FE6 - Archanea mode (Can Archanea Characters beat FE6?) [Complete]

It should be able to be patched to just a regular Japanese FE6 rom. I personally use Rom Patcher JS for patching, so maybe try that.

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Well I got another bug Bantu became Rose

As mentioned in the OP. Only use Save states and do not suspend save or suspend load. If possible just generally never load anything outside of savestates in general.

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So apparently I accidentally used empty item descriptions as Character names without realising. NamelessX removed most of them while he worked on the palettes but it seems he forgot that one
I’m gonna keep it in tho, it’s kinda funny.

Figured out the fix to the Fire Emblem not acting as a chest key glitch. You need to modify the “When Used” just below the details about the item cost, so that the item acts as a Chest Key too. I would upload a few screenshots to prove this but the site won’t let me.

How to fix in febuilder


Hello everyone! Unfortunately it took a bit longer, but i uploaded a new version into the drive (1.2)

Changes Include:

  • Thanks to @Shuusuke who ported his FE8 Remove dead units patch to FE6 for me, units who died actually get removed from the game which means that you will no longer have any of the bonus characters turn into bosses if you load suspended saves as long as you have had some deaths (should fully fix itself after 8 character deaths)
  • Thanks to @Wario155 Marth’s Fire Emblem actually works as an infinite chest key now, although you can only use it via the item menu.
  • Maria +5 LCK (I don’t remember the exact justification but it has something to do with her stats inbetween games)
  • Athena +3 Con (her having super low con didn’t make sense)

The ASM event which deletes dead units gets called at the end of each chapter, so this update should be fully save compatible.


Just started playing this the other day… Got to chapter 6 and Julian transformed into Randy?

Haven’t tried the latest patch so hopefully it helps! It seems like the whole character ID updated cause the battle.palette is default blue and he starts a fight with his battle quote.

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Did he transform immediately? It should only occur if you load a save file, which is why i mentioned save stating instead

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Transformed immediately after loading a save from the chapter end/begin (not during chapter or prep screen).

I expected the glitch to happen near the end of the character limit and not so early :sweat_smile:

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The issue is, the bonus/trial map characters are technically at the end of the list, even if they appear earlier. I apologise for the inconveniance but with the newest Version you should not have to worry about save stating instead of doing regular saves, atleast if you’ve had 9 deaths in your team.

I didn’t quite realise it would also happen for regular saves. I’ll update the Original post to include that.


Tried attacking with Levin sword and battle went into a soft lock. Enemy was Hero with a Handaxe and player was Marth. Ranged battles.

Here is a save before the attack

Malice joins with a Levin Sword she cannot use (Hard Mode), and a broken palette for battle animations.

End of Chapter 9, I got a weird green tile screen at the chapter end. I think it was asking me to send an item to storage, as Marth’s Fire Emblem was in the storage after and he had a Hero Crest in it’s place. Inputs and sound worked and seemed to only be a graphical issue

Both issues happened on the 1.1 patch and on the mGBA emulator.

Matthias appears with a Killer Lance he can’t equip (Chapter 10 appearance–don’t remember which route this is).

His AI also is set to destroy the villages, despite being the Cavalier class.

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I’m looking for the recruitment info, but I’m not seeing it on the google drive or in the design doc sheet.

I was trying to recruit Matthis and hoped Marth or Linde would, but no luck. I’m guessing it’s Lena? I tried looking with FEBuilder but couldn’t figure out how recruitments work with it.


That’s weird. I still remember putting them into the document, but maybe it didn’t save properly.
I’m currently not home and will update it later today.

Also yes i’m pretty sure lena recruits matthis

I’ll also check out the other bugs you reported.

1.3 has been uploaded. Changes include:

  • Malice now correctly spawns as a female mercenary instead of myrmidon, and has a hero crest instead of the levin sword
  • Marth’s Levin Sword animation is fixed
  • Matthis Brigand AI and weapon levels are fixed
  • Sheena can now recruit Samson
  • Who recruits who is now correctly shown in the doc. X denotes a vanilla recruitment (usually automatically)
  • The hero crest you get at the in ch9’s end event should now not show a graphical bug.

Updated patch today. Thank you for creating a fun hack! I’m enjoying it a lot so far and the difficulty feels pretty good/harsh so far.

An unexpected animation hang: Barst (Hand Axe) attacks Zinc (Javelin) at range and falls into a soft lock. There wasn’t an issue when Zinc was equipped with a Silver Lance and still attacked at range.

Let me know if there’s a better way to submit anything I come across :slightly_smiling_face:


Will take a look at it after i get home from work, the way you submit saves is fine btw.

I got all the animations from the repo, so my two assumptions so far would be either that animation’s script was a bit borked too, or it’s an fe6 thing. You can just turn off animations for till then if you want to continue playing.

Oh and if you wouldn’t mind, i’d love to hear your thoughts on the units.

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Tried to promote Julian today and it looks like his promoted class might be a little wonky?

It looks like Sheena’s Knight class didn’t have it’s walking animation updated. The standing sprites are good though. Here’s a comparison between Doga and Sheena:

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I just uploaded version 1.4

Changes include:

  • Fixing a few more bugs
  • Added character endings

Also Celice, me and a friend tried to find the problem with the barst/zinque animation hang for an hour straight and could not replicate it outside of your save file. The animation is vanilla and the script works fine. It seems that i may be an FE6 thing or possibly even a save corruption on your end. Did you kill 9 units so far?


I thought it was strange too. I have been making small edits to the hack out of personal preference, but I don’t think they’d affect this.

  • Set stat caps to 30 across all classes
  • Increase Knight and General Move by 1
  • Adjust palettes for battle UI
  • Apply Min Hit Rate to 1 and Max Hit Rate to 99

I haven’t had anyone die yet since I wasn’t sure on who recruits who. But I will be letting new characters disappear from the roster now :slight_smile:

Oh and if you wouldn’t mind, i’d love to hear your thoughts on the units.

So far, the units definitely remind me of playing FE1 and FE3. Characters I thought were too weak in those games remain too weak in this one, like Bord and Cord. I do like that the characters feel more like typified pieces in their stats (classes excel in specific roles or stats without being overpowered).

I feel like damage overall is pretty low, but that hasn’t bothered me too much. I am playing on Hard. I didn’t bother using Merric or Linde despite magic probably helping damage a bit. So far Lance and Alan are my main damage dealers, with Ogma and Barst being powerful as well. I’ll be sure to write up an end-game team once I finish the hack :slight_smile:


Oh in that case your edits could legitimagely be the issue. Fe6 is held together by ducttape, so it could very well be that something seemingly unrelated caused that bug.

Character wise, i feel like some units are arguably even better than their fe6 counterparts. Bantu comes to mind.
I’m suprised you thought cord was weak though personally. Dude starts with 9 speed, and has like 50-40% str and spd growth. I would still say he’s overall worse than lot because of his lack of bulk, but still.

Since i tried being as close to the original character as possible, i didn’t have much room for balance changes, but usually the characters which are on the weaker side tend to have quick supports, like bord can get C rank with cord within 1 turn.

Excited to see how your teams evolves, keep me up to date :smile:

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