FE7 Boss Recruitment (v1.8 as of 11/10/21)

I’ve been playing this patch and i want to asked, how
do you recruit ursula? I haven’t recruited any of the special boss group but their isnt the talk option when i send Eliwood near her. Am i missing something?
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hm, maybe you do have someone from that group? double check, idk what the issue is

I’ve check and no. Unless if recuiting bug and beyard cause it.

Hey people, just found this hack. Anything I should know before jumping in? I plan on trying to recruit all the bosses I can. Would love any tips

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anything youd need to know is stated in the OP

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Has there been any resolution to this issue? Just curious

How can you kill Carijga before he calls the reinforcments to get the secret character?

like i tried getting to him fast but i couldn’t do it in time can anyone give me some advice?

go faster, no other real trick about it