FE5-GBA Tileset Project


Looking at the GBA tilesets, I noticed that most of them were just downgraded versions of the FE5 tilesets. I decided to take a look at the FE5 tiles to see if I could port them, and I noticed that the FE5 tilesets used 5 sets of 16 color palettes, just like GBA. I made the decision soon afterwards to remake all vanilla GBA tilesets as darker, more improved FE5-style versions.
Don’t count on any of them being fully compatible with the vanilla tilesets.

Here’s the castle, the first one I finished.

For those of you who want to use this alongside the other FEGBA tilesets:

Example map:
Features different colored water, 6 different types of flooring, houses and fences for villages, more than 3 forest tiles, and so much more.

Get the full package (plains and castle) here:

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These are dope! Keep it up man.

I can hear “Adversity” just looking at them.



FE5 port to GBA :soon:.


Better yet, FE5 port to SRPG Studio
We’ve already got a natively supported Capture system


So does FE8.


Wait, huh? I’ve never seen any GBA hacks with capturing. Unless this happened very recently.


It’s existed for a while in both FE8U and FE8J

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That’s super cool. If you port the rest I’d seriously consider using these for my project, I never liked how overly bright the GBA tilesets are.

Only worry is if the map sprites would clash with the darker FE5 tiles.


I wonder how much this could be mitigated by changing up the bright colors of the map sprite palettes to be a bit greyer and more subdued.



sigh I guess that’s one less thing unique about SRPG Studio. But what’s baffling is that I’ve not seen a single hack make use of it.


It’s a skill in the skill system, so it’s just a matter of time until it gets used


I’m working on porting FE5 map sprites to GBA, so that won’t be a problem for long.
Even without the FE5 map sprites, there’s the brighter version fit for the brighter GBA map sprites.

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why remake FE7 in FE5 when you can remake FE5 in FE7


this is all i ever wanted and more

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Now I bring you the FE5 plains tileset.

Comes with bridges, walls, large cliffs, desert, and much more.

Download here:

Note that this tileset requires inserting water tile animations to work. They come with the download.


I got one word for this.



But wait, there’s more.

Here’s an updated version with more cliff, road, and water tiles, as well as some extra stuff.

It’s in the dropbox with the other tile parts.

And for those of you who want both tilesets in one package:


I keep trying to insert this with Febuilder using the guide by Der and some of the tiles keep getting screwed up.

Any ideas on what is causing this? I never inserted tilesets before so it may be user error on my end.


Looks like palettes 0 and 4 are messed up. All you need to really do for FEBuilder is import the tile graphics to the right and import the tile arrangement to the bottom left.

For tile animations, just go to the tile animation window and import water.txt into the ROM.