[FE5] [Complete] Fire Emblem: New Theory of Thracia 776

Oops, never mind, turns out you cant move if you want to mount.

Thank you for playing. Yes, as you noticed, the Mount command only appears when the distance moved is 0.

This is written in the in-game Guide, but it would be better if it was explained in the dialogue of the main story. Unfortunately FE5 does not have a tutorial system (like FE7), then such dialogue is not currently included.

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This is an update commemorating Tina’s arrival in FEH!!


Added Disturb effect (nullifies support effects received by enemies within 3 squares) to Thief staff. When Tina has it, nearby enemies will not receive support effects including auth stars. FEH Tina’s weapon had such lawless performance, I made it lawless here as well. She can now pretty much ruin enemy Hit and Avo in the late game.

This is the same effect as Saias’ unique skill. Until now, I don’t think it was very convincing as to why Saias was an alternative to Tina, but with the addition of this effect, it might become somewhat convincing.

Note: Of course it has no Disturb effect if Thief staff is broken. And when held by a unit other than Tina, it has no Disturb effect (even if it can be used as a staff).

And this update also includes the following.


  • The skill “Charisma” now also grants the effect to oneself. Holders of this skill always receive +4 to Hit and +3 to Avo. Note: The effect for self is not removed by enemies’ “Nihil” or “Disturb”.
  • Changed to allow Homer to equip Bragi Sword at weapon level S due to the effect of the skill “Elite”. It’s not appropriate for his original story, but I thought it was more fun gameplay-wise, so I did it. Also, he is said to have extremely thin Heim blood in Super Thracia, and some people may find it more logical.
  • The addition of Mov when the class’ Mov after promotion is equal to as or less than the current class has been changed. It is now applied when the personal value of Mov is 0 to 1 and has not increased from the initial value. Many units have an initial personal value of 1 and did not benefit much from this feature in the previous version.


  • Changed the objective text in Chapter 20 status screen (clearly stating that Bharat is the target to defeat). This is because writing “Enemy boss” might make some players feel they have to defeat Reinhardt.
  • Fixed an issue where the true name of Mareeta’s sword not being released after Mareeta’s talk with Shannan in Chapter 21.
  • Fixed the personal skills “Charm”, “Daunt”, “Fear”, and “Disturb”. They had no effect on the opponent when the active unit had them, now it always works.
  • Fixed the skill description for “Survey” and the Guide text for “Prayer” where “more than 2”. They should be “2 or more”.
  • Fixed wrong palette used for Cain (Gold Knight/Dismount).
  • Changed the weapon level growth rate so that it becomes 0 when using a magic sword at a distance of 2. Prior to this fix, some units may have been able to use magic that they were not originally able to use.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting “1” in the “Growth Rate” hidden options reset other setting values.
  • Fixed an issue where “Hit Detection” and “Growth Rate” were changed to the leftmost value when re-opening the hidden options if editing was forbidden.

Can you also make it so that Miranda can use Mjolnir if she has an S rank in Thunder magic and already has Paragon? In this hack, it seems Miranda does have Thrud blood since she can use Dire Thunder and seems to be based on Linda from Fe4 in the skills you gave her so it makes sense if she can use it.

She can do it already.

Ah my bad. Then would it be possible to give a Nihil manual to one of the Warrior/Berserker enemies in B route as a sort of challenge to be able to obtain it? I find the loss of not having Nihil because a person went to to the B route matters alot in New Theory where alot of bosses like Veld have Miracle.

Hello, currently on chapter 9 with promoted Leif lv 20 with about average stats (55, 27, 11, 22, 26, 22, 12, 10 w/life, defense & magic ring) and he, along with Nanna and Brighton are wrecking everything. Playing on maniac and was wondering how hard the endgame is and if I should restart with 3/4 growths or if I’m on the right track in terms of difficulty.

Wait how you promote leaf ? Knight proof dont work on him

Master proof

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Ok thanks

How do i update the rom and keep progress? Is it like with gba roms where you patch a new rom and give it the same name as the old rom?

I can assure that you can patch a new ROM and give it the same name as before.
In order to avoid some issues, I apply the newest patch before starting a new chapter.

I wouldn’t patch again the exact ROM you were using before because that might cause some issues, according to the first post in this thread.

I agree that there is a problem with the unattractiveness of Route B, and I will have some sort of response soon.

Your stats are well within my expectations. Most units will be as good when they are trained. However, you should be careful not to use only strong men and hinder the growth of all other units. The later in the game you go, the less you can handle a lot of enemies with just the power of one unit’s stats.

Basically as the answer was already given (Thanks for responding on my behalf). The recommended approach is to rename the vanilla rom (with a header) to the same name as the patch and put them in the same folder. SNES emulators have an auto-patch feature; if an ips patch with the same name is placed, it will automatically apply it and start the game. In this case, all you have to do is replace the patch with the latest version.


  • Changed Palman’s possessions in Chapter 17B.
  • Fixed the terrain after opening the Chest of Super Proof in Chapter 18 from “Road” to “Floor”.
  • Changed some chests in Chapter 18.
  • Changed Femina’s initial level, stats, growth rate, and possessions in Chapter 21.
  • Added new item “Porter Ring”. The holder can use “Porter” command. Only the holder can use commands with this item. Other specifications are the same as for Transporter.
  • Added new item “Critical Guard”. The holder halves the critical damage taken by enemies. The damage caused by Wrath is also halved.
  • Fixed an issue where the Auth star value was added to the Ddg value.

I’m not sure if its a skill issue for me, but jeez! The final chapter is just inflated stats and giving the dead lords the most annoying skill! I didn’t even manage to beat it due too how challenging it was!

As for the enemy stats, I don’t think they suddenly got high in the final chapter. However, I know that having 12 bosses can be difficult. In normal mode, it may be better to limit the number to 6, just like in vanilla.

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  • Fixed the English dialogue in Chapter 1 (Proofread by Plague).
  • In Chapter 2, Finn’s dialogue was no longer given priority in any cases. It’s no fun for people who played with the intention of seeing new events not to be able to see them.
  • Swapped some chests in chapter 18. There is no change to the items you can get when you open all of them.
  • Added item receiving event when Xavier was executed in Chapter 18. This event will occur at the end of the chapter if one (or more) of the lieutenants who became NPCs have escaped and Xavier was dead.
  • Fixed and changed Chapter 19 in case it starts with Conomer’s death.
    • Changed the Alster army to be gone when preparing.
    • Fixed an issue where Blume was invisible when skipping the event with the start button during the Blume vs. Conomor map battle.
  • Changed deadlords in the final chapter, they appear only 6 in normal mode. This follows a policy of adjusting normal mode to become easier than vanilla. In this case, Zwoelf will have Helarn and Elf will have Master Proof.
  • Fixed and changed the Royalguard skill.
    • Fixed the issue where the movement cost of the floor was not set to 1 when holding a Wing Ring.
    • Changed to make the movement cost of the Chest (indoor) to 1.
  • Changed the real battle animation palette of Eda (Sword Master).


  • Fixed the English dialogue in Chapter 1 (Proofread by Plague).
  • Fixed an issue where the range extension effect of the skill “Charge” was not being applied with certain weapons (such as Goddess Axe).

Edit: Fixed an issue where long-ranged weapon attacks were blocked. This was a new bug when the above process was changed.