FE5-GBA Tileset Project

You’re free to edit or use anything in my tilesets. Go ahead.

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I made a fix to the everything tileset’s grass texture and palette since I disliked the old one. Now it’s very difficult to distinguish from the normal grass.
Comes with a standard and a lighter palette that’s easier on the eyes.


It has been brought to my attention that the image files are messed up.
Here’s some updated versions without borked palettes.


Is it possible to just see a preview image of the updated reg and light version?
(the reg has a box in it and the light one wasn’t posted)

I updated the original everything post to include both previews, no box this time.

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Quick question, since this is the first time i imported a completely different tileset.
How do you import the water animation?

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I can’t really explain this that well, so read this, specifically the “tile animations” portion of the tutorial under the second post. It’s really not too difficult once you figure it out.

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I HATE MYSELF! There is a button that takes you to the tile animations, on FEBuilder.
I am blind! Still thank you for responding.

FE5 plains (from the repo) were giving me and Zoma-Sempai trouble. Swapping palettes 2 and 0 seemed to work for the bright one, while swapping 4 and 0 for the dark one worked.


I don’t know anything about working with tilesets, however, using febuilder, this seems to work:

Properly export palette

Once you have the 4 palettes looking correct in febuilder, press the “export palette” button rather than the “export image” button. This way, it’ll generate the map object image with the palette in a way that febuilder can understand for next time.

It doesn’t seem to matter which palette you are currently on. I didn’t comprehensively test it, but it seemed to export and import without error using whichever palette selected. (The only difference being the colours of the exported object image, which does not seem to matter whatsoever. It knows the five palettes used anyhow.)

Here are the fixed images for fe5 plains dark and light. They seem to import correctly into febuilder now.



(Edit: Hosting the image on the forum automatically ruins the palette, so now it’s on google drive.)

Thanks for making these, by the way. They look great!


Oh… uh, these seem to be based off of an outdated version of my plains tileset. I added some extra pieces in later, so I’ll see what I can do about updating what you’ve posted here. Thank you, regardless.

There are some grass cliffs in this one that aren’t present in yours.

Oops, sorry. Is the up to date one in the first post dropbox link? I’d downloaded it from the asset repo:

I can fix the most recent one instead - it’s simply a matter of copying a couple of palettes in febuilder into notepad, then pasting into each other and exporting the new image. I’ll edit this post or reply later today with it. Were any of your other tilesets having the same issue?

Not sure. You’ll have to check the other tilesets’ palettes since I’m a little busy. Try this one out and see if it has the same issue. It’s the updated version.

This one works fine, thanks. I guess it’s just the one in the asset repo that needs updating.

It’s been a little while. I took most of FE5’s fields assets and threw them on top of vanilla FE8 plains tileset to make a general FE5 fields tileset.

No map this time, but it was mainly inspired by FE5’s fort and small-scale village maps.


I reorganized and improved upon my old FE5 plains tileset, with new tiles to complete the set from FE5. It’s now compatible with a more path-like light grass palette, used in the frontier version of this tileset inspired by chapter 2x.


I improved my castle tileset even further, adding some temple assets, fenced buildings, gray fences, and improving the organization considerably. The package includes the normal version and a bright version.



Hey there, sorry to bump an old topic, but figured this was relevant here. I’ve been in love with some of the tilesets flasuban has made and have been using them myself. In some of the things I’ve been working on, however, I wanted to use the Chapter 4/4x Jail and Chapter 24x/Final Loptyr Temple tilesets. TURNS OUT I’ve scoured basically everywhere and haven’t seen any bit of them, so I finally got frustrated enough to rip them myself. Made a couple edited tiles for my own use for easier mapping as well, and figured I might as well share them here if anyone is interested. I’d post them in the repository thread but I’m not sure how to format them exactly or how to make a map chip.


I actually had a similar idea as you. I made this and posted it in the FE5 hacking server. I’m not sure how you have it formatted. You can send it to me privately if you want.


I hope you don’t mind me using the provided tilesets for my own project. I’d like to ask for permission before doing so.

Edit: Oh. I noticed Lord Glenn’s comment. Sorry for the ping.

I made 16FPS gifs of the animated sprite templates provided in the discussion if anyone needs them. If anyone requests 8FPS I can animate those as well.


I left in the original water animation I made with a somehow messed up template as the waterfall animated is akin to sewage. I plan on editing the the animation to look like sewage in FE5 style and posting the modified gifs and individual frames here at a later date.

Update: The color palette for the sewage looking waterfall has been changed in what is being animated. I have made the first frame of two versions of sewage that will be animated at a later date. One is meant to look like there is some water in it and the other is meant to look completely colored. I’m making both as I’m unsure which would look better. The first frame of each animation is shown below.