FE_Builder_GBA -- If you have any questions, attach report7z

Hi max,

I figured out that way, but I meant to ask if it is possible to directly install it in the patches section from within FeBuilderGBA.
Or is using the standalone skill systems installer the only way?

nah it’s standalone skill system only
however, once it is installed, you can fully edit its properties in FEBuilder

I don’t think str mag split will be done in FEBuilderGBA for a while.
If necessary, build SkillSystems yourself.

FE8U’s str mag split depends on ExpandedModularSave.
ExpandedModularSave conflicts with break save and AutoSave Patch.
Therefore, backward compatibility is broken.
If this happens, SkillSystems can no longer be used by those who need 200 supply or who need AutoSave.

I don’t think the benefits of str mag split outweigh this disadvantage.

Therefore, for the time being, I would like to disable str mag split.

If you have set up SkillSystems yourself and built it successfully,
you will see the following screen.


I have a problem.
Magical enemies try to attack even on Silence effect, results in a freeze when battle animation is on.
I have no idea, what’s causing the problem.


I think this is a bug in SkillSystems.
Even the version that only introduced the skill system to vanilla was reproduced.

Enemy mage will try to attack even while Silence.
This only happens on enemy turns.

test ups

old.ups installed skillsystems 2019/07/08
new.ups installed skillsystems 2019/10/22

It does not occur in old.ups.
It occurs in new.ups.

Because it is a bug in SkillSystems, it takes time to investigate.

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I reported a bug in the SkillSystems thread.



There is an issue where Justice and Pride’s Ch. 15 may sometimes freeze during the end event.
There are 61 errors, but they’re there because of me currently working on assigning support partners and is unrelated to the error.

I verified using Emulator SaveSlot 6 data.

Somehow, it seems to be ignored when LOMA is operated after “Clear all units”.
Change the LOMA position or change the “Clear all units” position.

Since LOMA failed, map switching does not work, and as a result, the unit read with LOAD1 + ENUN cannot be moved and is hung up.

when using the cheat from the save slot 2 data of the game instead of the data of the game, and proceeded to ch15, it worked with the data before this correction.

If changing the position of LOMA does not solve the problem, please send save data.
I need to hear more about your problem.

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About Silence bug.
I understand the cause.

FEBuilderGBA has a patch that disables this hook.
“Uninstall SkillSystems ShadowGift 20191108”

This is a feature for installing WeaponLockEx, but it can also be used as a workaround for this bug.


Thanks for you time !

Can we get to remove the new weapon lock array? I don’t seem to be able to remove it

I’m running into a problem when updating Skill Systems from the 20190708 version to 20191022. I made sure I was using the correct update method, but not only is my unit data not transferring over, but at the end of chapter start events I’m automatically brought back to the title screen. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

You need to include a report if you want any support on the issue.

You can disable vennou’s weapon lock using “Uninstall SkillSystems ShadowGift 20191108”.
Originally it was a routine for erasing ShadowGift, but a vennou weapon lock was added to this part.
Therefore, you can turn off this function.
You can also fix Silence bugs.

Please send report7z.

And to remove effectiveness rework? both of them did not have the uninstall button

what is “effectiveness rework”?
Are you talking about the effectiveness rework of SkillSystems?

It can be turned off in the settings when building SkillSystems.
SkillSystems attached to FEBuilderGBA is turned off and built.

Maybe this is the setting.

// If commented, slayer and effectiveness will remain the same as they are in vanilla
// Look at Skill System/Teq Skills/FE8-Nullify/_README.txt for the full ramifications of uncommenting this
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I have seen a lot of cool new Fire Emblem hacks during the Fire Emblem E3 2019, and a lot of hacks have this (extended unit window) in the game.
(These are screenshots from Community Blitz 4: Reawakening)
Does Febuilder have a patch for this? I would like to implement it in my hack.

Thank you

Hello! What you’re talking about is referred to as a “Modular Minimug Box.” FeBuilder supports several different designs of the MMB, which can be found under patches.

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Forgive me if this is a silly question that has been answered before, but is there a best practice if I want to use FEBuilder and change the pointer to an array used in a patch such as the item array used by the skill patch?

My concern is that if I expand and repoint the item array, and then install a patch like the skill system, it may not automatically recognize that the item array is no longer pointing to it’s default location and cause issues.