FE12 Nightmare Modules

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While waiting for Accessible FE12 hacking and in order to contribute to its development, I cleaned up and have released these Nightmare modules. They include character, class, and item editors originally developed by Blazer and partially converted for FE12 use by various other users before being finalised by myself. Chapter unit editors by VincentASM are also included.

These are a bit rough and inconsistent here and there, but I’ve been sitting on these for too long and I’d rather get them out there. I can smoothen out inconsistencies later on.


I just wanted to say that using FE3 names for FE12 can be really confusing so that might not have been the best idea, anyway I also made some extra modules myself. It will allow you to change the class slots each chapter and edit terrain data. (the stats and cost on them)


Finally I can edit DS forests to… not be DS forests. Whew!