[FE5] [Complete] Fire Emblem: New Theory of Thracia 776

Hi friend, I’m super new to a lot of this and might be missing something for sure, but on Mediafire it says the file is still the one from the update 13 days ago

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Thanks for letting me know. The previous upload had failed, I uploaded it again.


Updated. I received feedback that Saffi’s appearance in Chapter 13 being determined by Daisy’s survival or death is weird because it means the player’s actions have an effect on the past, creating a contradiction in the story. So I changed the conditions for her appearance.

The updated contents are as follows:

  • In Chapter 13, changed Saffi’s group to appear even if you choose to skip in Chapter 2 and Daisy is alive.
    • The only condition for Saffi’s appearance is now “not having passed through Chapter 2x”.
    • If you choose to skip Chapter 2, Lifis and Shiva will not appear here, and only Saffi will join. In this case, alternative units for Lifis and Shiva will appear in later chapters.
  • In Chapter 13, added a dialogue pattern where everyone in Saffi’s group (except Saffi) is already dead when Leif talks to Saffi.
  • Fixed a discrepancy between the English dialogue in Chapter 13 etc. and the actual unit group names (changed “Legion” to “Division” in dialogue).


  • Added a new item “Falchion (weaker version)”. You will get this when Leif has a broken Light Brand during a conversation with Juria in Chapter 23.
    • If you have an unbroken Light Brand, you will receive a full power Falchion as in previous versions.
    • If you do not have an unbroken or broken Light Brand (for example, if you gave it to an enemy and released them), you will receive a Bragi Sword as in previous versions.
  • Added event processing to determine possession of broken weapons and to remove a broken weapon to implement the above event.
  • In Chapter 23, some of the English dialogue has been corrected.
  • Increased the internal values of Jake’s axe and bow weapon levels. They will be used after he is promoted to Warrior.
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  • Fixed the English dialogue in Chapter 2 (Proofread by Plague).
  • Added branching dialogue in Chapter 21 when Mareeta, Shannan, or Shannam visit the house (where the resident talks about Shannan).
    • Shannan’s dialogue changes depending on whether he has Balmung or not.
    • Shannam is pretending to be Shannan, he speaks the same dialogue as Shannan (who doesn’t have Balmung).
  • Added warp traps to the Final Chapter, you can now go back and forth between each block.
  • If the unit has a Knight Ring, Canter will now be displayed on the stats and the unit list screen. The same goes for a Nihil Ring.
  • Changed the name of the personal skill “Hill People” to “Mountain People” because the font shapes made Hill look like Kill.
  • Changed the name of “Piercing Lance” to “Heavy Lance”. A weapon named Piercing without a Pierce skill looked weird.
  • Added “Piercing Lance” as a new item, a lance with a Pierce skill. And, in each chapter, some of the old Piercing Lance used have been changed to the new version.
  • The Piercing Lance used in the arena has been changed to the new version.
  • When blown away by a warp trap, the unit icon drawn without a weapon has been fixed to display the image according to the equipped weapon.
  • Jeanne’s portrait has been changed. Her face was too small because it was based on the one from FE4, I adjusted her size to match other characters. If you know her previous face, it might feel strange, but if you just look at her current face, she should have a uniformity with the other characters.


Explanation of the fix for warp traps

In vanilla, when stepping a warp trap, the unit icon was displayed with the weapon equipped, but when certain operations were performed, the wrong item ID was referenced and the unit icon disappeared. As a temporary fix for this, I previously changed it to be drawn with no equipment. And now, it will draw correctly with the equipped weapon even if you perform that operation.


Can someone please upload the savegame with beat/finished game that let you unlock the hardest difficulty.

The hardest difficulty can be selected from the beginning by following the steps below: First, select New Game, press the right button (will sound) and press the cancel button, Hard Mode will be displayed. Second, when you start Hard Mode, the option to choose Maniac Mode will be displayed.

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