[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 254 skills done, more on the way


Just tested this and it seems to not be functioning properly, as I was able to take stats below zero regardless of this being commented or not.

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For clarification on the Str/Mag split magic statbooster:
The installation toggle in “Engine Hacks/Config.event” says the following:

// If uncommented, a full str/split will be implemented without replacing any stats
// USE_SAVE_EXPANSION will be used even if commented
// TODO: Define an item ID for Spirit Dust (Mag statbooster) in "Strmag/Str Mag Split/Installer.event". Energy Ring is used by default!
// Item icon for Spirit Dust is included! Define your icon ID in "Strmag/_Master Asm Installer.event". Default is Green Note.

To define your item ID, all you have to do is either have SpiritDust defined in custom definitions (which is what I would recommend) or define it here:

#ifndef SpiritDust
	#define SpiritDust 0x5C // Energy Ring by default

The fact that energy ring is default was mostly for testing. As long as SpiritDust is defined in your custom definitions, you will be fine here. The statbooster installer then uses whatever is defined as SpiritDust to handle the usability and effect shenanigans for you.

Likewise for the item icon, you can have your own custom installer. Define SpiritDustIcon, in your custom definitions, and the icon installer in Str/Mag will be ignored. Again, this was mainly for testing. You can use the default icon and installer by setting the definition here:

#ifndef SpiritDustIcon
		#define SpiritDustIcon 0xAB
		ORG $5926F4 + ( SpiritDustIcon * 0x80 )
		#incext Png2Dmp "SpiritDust.png"
#endif // SpiritDustIcon

Aside from these two things the user should consider, everything else should be automated. Please be sure you’re using the latest version as well.


Oh ok. I managed to have spirit dust use the A3 item slot now. Thank you all for the help!


For the skill forget menu, skill names are gotten by taking skill description and terminating at :. Would it be doable to have FEBuilder do the same for displaying on menus?

I was trying to display in the first that way, but because it did not work, I was changed to the list format.
Perhaps the initial SkillSystems did not standardize the text format.
So I made a separate list of names.

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Support for splitting by ‘:’ in the latest version.

For backward compatibility, if the text doesn’t contain ‘:’, it will be taken from the skill name list.
If the text contains ‘:’, use its name.


Just a stupid question. If’ve been messing around with the Modular Stat Screen. But how do I convert the edited .s files into .dmps?


Drag them onto Assemble ARM.bat, though you’ll likely have to install devkitARM first ( https://devkitpro.org/wiki/Getting_Started )


Thank you, worked like a charm! Also how can I move the Skill display to another Page?


Could there be a more intuitive way to do debuffs? As of right now, adding debuffs to weapons is difficult, obtuse, and hard to understand.


Debuffs are just table where each entry is the stats to change laid out the same way as vanilla stat boosts are, then the ID for that table in the item table? It’s pretty much as close to how vanilla does stat boosts as we can get without the 4 adjacent bytes available to throw a pointer in each item table entry for it, I can’t think of an easier method for doing this given limitations on what can be added to the item table, unless you have any suggestions.

Copy the section that does skill display, move it to another page’s source file, update the literals accordingly in the source and in ModularStatScreen.event; create/move R text entries for them there as well

Tbqh MSS should probably 1. get its own dedicated topic on FEU (and project on GitHub?) and 2. externalize the pieces to EA to be edited there so it’s in line with the rest of the modular hacks out there that do their modularity with pointer lists and loops.


I would appreciate it. It’s a lot of fun experimenting with it, but I wish it had more documentary.


MSS with lyn when.
Seriously though, if anything needs lyn, it’s MSS.




Character developpement, it went from skill system to only mss

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Oh yeah we’ve also reached 254 skills which is the max number before you have to start messing with skill definitions, so that’s neat and probably newsworthy

Skill System Johto time


Easy fix: Make a second skill system, and fill it with blackjack and hookers.

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I think this warrants an update to the topic, don’t you?

(‘more on the way’ is still true, I have some skill asm I’ll be submitting eventually too)

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Nah it’s set up so things get installed in whatever order you specify so you just define skills you don’t want as 255 and then they don’t work or exist


Shit, that’s pretty slick.


The version of 2019/10/22 seems to have a bug that the enemy AI in the Silence state performs a magic attack.
It doesn’t occur in 2019/07/08 version, so it seems like a bug that occurred in 3 months.

Enemy mage will try to attack even while Silence.
This only happens on enemy turns.

test ups

old.ups installed skillsystems 2019/07/08
new.ups installed skillsystems 2019/10/22

It does not occur in old.ups.
It occurs in new.ups.

The same phenomenon was confirmed in the latest version of github.
Novala is attacking in Status: Silence.
In this case, it did not freeze for some reason.
However, it seems to be a bug that the enemy AI in Silence state attacks.