[FE5] [Complete] Fire Emblem: New Theory of Thracia 776

Thank you for the feedback. The formula is as Miacis answered. (Thanks for answering on my behalf!)

From me, I will explain the intent of the design.

For attack power, only half of the Stat is added

Instead, the might of the weapon is set higher, and its ratio to the damage deal is greater.

This changes are to solve the problem of many players who preferred to use only iron weapons even in later games. (I think this problem detracted from the fun of taking weapons from enemies.) When fighting stronger enemies, you now have to use stronger weapons to do damage.

And it is important to use different weapons depending on the situation, as most classes have class type(s) and are subject to one of the weapon effectiveness. The weapon effectiveness adds a fixed value bonus of +20 to Attack power and +30 to hit. (Fixed values are used because if the weapon’s might is large, tripling it will result in instant death damage.)

Half of Skl is added to AS

Since the worth of Skl was significantly low, I changed to make players want to raise their Skl.

By increasing Skl, armored knights, who are not as fast, and ballisticians, who are equipped the heavy weapon, can also increase their AS. (The addition of AS due to Skl is not affected by the weight of the weapon.)

I knew these would confuse players, but I preferred to balance them as one game rather than follow the FE grammar.


Updated as follows:

  • Fixed Chapter 2. The English name (unit and affiliation) of Lifis’ Gang was different from the translation in the story dialogue.
  • Fixed Chapter 5. The English name of Bandol was not set. The game was crashing when the nameless man started a real combat animation.
  • Fixed the contents of the help menu “Item - Weapon”. It is now written that half of Str or Mag is added to the attack power.
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Is crit supposed to be a minimum of 1? It looks like everyone has at least 1 crit on them regardless of their Ddg stat.

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Yes. Normally, the critical chance is guaranteed to be at least 1%. (Crit’s concept of probability is now the same as Hit.)

Only when having the Crusader’s Scroll can the enemy’s Critical be reduced to 0%.

Updated as follows:

  • Fixed broken item names Rusted Sword, Rusted Lance, Rusted Axe.
  • Added some pattern to “Talk” in the map menu.

For now I’m at chapter 7 and as I’ve said I’m loving the hack, I’m having a lot of fun. Plus some of my unit are practically unstoppable like Brighton that got LV 30 at chapter 5 and now he promoted thanks the Knight Proof to a killing machine


I’m glad you are continuing to have fun.

When I test play too, Brighton is often the ace unit until the middle of the game.

Updated as follows:

  • Miranda’s portrait changes depending on her current class. Since Miranda joins as Dark Mage in Route A, she will only dress accordingly when she is Dark Mage or Dark Bishop.
  • Added some pattern to “Talk” in the map menu.
  • Others, errors in the English text, minor unintended behavior, etc. were corrected.
Dark Mage Miranda recruitment event (spoilers)

Fire Emblem Thracia 776 Hack: Recruiting Miranda in route A - YouTube


Updated as follows:

  • I replaced the graphic of the female bishop with the one of FE4 Julia’s Sage. Since the female bishop had a reputation for not being pretty and people didn’t want her to promote.
  • Add the portrait when Mareeta changes her class to Sword Master. The color scheme is based on Ascended Mareeta in FEH.
  • Added some pattern to “Talk” in the map menu.
  • Others, errors in the English text, minor unintended behavior, etc. were corrected.

Mareeta’s new portrait is the third after the Fallen Mareeta of Ch5. She is now the most expressive of this patch.

The female bishop motions demo:


Updated as follows:

  • Changed the description of the items weapon level. Generic personalized weapons that become equipable at Elite (Paragon) Skill are now marked with Prf, while sacred weapons that cannot be equipped with the Elite are marked with a green star.
  • Fixed screen collapse when looking at the item description of Aura.
  • Fixed Master Knight and General losing their icons when using staves on the map.
  • Others, errors in the English text, minor unintended behavior, etc. were corrected.

Examples of Weapon Levels:
Sacred Weapons

Generic Personalized Weapons


Updated. Fixed a freeze when using the Again staff.

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Apologies if this is a dumb question, is there a link anywhere to 9-316’s original “Sacred War Genealogy’s facial graphics look like Thracia 776 (Ver. 0.06)”? The art looks amazing but I’m unable to find any of it online. Thank you!

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Thanks for your interest. Their work is included in the zip file below.
The zip also contains other files, which may be difficult for English speakers to locate because the file names are in Japanese. You may find them by searching for GIF images in it.

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I downloaded the editor but I can’t seem to get it to work on my computer. Did you run into the same issue? If you did how did you fixt this? Any answer will be appreciated.

I can’t say from the information in that question. I have never had that situation.

If you have any error messages, etc., try copying and pasting them here. Then I may be able to answer your question.

so uh, little bit of an issue, but every time i press b to use the english translation part, it always goes to japanese, which makes playing the game pretty much impossible for me to understand at least, is there a way to fix that bug?

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Thanks for your report. I think you mean the language selection screen right after the game starts. (Please let me know if it is not.)

But I could not reenact the problem you reported. Please check if the B and A buttons are not switched in the emulator settings. If so, please press A to start.

Also, even after starting the game in Japanese, you can switch languages by pressing X in the Options (設定) screen.

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i made sure in the config menu, could it be my emulator? i am using bsnes

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Thanks for letting me know. I have confirmed in BSNES. I was unaware because it was not a problem with Snes9X.

It will take some time to investigate what exactly is causing the problem with the process, so for now, please try to switch languages after starting the game.

The language setting affects the whole game, not per save file. Once you have changed the settings, reset the game and you should be able to play from the beginning in English.

I have created a video on how to switch languages (after starting the game). this is how the language is switched. If this does not happen, please let me know again.


thank you very much! this helps me a lot, cant wait to try this out now!

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