FE6 - Archanea mode (Can Archanea Characters beat FE6?) [Complete]

Hello everyone, Donlot here.

FE6 is essentially a soft remake of FE1 if you think about it. The first chapter is literally the same as FE1 but rotated. The units are very similiar, as is the story to some degrees.
So as the resident Shadow Dragon fan, i decided to ask the simple question:

Can the Archanea characters beat FE6?

Some units are weaker, others are stronger, and supports are generally made quicker both in initial values, and growth (no more 1+1 supports!). But it will still be a challange, especially considering the Archanea cast tends to not have a res stat…

FE6 111CLEAN (patched).emulator
FE6 CLEAN3 (patched).emulator
FE6 CLEAN4 (patched).emulator
FE6 CLEAN 2(patched).emulator

Thus this project was born, and pretty much finished within a week or so (not counting making up stats).

Consult the design document for things such as growths, who recruits who, supports, and so on.

Text is unchanged as of now, and if at all, will only be minorly changed later. This is a gameplay hack first and foremost.

If i find the time i may also work on an alternate class bonus patch which has some in my opinion interesting reclasses mainly based off of DSFE’s reclassing system.

Here’s the Download! Patch a japanese FE6 rom with it.
The hack was also streamed on my channel and may be streamed again in the future.

Changes include:

  • Swapped out holy weapons, and Archanea PRFs like the Wing Spear, Excalibur, Hauteclere, Lady Sword and so on. No weapons used by enemies were changed.

  • Stats based on a mix of FE1, FE3, FE11, and FE12, with minor adjustments made when neccesary. An authentic port of the character idea was first priority, while balance was the second, but overall it seemed pretty fun albeit harder than FE6 according to playtesters.

  • 9 bonus characters added to the roster. for a total of 63 playable characters (also counting mutually exclusive route characters). Unfortunately the latter ones do not have supports due to engine limitations

  • Fully custom Palettes made by the talented NamelessX

  • Who supports who will fit with the Archanea character lore. Supports are also generally quicker and weaker units tend to have especially fast supports.

  • Custom Death and Finale Quotes

  • Custom Portraits, Map Sprites and Battle Animations taken from @thorn 's FEU thread and the FE Repo (Credits in the Design Document!)

  • Extra promo items (Please tell me if they’re enough and where to add them if they’re not)

  • Marth and thieves can promote, albeit do not get promo bonuses as a compromise due to them being able to level to 30 in DSFE (Marth uses Knight Crest, Thieves use Elysian Whip)

  • This uses @Adthor 's FE6 Bugfix Edition Strong enemies patch as a base. In other words, player units do not get hard mode bonuses (after all, neither do Archanea characters!), and status staves targeting is no longer deployment order based.

Special thanks to NamelessX, Wooperupa, Oof776 and Hanakko for helping with events and advising me along the journey, Adthor for creating his Bugfix edition. Aswell as all thorn for the phenomenal Shadow Dragon portraits, and all the other people who created and allowed their assets to be freely used via the FE Repo, it wouldn’t have been able without them. (All credits are included in the design document!)

As FE6 is held together by duct tape, and hacking is can easy make it break, please forward any bugs you encounter to me via this Forum thread.

Also let me know about the heroes of your run here. This is my first bigger and fully completed project, so tell me what you think of the hack, feedback for improvements, aswell as anything else you wanna add.
If i missed to credit you for something here then please let me know aswell and i will fix it asap, although i think i got everything.

IMPORTANT: Due to the 9 extra characters added, i would highly advise you to only use savestates and not load normal save files up until you’ve gotten 9 playable characters killed.

If you load a save file the bonus units will turn into random FE6 bosses due to reaching the Unit limit. Dead units however are removed from the unit list, so just make sure you have a few deaths. Apologies for the inconvenience but it’s an engine limitation and far past my ability to fix.


As a Shadow Dragon Enjoyer, I feel kind of silly only just now realizing FE6 Chapter 1 is Vertical SD Ch 1 lol.

Very very cool hack, love to see Archanea get some love. Will definitely be playing this in my spare time, if I get the chance I’ll post updates on the playthrough here :slight_smile:


Okay so major bug I found as I was playlisting this: Marth’s death instantly crashes the game (I am playing on my PC currently using mGBA so idk if mobile has the same problem). Save states unfortunately do not help that much, as it locks up the emulator as well, although it helps with not having to replay fhd full chapter (and I will be using them when I do anything with Marth from now on). Thought I’d bring this up since it seems important.

As for the units themselves:

Marth - Hasn’t been impressive so far. Accurate hit rates are nice versus the early bandits, but he is extremely squishy. Hoping for a good few levels, will probably have a better end than Roy.

Jagen - No complaints, he does his job worse than Marcus but a GBA Paladin is a GBA Paladin and he’s been great with a Silver Lance.

Gordin - Worse hit rates than vanilla Wolt it feels, but the chip is a lot more appreciated since not a lot of units are good at breaking thru foes yet.

Cain/Abel - Interchangeable atm but Cavs are nice. Abel’s Javelin is a nice tool to have.

Doga - Unironically the GOAT of Ch 1 purely because he can take hits well. Hit rates are also shakey but to be expected.

Excited to play thru but the Marth bug needs patched badly. Will report more as I play! :slight_smile:

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So Chapter 2 update:

Doga, Cain, & Abel all died :confused:
Doga fittingly died protecting Gordin, while Cain/Abel just got unlucky. Guess Jagen is gonna be the Mounted Gang for a while. Ironman is heartwrenching sometimes.
As for new units:

Ogma - He’s solid. Merc bases, doubles reliably, same old. He got the bosskill on Ruud with the Armorslayer, solid level out of it.

Maria - Awful stats, but having Heal makes her invaluable this early. Idk if imma be able to follow her unit description tho lmao.

Malledus - Meat shield, 10/10

Caeda - Haven’t put the Wing Spear to major use yet, but she’s nice as a flier.

Bord/Cord - They have better stats than the FE6 Axe Bros, and aside from a couple brushes with death were the MVPs of Chapter 2. I had to run away from the right squad of Fighters and Soldiers and those two saved me from getting overrun by parking on a fort and chilling. Imma use at least one of them long term.

Edit: And Chapter 3 before I go to bed:
Ogma died :frowning: At the very least his bros are continuing to be incredible in the face of brutal Hard Mode enemies! And for new units:

Merric - Excalibur is incredible, he will be essential if he survives beyond the brutal earlygame.

Athena - Extremely meh. She feels oddly slower than she should be based on vibes. Not sure if I’ll use her long term.

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Thank you for showing me the bug. I mainly use VBA-M so i’ll check if i messed something up after i get home from trade school in 8 hours, or whether it’s an emulator issue.

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I’m not sure if the limit of blue units is 50 in fe6, but blue units are not deleted when they die, so killing them off doesn’t free space in the roster.


I uploaded version 1.1 on the drive just now.

  • Fixed a couple of misc erros
  • Made marths death quote no longer crash the game
  • had to temporarily disable the death and finale quotes of the BONUS characters such as julian, due to them seemingly freezing the game no matter what.

Then i’ll hope it won’t cause any issues. Is there a way to manually remove the units and no longer let them count towards the blue unit limit? Like if you were to revive, load them in as red units, then kill them again?

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You could write an ASMC to do that. I wrote one for FE8 that does just that, called ClearZombies. You can use it as base but changing the addresses to FE6’s and removing the part where the ASMC reads from memory slots (which don’t exist in FE6) and instead directly setting the registers to 0. I’m not sure it will work exactly the same since it was made for FE8, but it seems to be the easiest option to start with.

Note that if you do erase the blue units, they won’t appear in the endings and could cause some issues in case the game checks if a unit is alive but the unit doesn’t exist, where they were guaranteed to exist in vanilla. For example, Lilina will always be in your party after chapter 8, so the game just checks if she’s alive, not if she exists. But if she is erased, there’s a chance the game might freeze, so you’d need to test if that happens and fix it if that’s the case.


DonDaddy at it again! Can’t wait to give this a shot!

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Reached chapter 5, suspended then restarted at chapter start, julian turned into Randy and the armored knight (not doga) turned into arcardo. I’m guessing it’s do to me not killing off units in the first 4 chapters?

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Apparently the whole killing off units thing is not gonna work. Just make sure to use save states instead of suspends whenever possible or the bonus units will bug out. Unfortunately an engine limitation due to the 9 extra added units.

Heya! So I’m on Chapter 6 of this right now (I’ve somehow managed to lose Navarre, Cain, and Merrick and I am legitimately depressed over these losses lol) and one thing I noticed: Marth’s Fire Emblem doesn’t work. I stand on a chest, and there’s no command. I try to use the item from his inventory, and it says “There are no doors to open.” In febuilder I tried changing the use effect to Lockpick, same issue, door key, same issue. Tried removing the Roy lock (cuz character locks on non-weapons get a little weird sometimes) and nada.


I’ll check it out when i get home later today

So i checked it out just now and legitimately cannot find out what the issues might be. I also found that even if you give marth and his class the thief tag, he still cannot use lockpicks, so i’m assuming it’s something that just works differently in FE6, or is straight up hard coded. Very weird in any case, i’ll try to ask around and see if anyone i know may have a fix.

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As an Archanean & Elibe fan, this is blessing.
And is the perfect excuse to play FE6 again.


You’re in the discord server, right? (I think I saw you posting about an issue getting Bantu in chapter 5, bantu is a beast btw with the firestone no physical unit can touch him but his low speed makes him perfect at setting up kills haha) You could ask in the febuilder_help channel, they’re usually pretty helpful for me!


I’ve tried asking on 2 other issues twice before and was completely ignored, so i really doubt anyone can or wants to help. I know a handful of experienced FEBuilder users though, so i’ll just ask those. Was quite busy and a bit sick the last few days but hopefully i’ll have some time on the weekend to release another patch.


I think things just move fast in that channel. If somebody doesn’t know the answer to a question, they’ll wait for somebody else who does know to answer it, and then somebody else asks another question and things get buried. I usually have pretty good luck getting help, especially if you post a report7z, cuz 7742 goes through periodically and searches for all of the report7z messages

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I’ve tried patching onto a japanese fe6 rom, and all I got was just vanilla fe6 in japanese
I also tried patching a translation first, and nups said it doesn’t fit the file
What am I doing wrong? How should I patch it?

Can’t open chests with fire emblem.
Sorry I can’t provide a screenshot.

Edit: I can post photos now


Currently still trying to figure out how to fix that, sorry :sweat_smile: