migal stayed with me up until chapter 15 where he had to be re recruited.

He also killed his doppelganger that appeared in chapter 14

Yeah but this game has too many paladins already as it is. IMO cavalier/paladin is luck luster class in this game. It’d be so much more useful if it had canto ability.

Ya i do agree. I tend to run with the foot soliders. FE6 drowns you in horses though so this ones slightly better lol

Hey I’ve been reading this post and I’m still slightly confused, I know you said something about bosses and sets, if your not busy could you explain that to me? Because I really want to play this version, but I know for a fact I’m still slightly confused of how the bosses are recruited, and how many you can have.

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You can only recruit one boss from each set because the game can’t fit every boss as a player unit. So if you recruit Batta, you can’t recruit Glass, Carjiga, Bug, and the chapter 3 boss I forgot the name of. Vice versa for every boss in that set.

Do each set deal with like specific chapters?

Yes, they should be in the description.

I got a question how do you get redemption exactly?

If you have the secret character, you can get it by deploying them in Battle Preparations and talking to the NPC that shows up.

When I did that I didnt get the screen for it but I found out you have to have him beat the boss on first round of combat between the two