[FE5] [Complete] Fire Emblem: New Theory of Thracia 776

This is FE5-based hack, the latest version of the JP romhack known as “Blume patch”. Some of you may be familiar with Blume patch that was copied in Serenes Forest around 2008. However, few people may know that development continued in Japan after that.

The 2022 version is completely different from the 2008 version. I think even those who know the version from back then will enjoy it as new title.


About this

This hack is designed as a new interpretation that the story of the Gran calendar year 776, based on new historical documents. Some parts of the story are inconsistent with the original FE4 and FE5, but please enjoy it as a new theory or an another theory.

The beginning of the story has been emphasized Leif’s fate with the House Freege, the second half of the story has been emphasized Leif’s story as a heroic fantasy. The last boss is King Blume. Against Freege, who rule the North Thracia region, Leif can end this by his own hand!

I also added several branching events so that the player’s choices are reflected in the scenario. Strange action that one would not normally engage in lead to strange results. These vary, some of which are shown hints in the game for branching, while others are only noticed if you read the play guide. Depending on your choices, you might even be able to get people who normally wouldn’t join your team to join.

Added many new events

All chapters have new events. There are many, from those that make strategic sense to those that delve into the backstory. The total amount of text is more than double that of the original. But this includes branching events, so it is not possible to see all the text in one round of gameplay.

And some of the characters from FE4 are joined. Patti, Arthur, Ares, and others.

When certain conditions are met, secret characters (altnative units) will join your team instead of regular characters. Currently, you can recruit a total of more than 65 characters. However, because some characters share a quota, so up to 48 characters can join your group at the same time.

I have not included rules such as Isekai (reincarnation to otherworld), the multidimensional world, or summoning, so people who are not related to the Jugdral continent will not appear. There are some other Japanese hacks that seem to mix multiple worlds, but this hack is not the case.

Some examples of new events (Contains spoilers)
  • The prologue of the first chapter includes an explanation of what happened in Leif’s parent generation (historical background description).

  • The option to skip the battle with the Lifis’ pirates and rush ahead in order to prioritize the rescue of Nanna and Mareeta.(This can only selectable if Eyvel is present and Finn is dead or in captivity.)

  • You can also choose not to go to any of sidequest-chapters, even if you meet the requirements (except chapters 8 and 14). Skipping sidequests may affect later chapters events.

  • New conversation events (e.g., Ronan and Lifis). Many of these are only dialogues that tell the backstory, but some involve learning new skills.

  • Kallion can persuade the Thracian army in Chapter 9 to avoid fighting.

  • The enemy Olwen in Chapter 10 can capture and made a prisoner. If you do this, the events from Chapter 11 onward will change.

  • Dalsin breaks down the wall of the enemy fort in Chapter 11.

  • and more.

Revival of unimplemented events (Contains spoilers)

Imagined from unused dialogue and event definitions that buried in ROM, I have implemented events that would have been originally planned. (Most of them were incomplete wreckage, so the content of what was implemented is my imagination.)

  • Jabal the unused unit will appear in Chapter 2.
  • Companions taken prisoner by chapter 3 enter the prison in chapter 4x. (depending on the unit taken prisoner, the events up to chapter 8 will change.)
  • Add pattern of only Dagda in Chapter 8.
  • Ishtar goes out in Chapter 19. (Changed to appear with King Blume.)
  • Add some new private houses.
  • and more.

Added English mode

As you know, FE5 is only released in Japan, but now this hack implements an English text too. In English mode, the story and other texts are displayed in English. (You can switch between Japanese and English with one ROM.)


A new screen has been added for initial startup. Pressing B on this screen will start the game in English; pressing A will start it in Japanese.

Notice: If data exists in the save slot, this screen will not appear at startup. But, after starting the game, you can still switch languages by pressing the X button, at the settings screen. A guide video on how to switch languages after starting the game can be found here.

About the translated text

The text of the story was roughly translated at DeepL and then inputted with corrections. My English translations may seem unnatural to native speakers, because my first language is not English . I welcome any suggestions for grammatical errors fixing, etc.

A primary goal was to provide something that can be read (even if barely) by English speakers. Translation quality is secondary. This is because if you can’t read it, I can’t get any advice from you. I hope to polish it with advice from native speakers in the future.

The text of the story includes many parts that are identical to the vanilla game. But, I have not used any of FE5 translation patch Lil’Manster’s story text in my hack. This is because their translation was a bit strange to those who know the original Japanese text. Their text contains many overdecorations that are not in the original text. In the English mode of my hack, I am translating directly except for Japanese idioms.

  • This is an explanation of the fact that I am not using their text and why, and is not intended to discredit their text.

  • For the English font, I used the same one as Lil’Manster. (with some adjustments).

System overview

Adjustments were made to units, classes, items, skills, formulas, and all other factors that affect gameplay.

Added more difficulty, Hard and Maniac

Hard mode specifications are as follows.

  • Your units get more fatigued with each action.
  • Some chapters are shrouded in fog.
  • The price in the store is doubled.
  • Fatigue up to Chapter 7 will be handled as usual. (In normal mode, until chapter 7, all units’ fatigue will be halved at the start of the chapter.)

Maniac mode specifications are as follows.

  • Inherits all the hard mode specifications.
  • Leif also fatigues (Leif will recover half of its fatigue at the end of each map).
  • Several more chapters are shrouded in fog.
  • The getting experience decreases over the course of a turn.

Hard mode is shown in the menu after you have seen the ending. If you want to select it before seeing the ending, enter the right key at the save file select screen and sound it. If you then cancel and return to the menu screen, it will be added to the menu.

If you start Hard mode without applying Elite mode, you can select Maniac mode after start the game.

Added Casual mode

You can select casual or classic mode when you start a new game, and separately from the difficulty level selection.

If you choose casual mode, your units will not be lost in death, instead 200 fatigue.

Also, remaining units on the map after Leif leaves will be retrieved at 200 fatigue as well.

In both cases, fatigue will not be 200 until Chapter 7. These fatigue specifications apply from Chapter 8 onward.

About Elite (Paragon) mode

Elite mode cannot be selected from the menu. The entering Elite Mode has been changed as follows:

Press the right key to sound when selecting the save file to be used at the start of the game. If you start the game in that state, it will begin in elite mode.

If you cancel the game after the sound is made and go to the save file select screen again, the game will not start in Elite mode. When you canceled, must enter the key again to start in elite mode.

About units and classes

The maximum level of each unit is 30. Promoting lowers the level by 10. Promoting can be done from level 1. Promoting greatly increases ability values, but makes it harder to gain experience. It is up to the player to decide when to promote.

The maximum stat limit of upper classes has been raised to 40. but it is not necessary to up ally’s all stats to 40. Enemy stats are set to be limited to max 30. (with a few exceptions)

And new units and new classes were introduced. Classes that were not available to allies in the original game, such as ballistician, can also be used.

About growth rate

The growth rate is biased. Because it is preferable to have a variation in stats to give each unit a unique personality.

Also, all player units have an HP growth rate of at least 101% over, and all scrolls have had negative growth consolidated into HP. Players need to consider when giving a scroll to units whether to increase stats other than HP, or to increase HP to counteract fatigue.

Some classes adjust growth rate. It vary with some class types. Armors increase their defense, but decrease their speed. Mages increase their magic power. etc. When a class type is changed in a branching promotion, the ability suited to that class type is more likely to grow.

Added new Items

Many new items are being added. These are fun to use, also it is fun to think how to rob what the enemy has.

  • Dragon killer
  • Rusted Sword
  • Piercing lance
  • Slender spear
  • Bolganone
  • Rainarok
  • Wargod’s tome
  • Thor Hammer
  • Master Proof
  • Commander ring
  • Weapon manual
  • and more
Promotion branching with 2 class-change items

In addition to the existing “Knight Proof”, “Master Proof” has been added as an another class-change item. Depending on which item is used, the promotion will change. Promotion using Master Proof is generally the more powerful class, but since Master Proof is not readily available, it is up to the player to decide which unit you wants to use it on.

More realistic fatigue system

Even fatigued units can be sent into battle. However, fatigue adversely affects hit, evasion, attack speed, and mobility.

In this connection, the maximum number of sorties units has been significantly increased. Now, your all units can put sorties. (Except for some sidequest maps where scenarios limit the number of units.) But, because of the fatigue, they must rest by stopping sorties in moderation. The management of the sorties is now in your hands.

The change of "Mount" and "Dismount"

You can execute “Mount” and “Dismount” as many times as you want before moving (when you open the menu with the distance of 0 steps). The command menu will be closed after “Mount” and “Dismount”, but it will not be in the waiting state. You don’t have to think “Next is an outdoor map, so I’ll mount before seize the throne”.

Instead, you cannot perform “Mount” after moving. But you can perform “Dismount” after moving. If you use “Dismount” after a move, canceling it will terminate the action.

About enemy capturing

Mounted units and ballistician classes can be captured and carried if you have a higher body size. The body size of the mounted unit adds a fixed value to the walking status. Horse/Pegasus +15, Dragon +20, Ballistician +25. However, Blume and Ishtar can not be captured regardless of their body size.

Enemies that do not have a weapon that can attack at a range of 3 or less can be captured unconditionally. Unconditional capture is not available for enemy equips longbow (range 3).

Other rules are the same as the original game. Items held by captured enemies can be taken.

Other modern systems
  • Change of unit placement prior to sortie (Developed by Min)
  • Growth rate display of each unit (I used Lil’Manster’s code as a reference.)
  • Support effects display that each unit receives/gives
  • Guard AI display, Hold L to swap animation modes, HP bars, Talk display (Developed by Zane)
  • Add 2 RN hit rates (Developed by RobertTheSable)
  • Keeping the display of stat increases when leveling up in real animation (I used Lil’Manster’s code)
  • Changed display of unit stats during real animation to damage value, crit, and number of attack chances
  • Bar graph showing weapon level growth
  • Added class type indicator to the stats screen. This allows to see if they are applicable for weapon effective.
  • Added a simplified display mode (GBA like) to the pre-battle forecast window.
  • and more.

Level of difficulty

The difficulty is much milder than in the old version (copied in 2008). I adjusted to remove unreasonable elements as much as possible in Normal mode. Those elements were ported to the hard and maniac mode.

And with features to help players, such as FE4-style turn save, and a casual mode. (These can also be turned off by changing the settings.)

The difficulty level is adjusted based on Normal/Classic and Hard/Classic, it is possible to clear Hard/Classic within the range of normally play. I don’t assume that you’ll have to redo the game until you get a hit with a statesave.

Normal/Casual is easier than the original, literally for casual play. But you can’t use most of the tricks used in RTA.

Hard and Maniac modes are available for those who like higher difficulty levels. In those modes, the strength of the enemies does not change, but the feel of the game is very different from the Normal mode because the thief, dancer, and staff user are greatly affected. For those who like the fatigue system.

Notice: I do not recommend playing hard or maniac mode on the first try.


Story dialogue


Stats screen

Growth rate display

Support effects display

Added class type indicator, Weapon level growth bar graph

Some of secret characters (spoilers)



About for latest beta version

In the future, when the latest beta version is made, it will be available at the uploader site, used by the Japanese hacking community. It is the file of a name starting with fe5x.

Notice: Beta versions may contain events for which testing is incomplete.

For Japan, menu fonts are provided in Japanese, and English menu patch is included in the package. If you want to convert menus to English, please apply the English menu patch over and over after applying the patch for the main version. The CRC will be incorrect, but it does not affect the operation.

Note for patching

This hack is provided as an ips differential patch, for use with headered SNES ROM. (The Japanese FE romhacking traditionally uses ROMs with headers.)

If you have a headerless ROM, consider using TUSH or web tool, or similar to add headers.

And because of the ROM expansion, it will not work without an emulator that supports ExLoROM. (Snes9X etc.)

And Others

There are too many changes to describe here. Other detailed specifications, strategy guide, update information, and credits are available on my blog. (Written in Japanese. Please use your browser’s translate function to read it)

I write the text of my blog as simple Japanese as possible to make it easy for machine translation, but if there is any part that you do not understand, please tell me.


Since some question was asked elsewhere, I will mention it here as well. I am the creator of this patch (since the first edition in 2005, always) and did all this translation myself now.

And all places where dialogue fonts are used have been translated (literally, everything). Even the messages in the shop, chapter titles and purposes, etc.

But I know in fact that most English speakers would not pick this up and look at it if the menu font had not been translated.

The English menu font will be implemented in the next few months with help from the creators of Lil’Manster, the FE5 translation patch. They are working on their own project now, and have not yet begun work on this one.


Updated. Added two new items. In test play I received several comments about the difficulty of the late game, so I added items to help.

  • Elrestore: It restores the condition of one ally on the map. It is Restore that can be used at a distance.
  • Again: It makes one ally on the map act again.

You can get Again at the church in chapter 21, and Elrestore at the private house in chapter 22. Enemies do not use these.


Updated as follows:

  • Chapter 2x, fixed a bug in the allies stats when attacking after Shiva used a torch.
  • Chapter 4x, Chapter 16B, and Chapter 21x, these chapters are not foggy in Normal Mode. (These chapters are foggy in hard and maniac mode.)
  • Changed so that if ally units have the steal skill, these unit’s vision range in the fog is increased by 2 squares.
  • Others, errors in the English text and unintended behavior etc. were corrected.

Updated as follows:

  • Added display of Captures/Wins values to the total results at the ending. (Captures/Wins values do not affect total rank.)
  • Fixed the classes with added sword equipment did not have a sound effect when attacking with a sword on map combat.
  • Fixed some units were not footstamping when speaking dialogue. This existed from the original game.
  • Fixed the background graphic used at the class change (promotion) being different from that of the Real battle animation on the same terrain. This existed from the original game.
  • Others, errors in the English text, minor unintended behavior, etc. were corrected.

I will be busy with other matters from now on, so I will stop updating for a while. I look forward to receiving feedback and errors or bugs reports from players. If a serious bug is caught, I will respond as soon as possible. You may write here, but if for some reason you can’t, can also contact me on Twitter.


Updated. The menu font has been changed to English.


The developers of Lil’Manster has provided me with a build file. A huge thanks to them! I used a python program included in that to generate the menu fonts. (For the font table reference process in the game, I used one that I created myself for the development environment of Japanese.)

Due to a technical problem, I provide a separate patch from the Japanese version now. In the English patch, the menu font is always in English. The story dialogue can be switched between Japanese and English, as before.

Various screenshots

Units command

Map command

Item description

Some items have extended item descriptions

GBA-like Simplified Forecast Window. The number of attacks (floating multiples in GBA) is displayed as AC (Attack Chances)

AC (Attack Chances) is displayed in Real combat animation too

Deploy screen

Item arrangement screen

Shop screen


I think I have translated all the menu fonts expect the Help screen. Please let me know if there are any problems or missing. The Japanese fonts have been removed, so any unsupported parts (if there are) should be shown as blank.

Note: The Help screen is currently inaccessible in the English version, has been changed to display the command only in the Japanese version. Because that has not yet been disassembled.

And the following new features have been added:

  • Added “Save” to the map command. This command will only appear when no one has moved yet during that turn. In short, it has the same specifications as FE4. (Only displayed for turns that can be saved by the settings.)
  • Added display of Def and Res to the stats screen, replaced where Range was. Range has been moved below it.
  • Added “Map” command to the preparation screen of the fog map. Sortie units can now be swapped positions on the fog map too.

Updated. The process, converting menu fonts to English, has been incorporated into the main patch. Now you can have Japanese and English all in one ROM! When you press the X button on the Options screen, all texts in the game will switch to other language (toggles English or Japanese).

And, this update includes the following:

  • Sort order of “Name” in Unit list changed to one of sortie selection. (Formerly sorted by unit ID.)
  • Sort order of “Exp” and “Fatigue” in Unit list changed so that position of “–” is under “0”.
  • Fixed a game crash when displaying ally poison effects at the start of a turn.
  • Others, errors in the English text, minor unintended behavior, etc. were corrected.

Updated as follows:

  • Added Help screen in English mode. That screen with English now. However, some items are blank because they have not been translated yet.
  • And added Help command to the preparation screen too.
  • Slightly modified the shape of the English menu font (to improve compression efficiency and readability)
  • Changed sort order of Cond in unit list, to take into account added Cond “Tired” and “Tired 2”.
  • Fixed a bug that Japanese fonts were being loaded after pressing Start on the map to display the mini-map and then closing it to reload fonts.
  • Others, errors in the English text, minor unintended behavior, etc. were corrected.

Help screen


May I ask what program you are using for this hack?

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Thanks for your interest.

I use fe5_event, the program for editing events, created by Min. fe5_event can extract dialog and event data from ROM, and then write back the extracted data (modified as needed). The data, decomposed by fe5_event, is compiled with Asar.

The vanilla program is analyzed by dis65816. If want modifying programs, I will process together when compiling fe5_event’s data, include the relevant ASMs copied from the analysis results.

For images, use fe5_extract, fe45_comp, and fe45_decomp, created by Min. fe5_extract can extract most of the compressed data (images, tilemaps, etc.) contained in FE5, and the output file can also be written back to ROM by compiling it with Asar. fe45_comp, and fe45_decomp are tools to decompress, or recompress compressed files used in FE4 and FE5.

When draw pixel art, I draw and convert it to SNES image format with YY-CHR. Use SNES Palette Editor to change colors.

Many great programs created by Min, including fe5_event etc., can be downloaded from the Japanese uploader.

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Updated as follows:

  • Translation of the help screens has been completed. All items are displayed in English.
  • A list of skills has been added to the help screen, and details such as activation conditions for each skill are now included. These were previously only checkable in the accompanying text, etc., but can now be viewed in-game.
  • Others, errors in the English text, minor unintended behavior, etc. were corrected.

Skill list in Help screen


Updated. Added “Talk” command to the map menu. Listen to strategists and other people, or Leif talks alone.

This similar to “Shinan” in GBA FE hacks, but it does not contain clear spoilers. You can hear them say what to do next or comment on events that have occurred.

As for this command, I thought it would be difficult to explain what the function is without a video, so I made one.


Updated. I released Version 1.0, and the title was changed to “New Theory of Thracia 776” accordingly. Since I have completed the English translation, I thought this is a good time.


23 years ago today, Thracia 776 was launched in Japan. I am grad to announce on this day.

A pre-written version was sold first on August 28th. The rewrite service then began on September 1st.

Looking at some sites, this information does not seem to have made it to the English-speaking world for some reason. Please see Japanese Wikipedia, the article of Japanese Magazine, and other sites.


I’m playing this hack in these days and it’s good, I’ve never liked vanilla FE5 because I’ve always found it too much hard for me. I think that this is a great way to enjoy the game, i hope that this hack get more recognize

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Thank you for playing. I’m glad you enjoyed it.
I hope that people enjoy it even if they are not good at FE5, and for those who like FE5 to enjoy new plays.

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so far I’m enjoying the game. It’s pretty fun with so much new stuff
But I have two problems. Major ones, and I’m absolutely confused.
So, first, is that attack stat calculates based on half unit’s strength/magic. I thought for magic it was pretty fair as it is pretty strong even in this patch, but when I noticed the same thing for physical weapons I got concerned. Is it how it should be or is it some sort of error?
And second, I don’t know what’s going on with AS stat. Last chapter I had Tanya with 28 AS while capping speed at 20. Eyvel also started with broken AS stat
Could both problems be the cause of wrong ROM or something?

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No, it’s just that some of the stat calculations in this hack are very different from usual Fire Emblem fare.

The way it goes is half of your Str goes to your phys damage, and half goes to negating weapon weight; half of your magic goes toward your magic damage, and half to your Res. It’s intentional.

As for AS, I believe the formula is (if it hasn’t changed since recent versions)
Speed - [Wt -Str/2] + (Skl/2) - (Fatigue Excess/4)
So yes, Skl enters into the AS formula, and will allow you get more than 20 AS.

(Another strange formula to keep in mind: AS also increases your hit rate. Skl has a x3 multiplier when contributing to hit, AS has a x1.)

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I’ve finished two runs of this patch and i can confirm the Half strength for physical damage balances around by the late game as enemies start having more resistance than defense, additionally since most weapons have way higher might, it wont be hard even for units with shakey strength to deal decent damage.

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thank you very much! Now I get it