[FE6] [COMPLETE] Fire Emblem: Lyn's Bizarre Adventure PME v1.0

I’ll await for more reports, and then even a bit longer, because for the next update it will be properly identified as ‘v0.9a’ as I’ll see if I can add two more improvements on top:

  • Change the title screen to properly read as ‘Lyn’s Bizarre Adventure’.

  • Change the vanilla CGs that appear in both the true ending, as well as the sound room.
    I’ll change them to select ones from FE7, as it will make sense with Lyn being the protag.

Really hope y’all are enjoying the hack so far. :star:


I tried to patch it with fe6 is there a certain fe6 I have to patch it into?

Its supposed to be a japanese ROM and not the translation.

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Ah okay got ya


I have fun so far but at tvr same time OH BOY KEEPING EVERYONE ALIVE CAN BE A HASSLE XD

Doing my best to use everyone!

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0.9 Gameplay Notes (Chapters 8-12x on Hard mode)

Chapter 8

  • Don’t think there was ever a way to make Wendy salvagable, but good try.
    FE6 LBA-22
    FE6 LBA-23

  • Tharja in general is an absolutely phenomenal unit
    FE6 LBA-26
    Train her up to get a Zuiho with better stats.
    FE6 LBA-27

Chapter 8x

  • The chapter is still a slog to play through, and the music reflects that.
  • Not a very satisfying result, but she works as a good light user if you didnt train up Raiden.
    FE6 LBA-29
  • Now THAT is a promotion
    FE6 LBA-30

Chapter 9

  • Something about the first line feels odd, like punctuation is missing or something.
    FE6 LBA-32

Chapter 10b

  • Well, at least this Siegemaster joins in the midgame and not the endgame.
    FE6 LBA-33

  • Nice weapon ranks.
    FE6 LBA-34

  • Great promotion, little low on hp but thats a trend on every unit so far.
    FE6 LBA-35

Chapter 11b

  • Shelle’s squad got obliterated immediately. Dang.
    FE6 LBA-39
    FE6 LBA-40

  • Training her to promotion was difficult, though the high res and the hidden dark rank is nice.
    FE6 LBA-43
    FE6 LBA-44

  • Best archer.
    FE6 LBA-45

Chapter 12

  • Bartre is that you?
    FE6 LBA-46
  • These reinforcement warriors are something else man
    FE6 LBA-47

Chapter 12x

  • Good chapter to train Lyn in if you barely used her like I did.

  • For some reason this also freezes the game
    FE6 LBA-48

Will continue playtesting with Chapter 13 tomororw.


Does fixed growths mode also make enemy growths fixed, or just player growths? IIRC, there’s a patch for the former for fe8, although I don’t know if an fe6 version exists yet.

@ATHATH I have no idea. The creator of the FG patch, TR143, might know better about this, and if that does happen, and whenever it makes the game harder or easier, remains to be seen.

@AnneEgge Thanks for the reports, I’ll forward the fixes in the next update soon.

To be more precise about that other game freezing incident, I’ve discovered that it’s because of the Warmonk animations when they dodge attacks, since they have a code line that FE6 can’t recognize and ends up freezing.

I’ll fix it too, as well as double check other animations to see if this bug also doesn’t happen with them, but until then it might be best to disable animations when involving Warmonks.

Update: There WERE indeed more animations with the same problem, should be all fixed.

Let me also explain something about ‘v0.9a’: I’ll not be able to do the title & CGs changes as they have a lot of hardcoding involving palettes (for example every CG shares the same palette, if one is different every single one ends up getting distorted beyond recognition).

HOWEVER, I’ll do two workarounds!

  1. Title

While I’ll not be able to change the main title screen, what I CAN change is the text of both the first copyright screen as well as the intro. Check it out!

(The code line does not accept ', so it will be shown as Lyns instead)

I also already figure out a cool new text for the intro, so it will also be in the next update.

  1. CGs

As for the CGs, what I’ll do is simply have them be only three specific ones that are the most ambiguous (palace ceremony, wyv riders/horse knights, and nomads charge).

That’s all for now, I’ll try to forward the next update ASAP.


Is she really? I would’ve thought her non-existent defense stats would’ve made her worse, but good to know it didn’t.




This encompasses all updates made from the first release until today:

  • Fixed an event related crash in both Ch. 10B and Ch. 11A.

  • Fixed a freeze related to the female Striker animations when missing attacks.

  • Fixed a freeze related to a lot of classes’ battle animations having unsupported lines of code when dodging attacks.

  • Fixed a game crash related to healers being attacked at range while silenced.

  • Fixed and improved Ch. 08: besides having a more creative enemy formation, all reinforcement events now happen sooner (about 2 turns earlier). While this means that the northwest trio of new playable units will appear sooner, so will all the enemies’, including the thieves.

  • The Warrior generics in Ch. 12 have their levels lowered to be consistent, as well as the ones in Ch. 20Ax. Not only that, but their Power growth was also slightly lowered. And finally, the Speed growth of Valkyrie generics were also slightly lowered.

  • Some enemies in Ch. 15 now have different starting positions.

  • Improved Irkalla’s range, as well as description.

  • Fixed Mitan’s weapon ranks.

  • Shelle’s NPC allies in Ch. 11B have their levels increased.

  • Siriol’s Soldier allies now only have Javelins in their inventory.

  • Specific change regarding Amos: While initially he joined at Lvl 17 with capped Res (at 23), he still has 25% Res Growth, which is effectively wasted. So, as the only extra direct change in someone’s Personal Bases, one point of Res was taken away (now 22), to instead be put into Speed (now 15). Now, not only is Amos slightly faster, his Res Growth actually works in practice, at 3 level up chances to naturally cap his Res.

  • Implemented a new copyright screen, as well as new text crawl for the animated intro.

  • Ending CGs now only show images that are the most ambiguous.

  • Improved Ch. 01’s world map story text.

  • Fixed typos.

Cheers, and enjoy! :star:


My Raiden despite having low def growths he still got 5 level ups in it XD

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I am proud of my boy but also sad i lost many 50/50 for speed and magic hahahaha the def ones were a surprise tho

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0.9a Gameplay Notes (Chapters 13-16 on Hard mode)

Chapter 13

  • That’s a scary valkyrie…
    FE6 LBA-51

  • Really good hp stat, though I already trained up Anastasia at this point, and I dont need another legendary lance wielder. Has good rescue utility.
    FE6 LBA-52

  • Good promo gains, though pretty mid unit.
    FE6 LBA-53

  • Denalia didnt level very well and as a result she fell off a little. Still a really good unit in the early game. The little bit of staff utility gives her a bit more reason to be used in the late game.
    FE6 LBA-54

Chapter 14

  • Yeah you’re not gonna convince me to use Sophia.
    FE6 LBA-55

  • During the enemy phase, Shelle sends a poison sword to the convoy and a red bishop acts immediately afterward.
    FE6 LBA-61
    Whatever this bishop does at two range to Fami who is silenced, crashes the game.
    FE6 LBA-62

Chapter 14x

  • Warpskipped.

Chapter 15

  • That’s just mean… At least its not a berserk staff.
    FE6 LBA-63
    FE6 LBA-64

  • A really good unit, though thats to be expected with Perceval.
    FE6 LBA-65

  • The green soldiers weaponry weigh them down and lead to them getting one rounded by the wyvern.
    FE6 LBA-66
    FE6 LBA-67

  • Statwise, a trained Orva is better, though he does have the skill advantage which doesnt matter all that much.
    FE6 LBA-68
    FE6 LBA-69
    Unfortunately I did not bring

  • The throne/gate glitch also occurs with this chapters boss, a Baron. It’s probably a bulwark thing. The bug is only visual.
    FE6 LBA-73

Chapter 16

  • Another game freezing animation thing found.
    FE6 LBA-74

  • Della has decent base stats, but the time you get her, you’ll have likely trained up another sword unit.
    FE6 LBA-75
    FE6 LBA-76
    FE6 LBA-77

  • Lyn finally promotes. Still not a very good unit, but now she’s got some semblance of usability.
    FE6 LBA-79


i have like 35% growth in defense and got it 11 times XD while magic and speed are 50 so yeah i got speed screwed a bit hahaha



I’ll change Siriol’s Soldiers so they only use Javelins, which will not weight them down as much, and the wyverns on that chapter I’ll change where they are in places that feels more natural.

I found out what happened with units getting attacked at two range when silenced, and it’s yet ANOTHER line of code in their battle animations omfg lol. But I’m so glad that I found it because it’s not something that seems to be the culprit at first glance.

It’s yet another case of the dodging animations freezing the game because of a wrong line of code, sucks that this one was still hidden in, but I’ll immediately fix it.

Thanks a lot for all the reports, I’ll update the download links soon with the fixes.

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Ah, sorry about the confusion, sending the poison sword was during the enemy phase.


FE6 - LBA PME V.0.9a_1720812712480
Man, did your Lyn get STR screwed lol.

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incredibly strength screwed ig, she had 7 str at level 14


In vanilla, the gaiden map for the legendary lance (the one with the breakable walls spam) has accidentally-overleveled warriors in it too, IIRC. You might want to check that if you haven’t already.

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